Two Shields Investments

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In brief

Two Shields Investments plc is an AIM quoted investment company with a strategy to build a high quality portfolio of investments in fast growing and scalable digital and technology enabled businesses.

The Strategy

Two Shield’s investment policy/mandate is to make direct and indirect investments in order to build a portfolio of investments focused on fast growing and scalable digital and technology enabled businesses.  The Company has undertaken a strategic review of its mining assets and to explore the options available to realise those investments as liquidity options emerge.  This may include partnering with operators that the Board feels can extract more optimal value from existing holdings.

Investments may be either quoted or unquoted entities; may be made by direct acquisitions; and may be in companies, partnerships, joint ventures or direct or indirect interests in assets or projects.

The Targets

The Company seeks to identify and appraise investment targets which the Directors believe to be undervalued, underdeveloped or underperforming or which they believe will have the potential to develop new and/or disruptive technology. Where appropriate, the Company will seek to appoint non-executive directors to the boards of investee companies to assist with their development.

With an established portfolio in place and a pipeline of potential opportunities, the Board is confident of enacting its investment policy and creating shareholder value.