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Itaconix Plc (LON:ITX)

Itaconix Plc (LON:ITX)

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Itaconix Plc

Itaconix plc aims to be a leader in functional polymers that improve the safety, performance and sustainability of our customer’s products.

Itaconix designs and manufactures proprietary specialty polymers to meet customer’s needs. We are the world leader in polymers from itaconic acid, combining the versatile chemistry of itaconic acid with breakthrough economics. We are establishing a...

Market: AIM:ITX
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Sector: Chemicals
Market Cap: 5.92M

Itaconix Plc

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Itaconix® DSP 2K™ is a water soluble polymer. It is a low molecular weight linear polyitaconic acid partially neutralized with sodium salt.

Product Highlights
• Excellent water conditioner for binding calcium, magnesium and other polycationic ions in consumer, industrial and agricultural applications.
• Good hydrolytic & thermal stability
• 100% bio-based
• Readily biodegradable

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Itaconix® CHT121™ is a water soluble polymer. It is a low molecular weight linear copolymer of itaconic acid partially neutralized with sodium salt.

Product Highlights
• Excellent water conditioner for binding calcium, magnesium and other polycationic ions in consumer, industrial and agricultural applications.
• Good hydrolytic & thermal stability
• Enhanced solubility
• Superior performance with hard water for automatic dishwashing applications

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Itaconix® VELASOFT™ is a water soluble polymer. It is a low molecular weight linear polyitaconic acid partially neutralized with sodium salt.

Product Highlights
• Allows gentler formulations with conditioning benefits
• Increase foam volume while using less surfactants
• Improve foam stability and quality
• Maintain desired viscosity with less salt
• 100% bio-based
• Biodegradable

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This product is now available for purchase from Croda.

Itaconix® ZINADOR™ 22L is a water soluble odor neutralizer. It is a complex of polyitaconic acid and zinc and is 100% bio-based.

Product Highlights
• Ease of formulation & use
• Low overall cost
• Water soluble – no surfactants required
• Resistant to hard water – no chelant requied
• Stable in pH 2 to 11
• Dries to powder – no oily residues or odor
• Does not cause foaming – no antifoaming agents required
• Great temperature stability
• 100% bio-based and biodegradable



Itaconix® XDP™ 820 is a water soluble polymer mineral dispersant. It is a modified homopolymer of itaconic acid and is 100% bio-based.

Product Highlights
• Desired viscosity with less water
• Desired viscosity with less polymer
• Excellent for calcium carbonate & titanium dioxide
• Excellent tolerance to hard water
• Effective across broad pH range
• Effective in briny conditions
• Stable fine and superfine dispersions
• 100% bio-based

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Itaconix® TSI 710™ is a water soluble polymer threshold scale inhibitor. It is a modified homopolymer of itaconic acid and is 100% bio-based.

Product Highlights
• Superior carbonate scale inhibition
• Effective inhibition at low concentration
• High alkalinity & hardness tolerance
• Excellent tolerance to brine
• Stable at all pH ranges
• 100% bio-based

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Itaconix® BIOBIND™ is a family of waterborne polymers made by emulsion polymerization of esters of itaconic acid. Once applied and dried they are used in coating formulations as binders. Product properties are specific to each application and customer

Product Highlights
• Low to no-VOC applications
• 100% bio-based available
• Low to no odor
• Solid content: 45-50%
• Particle size: 90 to 300nm
• Particle size distribution: narrow
• pH: typically 8 to 9
• Glass transition: -10C to +60C  –  specific to application
• Surface acid and crosslinking: specific to application




RevCare™ NE 100S

Itaconix has addressed the growing trend for personal care products that are sustainable and naturally derived by providing formulators with high performing hair styling resins derived from 100% bio-renewable naturally sourced feedstocks.

RevCare™ NE 100S is a hair styling ingredient that offers an outstanding, non-tacky hold even in high humidity environments. The product can also provide anti-frizz benefits, without building-up or weighing down hair.  Hair styled with the product has outstanding sensory properties and retains a touchable soft, natural feel.  The polymer is produced from natural plant based sources and is biodegradable.


  • Superior curl retention in high temperature and humidity environments
  • Proven to be a highly effective frizz control agent
  • Outstanding sensory properties, offering a non-crispy, natural feeling to styled hair
  • Excellent combing properties
  • Produces low tack formulations
  • Water soluble, no neutralisation required
  • 100% naturally derived

Recommended Applications

  • Non-aerosol pump sprays
  • Aerosol and non-aerosol mousse
  • Styling gels
  • Styling aids such as pomades, lotions and creams



RevCareTM MC

RevCareTM MC is a development product for personal care applications.  Zinc complexes are widely used to neutralize odors caused by hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, thioethers, isovaleric acid and ammonia. RevCareTM MC is a unique water soluble fixating complex that traps and absorbs odour causing substances.  It allows an easy-to-use approach to formulating zinc complexes into personal care products.


  • Proven performance controlling body and food odours
  • Readily soluble in water
  • Supplied as a 25% aqueous solution, with no need for additional surfactants, solubilisers or chelating agents
  • Does not stain fabrics or leave a sticky residue
  • Stable across a wide pH range
  • Odour free in use


  • Non-aerosol pump sprays
  • Deodorants
  • Skin care
  • Hair care

RevCap™ Technology

RevCap™ is the innovative encapsulation platform from Itaconix.

As a technology provider we can encapsulate a wide range of solid and liquid benefit agents.  Using a standard one-step homogenisation process, our technology allows oil soluble liquids and sensitive actives to be encapsulated under mild conditions, with a controllable particle size that is independent of the desired surface charge.  This allows enhanced deposition to a variety of surfaced.


  • Options for liquids and dispersable solid ingredients
  • Suitable for highly reactive, volatile or unstable ingredients
  • Protection of active ingredients in formulations for extended shelf life (e.g. pH ~ 9 to 4 )
  • Enhanced deposition to target substrates from a wide range of formulations
  • Triggered release in response to external or environmental stimuli e.g. pressure
  • Diffusion release for long lasting bene­fits


  • Precise control of particle size
  • Soft or hard shell
  • Shell wall can be tailored to achieve required performance – wall thickness and composition
  • Products can be supplied as stable aqueous encapsulate suspensions or we can supply the technology for manufacture at a facility of your choice
  • Encapsulation is performed under mild conditions and does not involve hazardous chemicals
  • REACH compliant


Dr Kevin Roger Kenneth Matthews – Chief Executive Officer

Kevin joined the Board on 29 September 2014, when he assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer. He has over 20 years of experience in senior management roles in the chemical, technology and pharmaceutical sectors and brings significant marketing, strategy and business management expertise, along with a broad technical understanding, to Revolymer’s management team. Kevin joined Revolymer from Isogenica Ltd, a business providing drug discovery services to the pharmaceutical industry, where he served as CEO since 2009. Prior to that, he led the chemical technology company Oxonica as its CEO for eight years, during which time he completed its AIM listing in 2005 and secured numerous significant partnership deals and M&A transactions. He is currently serving as a non-executive director of the performance materials business Low and Bonar PLC and, between 2005 and 2014, was a non-executive director of the FTSE 250 specialty chemicals company, Elementis plc, where he helped to oversee a significant and successful strategic repositioning of the business. He was also a non-executive director of Cellectricon AB, a Swedish private biotechnology business from 2011 to 2014. Kevin began his career holding a number of increasingly senior roles at ICI, Albright & Wilson and Rhodia. He is a graduate of the University of Oxford, where he was also awarded a DPhil in Organic Chemistry.


Robin (Rob) James Scott Cridland – Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

Rob joined the Board at its incorporation on 10 April 2012. He is Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary and joined Itaconix (U.K.) Limited* in September 2008 from Renovo Group PLC where he spent seven years as Executive Director of Finance and Business Development. He was part of the Renovo management team that successfully took the company from a start-up organisation through to IPO on the Official List in London, and executed a significant licence of its lead drug to, and equity investment by, the Shire Pharmaceuticals Group. He began his career at Coopers & Lybrand Deloitte, before moving on to senior transactional roles at Enskilda Securities and senior finance and transactional roles at GlaxoWellcome and GlaxoSmithKline. He is currently serving as a Non-executive Director of the natural micro-encapsulation company Eden Research PLC. Rob has an MA from the University of Oxford and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


Dr Bryan Crawford Dobson – Independent Non-executive Chairman

Bryan joined the Board on 13 September 2012 and since 18 September 2015 has been the Independent Non-executive Chairman of the Company. Bryan has over 30 years’ experience in the chemicals industry; 28 years with ICI and 5 years with Croda, and was most recently President Global Operations for Croda International. He was a member of the executive management teams in Croda and in a number of large speciality chemicals businesses in ICI, and has extensive management experience running regional and global business units in the UK, US, Belgium and The Netherlands. He also has expertise in developing new business in the speciality chemicals sectors; extensive functional experience in R&D and operations, and significant M&A experience. He is also currently a Non-executive Chairman of Applied Graphene Materials PLC.


Dr James (Jim) Barber – Independent Non-executive Director

Jim joined the board as a Non-executive Director with effect from 12 September 2016, representing the interests of the previous shareholders of Itaconix Corporation as their board nominee, a right conveyed under the merger agreement. Since 2007, Jim has run his own business consultancy practice, Barber Advisors LLC, and has served as an advisor and a director for a number of firms. He has extensive business management expertise in the specialty chemicals industry, including CEO of Metabolix Inc. and senior management positions running businesses within the Albermarle group. He has a PhD in organic chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Julian Spenser Heslop – Independent Non-executive Director

Julian agreed to join the Board upon Admission on 10 July 2012. He is also currently a Non-executive Director of Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC and previously served as Chief Financial Officer of GlaxoSmithKline PLC (“GSK”) between April 2005 and March 2011 where he was responsible for activities such as financial reporting and control, tax and treasury, finance systems and insurance. He was also Chairman of ViiV Healthcare Limited until March 2011. He served as Senior Vice President, Operations Controller of GSK between January 2001 and March 2005 and as Financial Controller of Glaxo Wellcome PLC from April 1998 to December 2000. Prior to this, Julian had senior finance roles at Grand Metropolitan PLC and Imperial Brewing and Leisure. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


Michael (Mike) Charles Nettleton Townend – Non-executive Director

Mike joined the Board on 2 July 2012 and is the representative of IP2IPO Services Limited, which has been the corporate director of Itaconix (U.K.) Limited* since February 2006. He has over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of equity capital markets and the investment processes. He is currently Chief Investment  Officer of IP Group PLC, having previously served as Head of Capital Markets for four years. Mike joined IP Group PLC from Lehman Brothers where he was Managing Director of European Equities and Head of Equity Sales to Hedge Funds. Mike was also a key member of the senior relationship management program. Prior to this, he was an Executive Director at Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette with responsibility for building the Bank’s business with hedge funds and alternatives. Mike has sourced, co-led or led numerous private and public transactions. Mike is the IP Group PLC representative on the Boards of Applied Graphene Materials,  Modern Water and Green Urban Transport .



John Shaw - President Itaconix US

Experienced  Senior Executive. Broad experience of building pharma, diagnostics and specialty chemicals businesses.  Co-founder of Itaconix Corporation.

Louise Crascall - Chief Commercial Officer

Experienced Senior Executive. Broad experience of building pharma, diagnostics and specialty chemicals businesses. Co-founder of Itaconix Corporation.

Dr David Pears – Chief Technical Officer, Itaconix UK

David joined Revolymer (U.K.) Ltd* in January 2008. David has over 30 years’ experience in research and development within the specialty chemicals and polymer industries operating within the coatings, FMCG, household products, printing and pharmaceutical sectors. He has held senior positions at ICI Chemicals and Polymers, Zeneca, NeoResins and Avecia. David was a co-founder, board member and the Chief Technology Officer of Reaxa Limited. David has a BSc in Chemistry from Southampton University and PhD in Organic Chemistry from Sheffield University.

Dr Yvon Durant – Chief Technical Officer, Itaconix US

World Expert in Polyitaconate Chemistry. Broad industry and academic experience,  co-founder of Itaconix Corporation. Previously Professor at University of New Hampshire.

As of 27 April 2017 Itaconix had been notified of the following holdings comprising more than three per cent of the share capital of the company: subsequent notifications received from major shareholders and PDMRs are shown in the Regulatory Announcements section of the website.

Name Number of Ordinary Shares Percentage of Issued Share Capital
Woodford Investment Management 26,988,000 34.3%
IP Group 12,317,123 15.6%
Henderson Global Investors 9,370,500 11.9%
Sand Aire 5,680,951 7.2%
Naxos Capital Partners 3,072,980 3.9%



Kevin Matthews

Robin Cridland
CFO and Company Secretary

Tel: +44 (0)1244-283500
Email: [email protected]


Itaconix (UK) Limited
1 Newtech Square, Zone 2
Deeside Industrial Park
Flintshire, CH5 2NT

Louise Crascall

+44 (0)1244-283500

Itaconix Corporation
2 Marin Way
Stratham, NH 03885

John Shaw

+1 (603) 775-4400

Corporate: [email protected]

Product Information and Pricing: [email protected]

Sample requests: [email protected]

Purchase Orders: [email protected]

Technical Support: [email protected]

Personal Care: [email protected]

UK general enquiries: [email protected]

US general enquiries: [email protected]


1 Newtech Square
Zone 2, Deeside Industrial Park
Flintshire CH5 2NT


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London, EC2N 2AX


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