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Archer Materials Ltd - Archer Materials to lodge Patent cooperationTreaty protecting its Graphene biosensor IP by February 15 Archer Materials to lodge international patent application for graphene-based biosensor technology

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application will go through an examination process...

5 days ago
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9 Spokes eyes client base growth after delivering key milestones

During the December quarter, Bank of New Zealand became the first bank to migrate small and...

2 weeks ago
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archTIS prioritises Kojensi Gov customer acquisition

The profitable company commercially launched the Kojensi Gov information sharing product this...

on 20/12/19
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Hexagon Energy Materials wants rare earths pilot plant to be operational in...

The market for graphite electrodes is growing and any technology advances that will extend their...

on 18/12/19
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Peel Mining focuses on exploration in New South Wales

Peel Mining is an Australian company focused on exploring and developing precious base metals...

on 17/12/19


Full interview: Archer Materials lodges graphene biosensor technology...

Archer Materials Limited (ASX:AXE) chief executive officer Dr Mohammad Choucair updates Proactive on the filing of an international patent application to commercialise the company’s ground-breaking graphene biosensor technology and protect its international property. Archer is a leader in...

3 hours, 40 minutes ago

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