Blue Star Helium Ltd - Blue Star Helium on target to deliver on high-tech North American helium play Blue Star Helium on target to deliver on high-tech North American helium play

The company is well-placed to benefit from its substantial oil and gas experience in exploring...

6 days ago
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Emperor Energy advances pre-FEED work for flagship Judith Gas Field in...

The pre-FEED work for the provision of midstream infrastructure for the Judith Gas Field is...

on 18/8/20
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High Peak Royalties encouraged by oil & gas developments in Amadeus Basin of...

The company believes exploration and appraisal drilling in the Amadeus Basin have potential to...

on 4/8/20
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Calima Energy gets closer to development at Montney as the region sees...

The oil and gas company is looking to bring the Montney acreage on-stream sooner through the...

on 3/8/20
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Emerald Clinics hits record number of patients; joins global fight against...

The healthcare technology and services company joined the global fight against COVID-19 by...

on 1/8/20

Emperor Energy enjoying strong investor interest as Pre-FEED work on Judith...

Emperor Energy Ltd's (ASX:EMP) Carl Dumbrell says they've seen very strong investor interest in the company lately with 12 million shares being traded in a single day this week - ''that's unheard of for this company'', he says. ''The market's having a good look at us and we love it'', he adds....

2 days, 13 hours ago

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