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Tesla Inc - Oil & gas sector investment fundamentals Oil & gas sector investment fundamentals

Equity investing offers an accessible and diverse way to play the petroleum market and globally...

1 week, 4 days ago
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Whitebark Energy steps up flow rates at Rex-3 well

The Wizard Lake project development in Canada has been fast-tracked thanks to a $3.8mln capital...

on 17/12/19
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88 Energy delighted with Alaskan farm-out deal with Premier Oil

The FTSE 250 group will pay the full costs of an appraisal well, dubbed “Charlie-1”, up to a...

on 3/12/19
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FAR Ltd to pursue conventional bank lending option to finance SNE oil field...

The company made this decision after fielding pleasing responses from a range of Australian and...

on 14/11/19

ADX Energy on fast track to cashflow with Austria deal

“Rather than waiting for 12 to 18 months onshore or five years offshore to get cash flow, we can...

on 6/11/19


Full interview: Ansila Energy expects to flow test Siciny-2 well this month

Ansila Energy (ASX:ANA) says it's on track to start well flow tests at its recently drilled and fracced Siciny-2 well within the Gora concession in Poland. Technical Director Chris Lewis tells Proactive London about the current well clean up and why they're using nitrogen gas as part of that...

1 week, 2 days ago

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