1ST Group's MyHealth1st platform extends reach into general practitioner market

2018-02-09 13:20:00
The Helix integration adds to 1ST Group's market breadth.
The company has successfully integrate its solution into MedicalDirector’s cloud-based system

1st Group Ltd's (ASX:1ST) MyHealth1st platform is the first booking platform to complete pilot testing and successfully integrate its solution into MedicalDirector’s cloud-based system.

MedicalDirector is Australia’s leading medical software company.

As MedicalDirector’s first Helix online appointment booking integration partner, MyHealth1st now has live customers using the new Helix cloud-based practice management software system.

Accelerated transition to cloud-based solutions

The Helix integration adds to MyHealth1st's market breadth and extends its reach into the GP market.

Importantly, more customers are transitioning to new cloud-based practice software solutions, and MyHealth1st now have over 45 practice management software system integrations.

MyHealth1st products available to GP customers include check-in kiosks, mobile app, automated intelligent recalls, post-appointment feedback etc

Targeting pet care market

1st Group is also looking to expand in the pet care market through its online pet service portal PetYeti.com.au.

Another integrated platform, GoBookings.com, is targeting the corporate and government solutions market segment, once again providing appointment booking services.

These integrated platforms provide an easy to use online search and appointment booking service and offer a range of value-added apps and services that facilitate digital patient and customer engagement.