IPO Wealth review - a first person perspective on investing through IPO Wealth Fund

2018-09-10 10:00:00

IPO Wealth (PRIVATE:IPO) managing director James Mawhinney introduces Proactive Investors to Jan de Tastes, who is a current IPO Wealth private wholesale investor and retired entrepreneur.

"James and his gang of genius all make sure that we're kept abreast... and if you want to get a monthly return you can, if you want to get them six-monthly, quarterly, whatever - they're very easy to discuss that with," says de Tastes.

She furthermore highlights particular investments that have led to a sense of philanthropic fulfilment, in addition to strong rates of return, saying: "as a retiree, I think that we need to take hold of the reins ourselves, and look around and see what you can get a best return on. And certainly if you want to feel good about the way you've invested your money, something like IPO [Wealth] is exciting to be part of."