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Elixir Petroleum


on 12/6/07

Elixir Petroleum Finds a bride

At long last Elixir Petroleum has found its bride! Press releases from Elixir over the past 6 months have hinted, several times, that the company was considering options that would help balance its portfolio between high impact, high risk drilling and lower risk, lower impact assets. It would appear that Elixir has finally......

on 2/4/07

Elixir Petroleum: Investors await Guinea Prospect

If hydrocarbons are present, this prospect is estimated to host a resource between 65 and 120 million barrels of oil on an un-risked* basis. This will be Elixir?s first major target to be drilled since a dry well was drilled last year and, in this case, Elixir has no financial exposure to worry about if the well is dry. ...

on 10/11/06

Elixir Petroleum is down but not out

After months or possibly years of raising funds, studying seismic, finding partners and securing a drill rig, the anticipation up to the moment of truth can be pretty intense, only to have all your hopes and dreams quashed in a flash. ...

on 20/3/06