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The Hydroponics Company imports first batch of medicinal cannabis oils from Europe

Approved Australian patients will be able to access products under the government’s Special Access Scheme....

on 25/6/18

The Hydroponics Company welcomes Canadian bill to legalise recreational cannabis

Canada will be the largest developed nation to legalise nationwide recreational use....

on 8/6/18

The Hydroponics Company growing vertically integrated business in medicinal cannabis industry

Establishing a vertically integrated business model provides THC with the ability to optimise efficiencies in the manufacturing process....

on 7/5/18

The Hydroponics Company retains manager and team from acquired biomanufacturing facility

The company has plans to grow medicinal cannabis on land leased in northern New South Wales....

on 7/5/18

The Hydroponics Company to lease land for growing medicinal cannabis

The new agreements have synergies with the recent biomanufacturing facility acquisition. ...

on 4/5/18

The Hydroponics Company boosts quarterly revenue past $1 million mark

March quarter revenue was 31% higher than the previous quarter and extrapolates to annual revenue of $4.3 million....

on 28/4/18

The Hydroponics Company acquires world-class biomanufacturing facility, shares up

Notably, receipts from customers for the March quarter were up 31% to $1.079 million....

on 26/4/18

The Hydroponics Company to make material acquisition

Shares in the company were halted having last traded at 61 cents....

on 20/4/18

The Hydroponics Company boosts executive team to expand medicinal cannabis strategy

The company is focused on establishing facilities for full-scale vertically integrated processing and production of medicinal cannabis....

on 13/4/18

The Hydroponics Company at the start of medical cannabis journey, says interim chairman

THC aims to provide access to high-quality legal medical cannabis enabling many to lead better lives by relieving pain and suffering....

on 24/3/18

The Hydroponics Company makes board and management changes, shares jump

Shares are up 9% today trading at $0.655 as investors refocus on the company's future....

on 16/3/18

The Hyrdoponics Company set to reveal possible new board structure

The trading halt has been granted pending the release of results from the EGM today....

on 15/3/18

Hydroponics Company increases warehousing in Canada to facilitate expansion in supply

Crystal Mountain, generated revenues of $1.8 million in the seven month period....

on 5/3/18

The Hydroponics Company granted approval to import medicinal cannabis products

The company recently completed stage I of its medicinal cannabis growing facility in Queensland....

on 28/2/18

The Hydroponics Company progresses cannabis growing and distribution model

Stage I includes greenhouses for indoor cultivation and growth of medicinal cannabis....

on 15/2/18

The Hydroponics Company directors provide vote of confidence in medicinal cannabis strategy

Three directors participate in oversubscribed share purchase plan....

on 2/2/18

The Hydroponics Company assesses Canadian entity with C$20 million a year in revenues

Management is assessing further acquisition opportunities and organic growth initiatives....

on 24/1/18

The Hydroponics Company forced to scale back share purchase plan

Funds raised through the share purchase plan will drive growth in Australia and Canada....

on 22/1/18

The Hydroponics Company positions itself to take advantage of Australian market

Changes to regulations in Australia have opened the door for cannabis breeders....

on 16/1/18

The Hydroponics Company appoints finance specialist as director

The new appointment has experience with investments in medicinal cannabis....

on 15/1/18

The Hydroponics Company raising $3 million for medicinal cannabis

The company is preparing to start a pilot cannabis growing program....

on 8/1/18

Algae Tec shares double as medicinal cannabis export regulations change

New legislation strengthens position in production and distribution of medicinal cannabis....

on 5/1/18

The Hydroponics Company gets a lift following medicinal cannabis export approval

On track for a pilot cannabis growing program targeted for first half of 2018....

on 5/1/18

The Hydroponics Company attracts investment from international fund

THC's shares have soared 16% to $0.73 in early trade....

on 28/12/17

The Hydroponics Company to sell unique lighting products for the cannabis market

This exclusive distribution contract adds to the portfolio of products marketed in Canada....

on 21/12/17