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Remember when shares also went up as well as down.....

Remember when shares also went up as well as down.....

Hey! Remember when shares also went up as well as down?

A decent few days then (even though there is a special placein hell reserved for some people).

At least we hope Brexit might get resolved sooner than later.

Markets just want to know, in, out or compromise. Just do one of them, adjust prices accordingly then move on.

I suspect given my bike accident if I hadn't braved doing the seminar in pain there wouldn't be any trades given I am just sitting around the house feeling sorry for myself and not wanting to do anything.... (you know what us blokes are like).

But we got some interesting ones so here are a few more tentative buys. However I remain in a lot of cash as those of you who came to the seminar saw! In the main isa my cash holding is close to £700,000. Plenty of firepower in case of the worst.

The BOE today slashed its growth forecast for the year blaming Brexit uncertainty which has caused a bit of a sell off.

I bought some Rosenblatt. (LON:RBGP) I lost as few quid on this a while back buying at a totally wrong price.

This one is a legal firm that floated last year. However it kept coming down - looking back on it the entry to the market was just too high for the time.

However, taking a good look at it at the seminar it looks too cheap to ignore and have bought some.

The trading statement was positive, there's a 5.5% dividend. it's got a cash pile for acquisitions.

But could it be a target itself? DWF is coming to market, a massive law firm and refers to a "large consolidation opportunity" in the legal market. RBGP would be peanuts for them.It simply looks under the radar, for me too cheap and I am in! I

One I did make a lot on before is Computacentre (LON:CCC) which came up on the radar at the seminar and bought some live.

I think it's come down way too much and deserves a re-rating.

This provider of IT infrastructure services gave out a confident statement - last year was really good, this year will be hard in comparison but cash balances are above expectations and its purchase of Fusionstorm will aid profits.

The fall from 1600 to a tenner looks overdone. According to an investment bank it has the best total return track record of any UK listed tech company from the past decade.

An entry price is difficult it is a FTSE 250 share so very volatile. And there is risk: some of its markets have softened, but is
that in the price?

Another live buy was IG Design. (LON:IGR) A gift company that had cash but spent a load on buying a big US company. So it now has big debt, but offset by profit forecasts which show likely substantial new profits.

It seems to have a trading range of 515 ish to 610 ish so I am hoping the uptrend is in play again and lookingto exit in the high fives soonish. Hey! High Five!

Redde also came up - this one looks ultra cheap and is gradually on the way up. It is Jeremy Corbyn's favourite share "Redde under the bed".

I think Redde (LON:REDD)should be more highly rated. A fantastic 7pc dividend, low debt, trading on a modest multiple.

I'm going to join Corbyn and tucked some Redde under my bed inside a google chrome laptop.

I averaged up my buy in Kainos (LON:KNOS) as it was rising to good strength. Nice, as a very decent trading statement nothing like seeing "ahead of expectations".

It needs to break up through 450 for 500 next stop. Nice company with decent management.

It has a trading range of 500-610ish so I am looking for a ride up to the 600 area.

And I picked some more XP Power (LON:XPP) as I onlygot quite a small amount last time.

I covered this one in the last update. It seems to be finding a firm bottom at 2000 and appears to be picking up a little head of steam.

It could easily go up 100-200 points quite quickly though it does remain on the riskier side of things.

I shorted some more AO World (LON:AO) (betting on it to go down). We had a good runthrough it at the seminar and it is trading on a massive multiple for what it has achieved.

And even using forecasts which show a decent profit in a couple of years doesn't make it any more expensive so looking for a fall to about a quid.

I've top sliced some Hat. I dithered on it as it looks strong still and there might be more to come. But, it's been a decent rise fairly fast so sold half for a profit of £570. And a little slice on Abd to bank a profit of £1,850.

I've noticed Next Fifteen (LON:NFC) one of my nice long-termers is on the move. This one can get re-rated all of a sudden quite fast and I might put in a sell price order as the spread is big - it could be heading for 600 again.

Right I am off to carry on feeling sorry for myself and my knee.. and given political uncertainty happy for now to keep the big cash pile.

Reminder if you want to spend a day with me the next beginner/improver seminar is March 18th. Large first ten to book discount. Mail me at [email protected] with "mar seminar" in the subject line.

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