Cobalt Blue Holdings Ltd - Cobalt Blue makes strong progress in strategy of supplying high-quality cobalt to meet growing global needs

Work programs advancing the Broken Hill Cobalt Project continue with the company confident...

1 day, 1 hour ago
Deep dive

Hexagon Energy Materials shifts focus to opportunities in clean energy and...

As part of a shift into new clean energy opportunities, which includes hydrogen and existing...

1 week, 2 days ago
Deep dive

Infinity Lithium's San José Project remains on-track to fulfil critical role...

The company's goal in the long-term is to supply the European lithium-ion battery supply chain...

3 weeks ago

Sustainable Lithium Extraction from Disruptive Technology

Lake Resources is using disruptive technology to sustainably extract lithium from brines to...

on 16/9/20
Deep dive

European Lithium will use cutting-edge technology to help fuel Europe’s...

It aims to be the first local lithium supplier into an integrated European battery supply chain,...

on 15/9/20

Andromeda Metals boss excited by expanding commercial opportunities for its...

Andromeda Metals Ltd's (ASX:ADN) James Marsh tells Proactive's Andrew Scott they're aiming to be the world's biggest producer of halloysite-kaolin. Its main asset is the Great White project in joint venture with Minotaur Exploration Ltd (ASX:MEP). ''We have probably the world's largest resources...

2 hours, 32 minutes ago

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