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Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental gets £1.93mln cash injection from Vincel Holdings

Vincel Holdings subscribed for 15.5mln shares at 12.5p each and has been granted 10mln warrants...

1 month ago
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental says EU drops investigation into oxo-plastics

Symphony produces an oxo-biodegradable plastic branded as d2W...

on 10/5/19
Retail & consumer

Symphony expects “significant growth” in second half of the year

“The development of new products for each of our d2w and d2p technologies continues at a satisfactory pace, and we remain encouraged by their growth prospects”...

on 3/5/19
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental Technologies 'optimistic' as it stands to gain from global war on plastic

“I think we’re really in a good place at the moment, we’re in a world that wants a solution to plastic pollution,” said chief executive Michael Laurier....

on 16/4/19
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental revenues lifted by anti-microbial growth

Sales of anti-microbial products jumped by almost 200%...

on 15/3/19
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental jumps on result of independent review into oxo-biodegradable plastics

The review, commissioned by the company and conducted by former High Court deputy judge Peter Susman QC, said the case for the technology was “clear and compelling”...

on 5/11/18
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental ups marketing spend as global ‘war on plastic’ continues

The firm develops a catalogue of products, including its d2w oxi-biodegradable plastics and d2p anti-microbial ranges, in a bid to capitalise on the global push toward greener plastic...

on 31/10/18
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental revenues rise but so does marketing spend

The plastics firm said it had invested £0.38mln in its communications and marketing arm during the year...

on 12/10/18
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental shares pick up as it launches new distributor in Jordan

The firm said the new distributor, EVA Plastic Industries, would be licenced to supply d2w masterbatches in the country...

on 25/9/18
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental reports half-year revenue increase boosted by d2p range

The smart plastics maker reported an 11% increase in revenues to £4.1mln during the period, mainly due to its d2p range of anti-microbial plastic products contributing £0.5mln...

on 30/8/18
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental reports solid revenue growth as d2p technology begins contributions

The AIM-listed plastics manufacturer said group revenues for the period had increased 11% to £4.1mln, with its d2p anti-microbial plastics range contributing £0.5mln...

on 6/8/18
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental again defends plastics technology as waste debate widens

Doubts about how long oxo-biodegradable plastics take to degrade in water were raised in a BBC programme...

on 23/7/18
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental wants debate on bio-degradable plastics thrown open after BBC claims

Symphony hoped the BBC programme would start a debate about the solutions available to deal with the plastic waste problem...

on 20/7/18
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental ups marketing budget in expectation of increased orders in 2018

The AIM-listed plastics manufacturer reported in a trading update that revenues had increased 17% in the first four months of the year...

on 15/5/18
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental launches range of medical products incorporating d2p technology

Examination gloves will be the first launch in a planned range of antimicrobial disposable healthcare products...

on 3/5/18
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental secures agreement with French bioplastics firm

The AIM-listed biodegradable plastics maker said Eranova has developed a technology which extracts starch from algae that can be used to make compostable polymers...

on 1/5/18
Retail & consumer

UK Plastics Pact aims to eradicate unnecessary single-use plastics by 2025

Environmentalists will say it does not go far enough but it is a start...

on 26/4/18
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental's deputy chairman hopes UK government will make biodegradable plastic compulsory

Michael Stephen made the comments in an interview with Sky News on Thursday in response to the announcement that the UK Government is considering banning single-use plastic items such as plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds...

on 20/4/18
Retail & consumer

Symphony Environmental says 86% of UK adults would be happy to use oxo-biodegradable plastic

The AIM-listed firm said that the YouGov survey was designed to measure the public’s awareness, knowledge and desire to take action against plastic pollution ...

on 18/4/18