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FORM 8.3



Rule 8.3 of the Takeover Code (the “Code”)



If there are positions or rights to subscribe to disclose in more than one class of relevant securities of the offeror or offeree named in 1(c), copy table 2(a) or (b) (as appropriate) for each additional class of relevant security.

(a) Interests and short positions in the relevant securities of the offeror or offeree to which the disclosure relates following the dealing (if any)

All interests and all short positions should be disclosed.

Details of any open stock-settled derivative positions (including traded options), or agreements to purchase or sell relevant securities, should be given on a Supplemental Form 8 (Open Positions).

(b) Rights to subscribe for new securities (including directors’ and other employee options)


Where there have been dealings in more than one class of relevant securities of the offeror or offeree named in 1(c), copy table 3(a), (b), (c) or (d) (as appropriate) for each additional class of relevant security dealt in.

The currency of all prices and other monetary amounts should be stated.

(a) Purchases and sales

(b) Cash-settled derivative transactions

(c) Stock-settled derivative transactions (including options)

(i) Writing, selling, purchasing or varying

(ii) Exercise

(d) Other dealings (including subscribing for new securities)


(a) Indemnity and other dealing arrangements

(b) Agreements, arrangements or understandings relating to options or derivatives

(c) Attachments

Public disclosures under Rule 8 of the Code must be made to a and must also be emailed to the at . The Panel’s Market Surveillance Unit is available for consultation in relation to the Code’s disclosure requirements on +44 (0)20 7638 0129.Regulatory Information ServiceTakeover Panelmonitoring@disclosure.org.uk

The Code can be viewed on the Panel’s website at .www.thetakeoverpanel.org.uk




Note 5(i) on Rule 8 of the Takeover Code (the “Code”)




It is not necessary to provide details on a Supplemental Form (Open Positions) with regard to cash-settled derivatives.

The currency of all prices and other monetary amounts should be stated.

The Panel’s Market Surveillance Unit is available for consultation in relation to the Code’s disclosure requirements on +44 (0)20 7638 0129.

The Code can be viewed on the Panel’s website at .www.thetakeoverpanel.org.uk



(a) Full name of discloser: .Barclays PLC
(b)Owner or controller of interest and short
 positions disclosed, if different from 1(a): 
(c)Name of offeror/offeree in relation to whoseROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC
 relevant securities this form relates: 
(d)If an exempt fund manager connected with an
offeror/offeree, state this and specify identity of
(e)Date position held/dealing undertaken:8 May 2015
(f)In addition to the company in 1(c) above, is the discloser makingYES:
 disclosures in respect of any other party to the offer?BG GROUP PLC
Class of relevant security:   A ordinary (including A ADRs)EUR 0.07
Interests Short Positions
  Number (%)Number (%)
(1)Relevant securities owned
and/or controlled:21,753,0630.56%11,065,2850.28%
(2)Cash-settled derivatives:
(3)Stock-settled derivatives (including options)
and agreements to purchase/sell:2,600,0000.07%1,946,8150.05%
Class of relevant security: B ordinary Shares (Inc B ADR's)EUR 0.07
InterestsShort Positions
(1)Relevant securities owned
and/or controlled:23,140,4190.94%9,010,4300.37%
(2)Cash-settled derivatives:
(3)Stock-settled derivatives (including options)
and agreements to purchase/sell:1,180,0000.05%1,541,6360.06%
Class of relevant security in relation to which subscription right exists: 
Details, including nature of the rights concerned and relevant percentages: 
Class of relevant Purchase/sale Number of Price per unit
security securities 
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase320.6175 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase620.1650 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1020.2425 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1020.3800 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1220.7525 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1228.4725 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2320.6300 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase6720.5150 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase11528.1930 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase11628.2075 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase11628.4425 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase11628.5014 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase11820.6800 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase11920.4500 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase12520.6550 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase13428.2650 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14020.6500 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14528.4550 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14620.1640 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase15220.1550 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase16320.4825 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase16320.5475 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase16320.5700 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase16320.6000 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase16320.6350 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase16320.7025 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase16320.7150 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase16520.7000 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase17120.6850 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase17720.6050 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase18428.3150 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase18628.2850 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase18628.3200 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase22320.7100 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase23128.1925 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase23128.2400 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase23128.4475 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase23628.4500 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase24320.6825 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase25420.1600 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase25628.2984 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase26520.6925 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase27028.3400 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase32028.5075 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase32120.6450 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase32528.2750 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase32620.5300 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase32820.6575 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase34020.6875 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase34320.5550 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase38320.5650 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase40020.6790 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase40520.3700 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase40520.4450 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase41520.3100 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase42728.3300 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase46028.2350 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase50028.3067 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase52820.6750 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase53328.5023 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase54020.7350 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase54020.7600 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase54428.5050 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase56920.6900 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase62628.4925 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase65028.5350 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase70128.5025 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase70128.5175 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase70128.5245 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase70228.4875 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase70420.5850 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase70728.2800 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase74228.1600 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase75720.7050 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase79528.1875 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase81028.1800 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase81128.2100 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase82028.2900 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase82028.3050 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase85228.4400 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase85328.2250 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase91728.4225 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase92628.4150 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase95428.5450 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase95720.6950 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase99520.6400 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,11320.4794 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,14128.5100 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,23428.4450 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,26228.4600 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,30220.5600 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,30320.7200 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,39128.3250 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,41620.6700 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,62020.6650 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,65428.2200 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,65428.4775 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,68828.1550 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,83128.1450 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,94520.7250 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,05420.7300 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,10328.5225 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,14428.4200 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,21028.4800 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,27220.6470 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,35728.5200 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,43828.4350 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,53328.5250 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,57828.4300 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,61028.5700 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,67228.1850 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase3,03428.2000 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase3,18728.4922 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase3,19628.5150 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase3,28828.3232 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase3,65928.4750 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase3,67928.4900 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase3,79228.4929 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase4,27328.4700 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase4,65028.2150 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase4,66128.4850 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase4,74928.2050 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase4,80428.4950 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase5,05320.7192 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase5,82328.4650 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase6,30228.1950 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase6,53320.6430 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase6,73320.4603 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase6,97528.1900 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase7,90228.3690 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase10,00020.5070 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase10,01020.6653 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase10,92520.6339 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14,56820.6324 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase16,10328.4848 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase17,01828.3915 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase18,43628.2601 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase20,98120.6733 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase26,73428.4991 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase28,16120.6359 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase30,68828.4015 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase31,37120.3297 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase32,99128.4087 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase43,47520.3117 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase48,11228.5000 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase48,97320.5591 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase63,90520.6779 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase68,32020.5462 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase108,90328.4238 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase150,71320.4870 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase187,72928.3725 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase194,44028.4035 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase232,45520.6799 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase246,56820.3368 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase246,85528.3602 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase247,14020.6965 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase362,91328.3799 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase420,25320.5128 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase486,01028.3911 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,878,94227.9200 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale320.6175 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale620.1650 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1020.2425 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1020.3800 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1220.7525 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1228.4725 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale2320.6300 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale6720.5150 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale10028.2600 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale10620.5634 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale10620.6550 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale10628.4861 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale11528.1930 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale11728.4975 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale11820.6800 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale11920.4500 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale12027.9200 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale13428.2650 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale14020.6500 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale14528.4550 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale14620.1640 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale15220.1550 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale16320.4825 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale16320.5475 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale16320.5700 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale16320.6000 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale16320.6350 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale16320.7025 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale16320.7150 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale16520.7000 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale16828.3300 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale17120.6850 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale17720.6050 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale18428.3150 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale18628.2850 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale18628.3200 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale21720.4600 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale22320.7100 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale23128.1925 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale23128.2400 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale23128.4475 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale23628.4500 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale24320.6825 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale25420.1600 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale26520.6925 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale26628.2250 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale27028.3400 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale32028.5075 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale32120.6450 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale32528.2750 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale32620.5300 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale32820.6575 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale34020.6875 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale34320.5550 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale35728.1950 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale37728.3331 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale38320.5650 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale39128.5300 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale39428.1450 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale39428.1600 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale40020.6790 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale40520.3700 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale40520.4450 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale41520.3100 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale52820.6750 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale54020.7350 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale54020.7600 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale56920.6900 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale62628.4925 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale65028.5350 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale68328.1900 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale70128.5025 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale70128.5175 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale70128.5245 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale70228.4600 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale70228.4875 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale70420.5850 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale75628.4450 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale75720.7050 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale79528.1875 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale82028.2900 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale82028.3050 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale85228.4400 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale91028.3250 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale91728.4225 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale95428.5450 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale95720.6950 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,09328.4300 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,17628.4700 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,19628.2150 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,22528.5050 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,30220.5600 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,41620.6700 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,42428.5100 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,60528.4650 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,62020.6650 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,65428.4775 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,80128.2050 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,84428.2000 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,94520.7250 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,98828.4147 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale2,10328.5225 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale2,19520.6400 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale2,38728.4750 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale2,82728.5000 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale3,32228.4598 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale3,56820.7300 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale3,85528.2627 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale4,13028.4900 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale4,33328.5200 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale4,74828.5150 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale5,57120.6275 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale6,05120.6225 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale6,38028.4950 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale6,54528.5250 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale7,36020.6287 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale7,71428.2538 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale7,89228.5094 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale7,96328.4800 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale8,20228.2893 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale9,14020.5523 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale9,89428.4850 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale10,25428.4350 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale12,12628.1568 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale16,09028.3076 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale17,08820.6904 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale17,35228.4842 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale18,00020.6616 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale20,00028.2800 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale21,55020.5565 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale25,09328.4168 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale37,52528.3918 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale42,63120.5605 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale43,56628.3541 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale47,95820.7022 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale61,01920.6980 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale63,04620.7200 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale63,31120.5420 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale64,26620.6375 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale73,48020.6434 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale102,84928.3575 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale130,31728.4070 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale132,71620.6907 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale135,02828.3311 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale146,43420.6436 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale179,73428.3555 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale229,47028.3882 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale287,50020.2939 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale426,13620.6438 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Sale588,89028.3835 EUR
A ADRsPurchase1263.6400 USD
A ADRsPurchase4764.0100 USD
A ADRsPurchase8464.0800 USD
A ADRsPurchase10064.0300 USD
A ADRsPurchase20063.8000 USD
A ADRsPurchase23763.3600 USD
A ADRsPurchase25064.2500 USD
A ADRsPurchase27064.0474 USD
A ADRsPurchase30064.0000 USD
A ADRsPurchase30064.0533 USD
A ADRsPurchase30064.0666 USD
A ADRsPurchase40064.0650 USD
A ADRsPurchase44863.7623 USD
A ADRsPurchase50064.2450 USD
A ADRsPurchase60064.0216 USD
A ADRsPurchase70063.9643 USD
A ADRsPurchase80063.3975 USD
A ADRsPurchase80064.0187 USD
A ADRsPurchase1,10064.0609 USD
A ADRsPurchase1,30063.9308 USD
A ADRsPurchase1,30063.9386 USD
A ADRsPurchase1,50064.0726 USD
A ADRsPurchase1,58563.9324 USD
A ADRsPurchase1,60063.4141 USD
A ADRsPurchase1,77263.9813 USD
A ADRsPurchase1,85064.2400 USD
A ADRsPurchase3,02664.0297 USD
A ADRsPurchase3,79064.0568 USD
A ADRsPurchase4,01964.0342 USD
A ADRsPurchase4,04664.0692 USD
A ADRsPurchase4,17864.0639 USD
A ADRsPurchase6,28764.0154 USD
A ADRsPurchase6,70063.9771 USD
A ADRsPurchase6,70064.0270 USD
A ADRsPurchase7,20064.0261 USD
A ADRsPurchase10,01364.0495 USD
A ADRsPurchase11,10663.9162 USD
A ADRsPurchase11,10663.9504 USD
A ADRsPurchase11,89264.0272 USD
A ADRsPurchase15,40064.0333 USD
A ADRsPurchase16,66264.0638 USD
A ADRsPurchase20,00063.7640 USD
A ADRsPurchase23,64064.1293 USD
A ADRsPurchase25,89164.0534 USD
A ADRsPurchase29,60064.0033 USD
A ADRsPurchase36,25463.9593 USD
A ADRsPurchase53,08563.9861 USD
A ADRsPurchase73,08563.9253 USD
A ADRsPurchase77,02764.0475 USD
A ADRsSale14764.1290 USD
A ADRsSale30063.9000 USD
A ADRsSale40063.4112 USD
A ADRsSale50063.9060 USD
A ADRsSale50064.0160 USD
A ADRsSale57364.1887 USD
A ADRsSale60064.1933 USD
A ADRsSale81064.1412 USD
A ADRsSale90063.9372 USD
A ADRsSale90064.1166 USD
A ADRsSale91363.8630 USD
A ADRsSale1,00063.6880 USD
A ADRsSale1,00064.2450 USD
A ADRsSale1,20063.4150 USD
A ADRsSale1,35664.1749 USD
A ADRsSale1,37264.0101 USD
A ADRsSale1,40063.7707 USD
A ADRsSale1,50063.9960 USD
A ADRsSale1,54464.2080 USD
A ADRsSale1,59263.9224 USD
A ADRsSale1,60064.1729 USD
A ADRsSale1,61264.0738 USD
A ADRsSale1,70063.9261 USD
A ADRsSale1,88763.9300 USD
A ADRsSale1,90063.8068 USD
A ADRsSale1,90064.2400 USD
A ADRsSale2,00063.9525 USD
A ADRsSale2,10063.8980 USD
A ADRsSale2,48563.7395 USD
A ADRsSale2,50064.0316 USD
A ADRsSale2,69464.1232 USD
A ADRsSale2,70064.1229 USD
A ADRsSale2,84163.9879 USD
A ADRsSale2,91264.1610 USD
A ADRsSale3,00064.0836 USD
A ADRsSale3,25763.7362 USD
A ADRsSale3,40063.9904 USD
A ADRsSale3,41364.0279 USD
A ADRsSale3,70063.8929 USD
A ADRsSale3,81764.1718 USD
A ADRsSale3,90063.9576 USD
A ADRsSale4,60063.9414 USD
A ADRsSale4,60064.1913 USD
A ADRsSale5,26263.9453 USD
A ADRsSale5,28463.8533 USD
A ADRsSale5,90063.9093 USD
A ADRsSale6,23664.0071 USD
A ADRsSale7,20063.9860 USD
A ADRsSale8,71963.7809 USD
A ADRsSale10,45464.0329 USD
A ADRsSale14,90064.0309 USD
A ADRsSale15,00063.9506 USD
A ADRsSale17,37264.0121 USD
A ADRsSale22,21263.9162 USD
A ADRsSale26,20064.0050 USD
A ADRsSale27,13464.0420 USD
A ADRsSale28,36963.8964 USD
A ADRsSale73,08563.9253 USD
A ADRsSale75,67164.0452 USD
A ADRsSale77,02764.0475 USD
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase220.6935 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1720.9350 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1920.5860 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase4320.8450 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase6620.5825 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase7120.8600 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase8020.7075 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase8320.8800 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase9820.8000 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase11920.8950 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase12420.5575 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase12420.6760 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase12820.7900 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14220.8025 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14220.8100 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14220.8550 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14220.9130 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14220.9250 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14220.9550 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14220.9575 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14220.9625 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14220.9800 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14620.8300 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase15920.9175 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase16320.9125 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase16321.0150 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase16621.0220 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase16820.9200 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase17020.8925 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase18220.9205 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase19620.6550 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase20020.8505 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase20421.0300 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase20620.6675 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase20720.5730 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase23320.7060 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase24320.9755 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase28420.6650 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase29020.9375 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase29020.9425 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase29420.9850 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase30520.9775 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase30920.9300 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase31020.7225 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase32620.6700 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase33220.5100 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase34220.8700 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase34220.8897 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase34920.9150 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase35820.5675 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase36320.5700 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase45120.5950 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase45721.0200 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase46720.9100 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase47620.6000 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase48420.9050 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase49620.9450 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase50320.9500 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase62420.9825 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase65920.6450 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase67821.0100 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase70520.5600 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase75420.9900 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase76420.9650 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase78520.9910 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase79220.6800 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase79820.8584 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase80020.9950 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,06720.7150 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,07720.6900 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,10820.6400 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,37420.6600 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,40320.6100 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,58720.8050 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,64820.5650 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,69120.5850 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,81720.6150 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase1,96220.6300 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,10520.9700 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,11720.6200 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,17720.7050 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,17820.7250 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,18320.5750 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,25720.5800 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,30420.8352 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase2,56721.0000 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase3,07520.6500 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase3,10120.9600 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase3,24020.7100 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase3,84420.6250 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase4,25520.6350 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase5,24320.9614 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase5,39420.6750 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase10,88220.5900 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase10,92020.6823 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase12,49320.9501 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase14,73120.9561 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase19,33320.9536 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase20,93720.7252 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase22,26020.8847 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase41,41320.9435 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase47,08020.8367 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase75,93020.9539 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase76,34920.8782 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase90,95420.9386 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase96,56320.8799 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase102,93520.8642 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase282,50020.6434 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase355,49320.8247 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Purchase630,25520.8581 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale220.6935 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale1720.9350 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale1921.0250 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale2120.9462 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale3320.9806 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale4320.8450 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale4820.8662 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale5120.9432 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale6021.0275 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale6121.0014 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale6920.9562 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale7120.8600 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale7120.9612 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale8320.8800 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale8521.0350 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale9620.9518 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale9820.8000 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale12420.5575 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale12420.6760 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale12820.7900 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale14220.6150 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale14220.8025 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale14220.8100 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale14220.8550 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale14220.9130 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale14220.9250 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale14220.9575 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale14220.9625 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale14220.9800 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale14620.8300 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale15920.9175 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale16320.9125 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale16321.0150 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale16621.0220 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale16720.5950 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale16820.9200 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale17020.8925 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale18220.9205 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale20020.8505 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale20620.6675 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale20720.5730 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale23320.7060 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale24320.9755 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale27320.6200 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale27520.9550 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale28420.6000 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale28720.8150 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale29020.9375 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale29020.9425 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale29420.9850 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale30520.9775 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale30920.9300 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale31020.7225 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale33220.5100 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale34220.8700 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale34521.0300 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale35820.5675 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale36320.5700 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale37521.0450 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale38021.0025 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale40120.7050 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale42420.9150 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale45721.0200 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale46720.9100 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale46820.6400 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale48420.9050 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale50320.9500 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale54020.7112 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale54920.6300 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale55320.6607 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale57420.6100 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale58020.6450 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale62420.9825 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale63920.5650 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale68520.6250 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale75120.5850 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale75420.9900 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale76420.9650 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale79220.6800 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale80020.9950 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale88320.9450 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale95220.5800 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,06720.7150 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,23420.6350 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,33620.9688 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,43820.6500 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,58720.8050 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale1,60020.9352 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale2,03820.7100 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale2,10520.9700 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale2,11820.6750 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale2,17820.7250 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale2,40020.9733 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale2,50020.9676 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale3,02721.0400 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale3,33920.6379 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale3,38821.0100 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale3,47620.9691 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale3,94521.0050 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale3,99120.9129 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale4,06020.6522 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale4,68020.5900 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale8,18620.9402 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale10,00020.8264 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale16,55921.0000 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale29,13020.6495 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale31,99820.8758 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale33,25320.6083 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale46,13120.9560 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale48,83820.9005 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale49,48620.9176 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale51,34320.8961 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale200,00020.7206 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale226,02620.6593 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale243,94620.9664 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale265,11120.9600 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07Sale404,54120.8931 GBP
B ADR'sPurchase6864.9200 USD
B ADR'sPurchase10064.1800 USD
B ADR'sPurchase19864.2836 USD
B ADR'sPurchase20064.8850 USD
B ADR'sPurchase21064.9100 USD
B ADR'sPurchase30064.9600 USD
B ADR'sPurchase30064.9700 USD
B ADR'sPurchase80064.9050 USD
B ADR'sPurchase1,10064.8281 USD
B ADR'sPurchase1,30064.8369 USD
B ADR'sPurchase2,60964.8505 USD
B ADR'sPurchase6,35964.7707 USD
B ADR'sPurchase8,05264.8751 USD
B ADR'sPurchase16,49864.6904 USD
B ADR'sPurchase19,53864.5633 USD
B ADR'sPurchase26,62264.8000 USD
B ADR'sPurchase29,70064.6934 USD
B ADR'sPurchase72,92464.7102 USD
B ADR'sSale-2964.9101 USD
B ADR'sSale20064.6900 USD
B ADR'sSale30064.9600 USD
B ADR'sSale30064.9650 USD
B ADR'sSale30064.9700 USD
B ADR'sSale31064.9100 USD
B ADR'sSale56964.6682 USD
B ADR'sSale60064.6700 USD
B ADR'sSale80064.7768 USD
B ADR'sSale82064.7000 USD
B ADR'sSale1,20064.7633 USD
B ADR'sSale1,20064.8308 USD
B ADR'sSale1,50164.6889 USD
B ADR'sSale3,20664.9200 USD
B ADR'sSale3,60464.8248 USD
B ADR'sSale4,02664.8751 USD
B ADR'sSale8,57164.6619 USD
B ADR'sSale13,45564.6747 USD
B ADR'sSale145,84864.7102 USD
Class of Product Nature of dealing Number of Price per
security  securities 
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong36120.4819 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07SWAPLong2,40020.6909 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong3,20420.6653 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07SWAPLong6,70128.3791 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07SWAPLong7,85820.6305 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong7,85928.2912 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07SWAPLong8,71428.4143 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07SWAPLong9,68420.6009 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong10,14720.3317 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong10,75220.7141 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong12,56428.4663 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07SWAPLong15,66020.6270 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07SWAPLong19,51828.3426 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong11,06120.7138 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong26,72820.6903 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07SWAPLong80,22528.2815 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong290,31220.6060 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07SWAPShort4428.3286 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07SWAPShort1,16920.5674 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort2,27220.6470 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07SWAPShort2,88128.4132 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort6,29220.1582 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort6,92220.4484 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort10,00020.5069 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort11,71420.6314 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort14,56820.6324 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort16,44720.6391 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort16,51420.6701 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07SWAPShort19,50928.3859 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort28,01820.5469 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07SWAPShort35,40528.3953 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort50,14728.3511 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort60,30520.2875 GBP
A ordinaryEUR 0.07SWAPShort272,98328.4191 EUR
A ordinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort450,09020.5376 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07SWAPLong7820.8147 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong28720.8137 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong1,31620.9358 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07SWAPLong3,30420.8713 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong8,72520.9646 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong10,00020.8264 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07SWAPLong14,00520.8801 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong150,09320.9015 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07CFDLong200,76920.8721 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort70820.8905 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort79820.8584 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort1,64020.9067 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort9,27220.7217 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07SWAPShort14,00320.8838 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07SWAPShort30,95620.8678 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort43,69320.9307 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort202,96420.8193 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07CFDShort300,33020.8534 GBP
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07SWAP Expires14/11/2016Long15,00063.9276 USD
B OrdinaryEUR 0.07SWAPShort361,91420.8706 GBP
Class of relevant security Product description e.g. call option Writing, purchasing, selling, varying etc. Number of securities to which option relates Exercise price per unit Type

e.g. American, European etc.

 Expiry date Option money paid/ received per unit
Class of relevant security Product description

e.g. call option

 Exercising/ exercised against Number of securities Exercise price per unit
Class of relevant security Nature of dealing

e.g. subscription, conversion

 Details Price per unit (if applicable)
Details of any indemnity or option arrangement, or any agreement or understanding, formal or informal, relating to relevant securities which may be an inducement to deal or refrain from dealing entered into by the person making the disclosure and any party to the offer or any person acting in concert with a party to the offer:

Irrevocable commitments and letters of intent should not be included. If there are no such agreements, arrangements or understandings, state “none”

Details of any agreement, arrangement or understanding, formal or informal, between the person making the disclosure and any other person relating to:

(i) the voting rights of any relevant securities under any option; or

(ii) the voting rights or future acquisition or disposal of any relevant securities to which any derivative is referenced:

If there are no such agreements, arrangements or understandings, state “none”

Is a Supplemental Form 8 (Open Positions) attached? YES
Date of disclosure:11 May 2015
Contact name:Jay Supaya
Telephone number:020 7773 0635
Identity of the person whose positions/dealings .Barclays PLC
are being disclosed: 
Name of offeror/offeree in relation to whoseROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC
relevant securities this from relates: 
Class Product Writing, Number Exercise Type Expiry
relevantselling,securitiesper unit
securityvarying etcto which
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Call OptionsPurchased250,00020.1000European17 Jul 2015
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Put OptionsPurchased-300,00026.0000American19 Jun 2015
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Put OptionsPurchased-150,00026.0000American18 Dec 2015
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Put OptionsPurchased-200,00027.5000American19 Jun 2015
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Put OptionsPurchased-150,00028.0000American19 Jun 2015
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Put OptionsPurchased-100,00028.0000American15 Dec 2017
A ordinaryEUR 0.07Put OptionsWritten200,00024.0000American18 Dec 2015
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryPut OptionsWritten250,00026.0000American16 Dec 2016
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryPut OptionsWritten100,00028.0000American15 May 2015
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryPut OptionsWritten500,00028.0000American19 Jun 2015
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryPut OptionsWritten50,00028.5000American15 May 2015
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryPut OptionsWritten300,00029.0000American15 May 2015
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryPut OptionsWritten175,00030.0000American15 Dec 2017
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryCall OptionsPurchased150,00026.0000American18 Dec 2015
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryCall OptionsPurchased250,00026.0000American16 Dec 2016
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryCall OptionsPurchased200,00029.0000American19 Jun 2015
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryCall OptionsPurchased150,00029.5000American19 Jun 2015
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryCall OptionsPurchased275,00030.0000American15 Dec 2017
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryCall OptionsWritten-200,00028.0000American18 Dec 2015
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryCall OptionsWritten-300,00029.0000American15 May 2015
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryCall OptionsWritten-50,00029.5000American15 May 2015
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryCall OptionsWritten-100,00030.0000American15 May 2015
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryCall OptionsWritten-200,00030.0000American19 Jun 2015
EUR 0.07 A ordinaryCall OptionsWritten-196,8152219.6100European29 Mar 2016
EUR 0.07 B OrdinaryPut OptionsPurchased-400,00020.0000American15 May 2015
EUR 0.07 B OrdinaryPut OptionsPurchased-200,00020.5000American15 May 2015
EUR 0.07 B OrdinaryPut OptionsPurchased-405,00021.0000American15 May 2015
EUR 0.07 B OrdinaryPut OptionsWritten175,0002100.0000American18 Dec 2015
EUR 0.07 B OrdinaryCall OptionsPurchased600,00021.0000American15 May 2015
EUR 0.07 B OrdinaryCall OptionsPurchased405,00021.5000American15 May 2015
EUR 0.07 B OrdinaryCall OptionsWritten-199,6362063.5439European25 Jan 2016
EUR 0.07 B OrdinaryCall OptionsWritten-337,0002100.0000American15 May 2015
Full details should be given so that the nature of the interest or position can be fully understood:

Quick facts: Barclays PLC

Price: -

Market: LSE
Market Cap: -

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