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Avacta teams up with Selexis to develop Chinese hamster ovary cell line

On the tie-up with Selexis, Avacta chief executive Alastair Smith said the company's new partner provided “the technology and know-how” to develop the required cell lines for the planned first-in-human study...

on 20/6/19

Avacta selects drug candidate for phase I trial

The important milestone puts the company on track to file a new drug/clinical application by the end of 2020 as planned...

on 10/6/19

Avacta plans for exciting cancer immunotherapy

The group's technology releases chemo directly inside a tumour without exposing the whole body to toxins ...

on 3/6/19

Analysts eye more licensing deals for Avacta’s Affimer technology in 2019

Avacta is using Affimers to develop its own cancer therapy, but it also licenses the technology to other companies, including major pharma group ModernaTX and LG Chem Life Sciences ...

on 2/5/19

Avacta well-cashed and on track to begin clinical trial of first Affimer therapeutic next year

The first Affimer-based therapeutic is PD-L1 is a potential cancer treatment that helps the immune system to identify and attack cancer cells...

on 9/4/19

Avacta says partner Moderna takes collaboration to next level

The US-listed group has triggered an exclusivity option. Chief executive Dr Alastair Smith said: "This is further strong validation of the potential of the Affimer drug platform to generate differentiated therapeutic molecules for development"...

on 5/2/19

Avacta Group trading in line in "year of very significant progress"

An update on the collaboration with Moderna is planned for the first half of this year...

on 21/1/19

Avacta appoints industry heavyweight as chief medical officer

Dr Jose Saro is joining the business from the Roche Innovation Center...

on 12/12/18

Avacta soars after signing partnership deal with Korea's LG Group

The Affimer technology is Avacta's proprietary alternative to antibodies with wide applications in the life sciences for drug development, diagnostics and research tools...

on 11/12/18

Avacta’s Affimer tech gains traction as it clinches deal with “very high quality partner”

The deal with New England Biolabs, signed in October, is expected to secure six-figure royalty sums as soon as next year...

on 29/11/18

Avacta’s CTO to present Affimer data at Biomarkers and Precision Medicine Congress

The biotech company said Dr Matt Johnson would present data showing how the Affimer technology can be used to simplify diagnostics and other immunoassays...

on 11/10/18

Avacta rises as it secures licensing deal with New England Biolabs for Affimer technology

The biotechnology firm said it had been collaborating with NEB to develop Affimers to combine with NEB’s reagents (a substance used for chemical analysis)...

on 10/10/18

Avacta making “significant progress” with Affimer partnering discussions

The junior biotech is confident it can deliver at least one “lucrative” licensing deal for its Affimer technology over the next 18 months...

on 2/10/18

Avacta taps market as it eyes further licensing deals this year

The company has made solid progress with a number of partners, such as Moderna, Glythera and FIT Biotech. It has raised money to, among other things, enter into more drug development partnerships...

on 31/7/18

Avacta shares jump as much as 60% after it inks co-development deal with US innovator

It is teaming up with Bach BioSciences, a company commercialising the research of William Bachovchin, a professor at Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston...

on 24/7/18

Avacta Group appoints Immunocore’s Eliot Forster as non-executive chairman

The AIM-listed firm said Dr Trevor Nichols, who has acted as chairman of the board since January 2014, will remain on the board as non-executive director...

on 11/6/18

Avacta hails encouraging results of tie-up with Finnish firm, shares gain

Avacta has teamed up with FIT Biotech to find a way of delivering DNA treatments more effectively ...

on 22/5/18

Avacta on track to deliver pre-clinical milestones this year

The company is making progress with its lead immuno-oncology programmes...

on 1/5/18

Avacta Group looks to Asia for partner as it plans first Affimer clinical trial

In-vivo data will be key in securing licensing deals with large pharmaceutical companies ...

on 8/2/18

Interest in Avacta’s Affimer technology continues to grow as biotech unveils latest research partnership

This time it is with OncoSec Medical, which wants to use its own gene delivery platform to deliver Avacta’s Affimers into tumour cells...

on 22/1/18

Avacta boss praises “strong” progress made in first half

“We have continued to grow the number and extent of the data packages demonstrating the power of the Affimer technology in therapeutic and non-therapeutic applications which build the commercial case and de-risk the technology for third parties”...

on 18/1/18

Avacta agrees licensing deal with antibody drug conjugates specialist Glythera

"I am delighted with the reciprocal arrangements that we have put in place with Glythera allowing both companies to develop Affimer-Permalink drug conjugates," said Avacta's CEO, Alastair Smith...

on 15/1/18

Avacta partner to present data on breakthrough technology at Barcelona conference

Avacta’s chief executive, Dr Alastair Smith, said the presentation provided “strong, independent validation of the technical performance of Affimer reagents and is important to our commercialisation of the technology”...

on 15/11/17

Interest in Affimer technology at record levels, which bodes well for Avacta

Affimers are small, engineered proteins, some of which are of human origin and some plant-derived. They are capable of binding specific molecular targets, in a similar way to antibodies....

on 24/10/17

Patient heal thyself - Avacta teams up with Finnish biotech firm to develop system that allows body to create its own drugs

Avacta chief executive, Dr Alastair Smith, said the collaboration could lead to “multiple therapeutic benefits and create a best-in-class gene therapy combination with significant potential” ...

on 5/10/17