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Our mission is to shape the future of medicine by providing powerful reagents for research and diagnostics, and by developing safe and efficacious medicines.

"What really excites me, and drives the company, is the opportunity to change the way life scientists explore the complexity of the proteome and the myriad of interactions that define us as humans."


What is an Affimer?

Affimer reagents and therapeutics are a class of non-antibody binding proteins that have been engineered for a wide range of applications where antibodies and aptamers have limitations. They can be used to detect difficult targets, can easily be formatted for a wide range of applications and can be easily and cost effectively manufactured.

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Reagents & Diagnostics

Affimer reagents are ideal tools for use in a wide variety of diagnostic and research applications. With a rapid development timeline Affimer reagents represent a quick solution to rapidly unfolding research needs and ever growing needs for quality diagnostic reagents with consistent supplies. Custom Affimer solutions are available to meet your Diagnostic and Research needs.

Affimer technology offers highly specific target recognition in a variety of complex samples, while retaining both chemical and thermal stability. Affimer molecules offer flexibility in formatting via both genetic and chemical means. A single strategic cysteine residue addition allows for site specific functionalisation with enzymes, dyes, fluors, or immobilization onto a variety of surfaces. In addition to classical chemical methods of modification, we are also able to express genetic modifications to optimise performance (GFP, carrier proteins, and even multimers).

We develop highly specific, reproducible, and stable tools for use in point of care (POC) tests, ligand binding assays and bioprocessing and separations from complex matrices.


Developing the next generation of biotherapeutics

Avacta is engaged in the development of innovative cancer immunotherapies using its proprietary Affimer® technology. Affimers are a novel class of small (14kDa) therapeutic proteins based on the naturally occurring human protease inhibitor Stefin A.

Avacta’s mission is to extend the patient benefits of cancer immunotherapies by taking advantage of the differentiating features of the Affimer scaffold such as its small size, flexible formatting, stability and ease of conjugation. We are building an in-house pipeline of bi-specific therapeutics as well as novel tumour microenvironment activated drug conjugates (TMACTM) combining Affimer immune-checkpoint modulators with pro-inflammatory drugs.

Avacta has also established several strategic alliances making the Affimer technology available to partners through licensing and collaborative development projects in oncology and inflammatory diseases.



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