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Proactive news snapshot: Hurricane Energy, Arc Minerals, Alba Mineral Resources...

A glance at some of the highlights from the Proactive newswire today ...

2 days, 15 hours ago

Alba Mineral Resources ‘pleased’ with rapid progress at Horse Hill

Horizontal drilling aims to open up more of the Portland reservoir, to in turn boost oil production volumes....

2 days, 22 hours ago

Alba Mineral: Horse Hill project wins key consent from Surrey council

The consent gives permission to produce oil at the site over a 25-year period at up to 3,500 barrels per day from a total of six wells...

3 days, 17 hours ago

Alba Minerals Resources looks to Welsh gold and English oil as it prioritises shortest routes to success

The natural resource investor is focussing its attention on its highest potential assets, with the shortest likely timeframe to a commercial result...

2 weeks, 2 days ago

Alba lifted as it shifts focus to Clogau for rest of 2019

Preparations are already underway for an underground exploration programme at the Welsh gold project...

3 weeks, 4 days ago

Alba Mineral identifies 4km gold strike, plans reopening of historic Welsh mines to boost cashflow

The key focus for the company in the coming 12 months will be “pushing forward with the work to re-open one or more of the historic mines for commercial production, as that represents a clear cash-flow generative opportunity for the company"...

on 6/8/19

Alba Mineral Resources highlights continuing success in Horse Hill test production

"We are pleased to receive this update regarding the successful resumption of Kimmeridge oil flow,” said George Frangeskides, Alba executive chairman....

on 1/8/19

Alba Minerals: A diversified portfolio with serious production potential

Alba holds 11.765% of the Horse Hill project near Gatwick Airport in the UK’s Weald basin...

on 4/7/19

Alba Mineral boss highlights strength of portfolio after Brockham disappointment

In its latest set of accounts, Alba valued Brockham at £0.35mln, a fraction of its total net asset value of £8.5mln...

on 1/7/19

Alba Mineral Resources’s Brockham partner mulls exit as well analysis disappoints

Angus is in talks to sell its 65% stake in Brockham....

on 28/6/19

Alba updates on Clogau, Thule Black Sands, Limerick and Horse Hill

Alba has a diverse portfolio of mining and oil and gas projects...

on 18/6/19

Horse Hill production tops 50,000 barrels as operator readies for new drilling

The much-awaited simultaneous HH-2/2z Portland horizontal drilling and HH-1 Kimmeridge test campaign is fast approaching...

on 11/6/19

Alba Mineral Resources raises funds for mine exploration programmes

The injection of capital will support work programmes across three mining projects - in Greenland, Wales and Ireland respectively....

on 4/6/19

Alba Mineral Resources looks forward to next phase of Brockham operations

The aim is to bring the well into production testing to determine whether commercial hydrocarbon flows can be achieved....

on 3/6/19

Alba Mineral Resources edges up as it unearths new gold anomalies at Clogau

"Our regional exploration of the Dolgellau Gold Belt continues to bear fruit,” said George Frangeskides, Alba chairman....

on 29/5/19

Alba kicks off zinc drill programme in Ireland

“The Irish Zinc Ore Field has been a major source of zinc production since the 1960s and is host to some very significant, high-grade zinc mines.”...

on 17/5/19

Alba boosted by latest data from Horse Hill production test

Production stats continue to impress and the latest pressure test data exceeded expectations....

on 17/5/19

Alba reveals maiden resource for Greenland project

The company has brought the project from a 'standing start' to maiden resource after only one full field season....

on 15/5/19

Alba awaits Brockham well analysis as remedial programme is completed

The well operations are now complete and the rig has been demobilised....

on 10/5/19

Alba updates on Brockham as operator perforates into Kimmeridge

Operations continue and it is expected that the workover rig will be demobilised next week....

on 3/5/19

Alba boosted by Welsh gold results

"These results are really exciting,” said George Frangeskides....

on 29/4/19

Alba boosted as Horse Hill’s test production continues to deliver

Some 45,000 barrels of crude have so far been recovered during 'test' production at Horse Hill...

on 11/4/19

Alba investors look forward to Brockham progress as work starts

The well intervention programme started three days ahead of schedule....

on 10/4/19