Proactiveinvestors RSS feed en Thu, 15 Nov 2018 03:11:59 +1100 Genera CMS (Proactiveinvestors) (Proactiveinvestors) <![CDATA[News - Spectur generates substantial sales growth while growing recurring revenues ]]> Spectur Ltd (ASX:SP3), a developer and distributor of remote security monitoring systems and cloud-based technology solutions, has provided a sales update.

Sales for January and February suggest the company is poised to deliver strong year-on-year growth for the March quarter.

Unaudited sales revenues for January and February totalled $416,000, a 149% increase compared with the previous corresponding period in 2017.

Given margins are in the order of 40%, revenues from these sales should generate substantial earnings in 2018.

Spectur benefits from east coast expansion

January and February are traditionally quieter months.

Management said the strong sales growth was indicative of the momentum being built across the business and reflected the benefits of the east coast expansion.

Notably, the number of camera units rented is increasing at a faster rate than direct camera unit sales with 59 new rental units deployed in January and February alone.

Recurring revenues growing

Rental systems generate strong monthly recurring revenues over the rental life of a product in comparison to an outright sale.

Income from this source provides the company with greater returns on investment and higher gross margins.

Consequently, Spectur is taking initiatives to increase the volume of rentals.

Targeting larger organisations

Spectur has supplied rental HD4 units to a new critical infrastructure customer, which operates in New South Wales and Victoria.

The HD4 is a solar powered battery backup security system that is remotely accessed and connected via 3G/4G technology which is connected to the cloud-based platform.

The new client will initially trial the systems on two sites and management is hoping that the usual trend of receiving repeat orders following initial trials will materialise.

Spectur is also active on the product development front and is trialling long-range thermal cameras that can be used in detecting intruders.

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<![CDATA[News - Spectur set to begin customer trials for long-range thermal cameras ]]> Spectur Ltd (ASX:SP3) is commencing customer trials of its thermal cameras that are capable of accurate intrusion detection over long ranges.

The first customer trial, with a national logistics operator, will be a key step on the path to commercialisation for the technology and follows successful in-house testing.

Spectur’s thermal camera detection system uses thermal imaging technology and is capable of reliably detecting people and vehicles over long ranges in complete darkness.

Current system detects people up to 300 metres away

With traditional camera systems, a light source is required at night, limiting the ranges cameras can achieve in darkness. Thermal technology removes this limitation.

Spectur’s in-house testing has shown that the cameras in their current form are capable of detecting people up to 300 metres away in complete darkness.

Importantly, the company will soon test a new camera technology that can achieve ranges in excess of one kilometre.

Commercial sales targeted for the second quarter of 2018

Spectur’s thermal camera systems have been developed to be extremely power efficient, making them ideally suited for battery or solar power, as opposed to mains power.

The systems also run on the same cloud platform as Spectur’s existing cameras.

Upon successful completion of the customer testing, the product is expected to be available for commercial sale in the second quarter of 2018.

Spectur’s new technologies have the potential to add value to existing clients as well as drive sales to new clients that need a cost-effective long-range detection system.

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<![CDATA[News - Spectur to provide next financing steps as sales accelerate ]]> Spectur Ltd (ASX:SP3) has a unique business model providing remote security monitoring systems, and recently agreed to supply multiple cameras for an automotive shutdown project in Geelong.

Spectur continues to make strong progress across its operations with accelerated sales growth over the past two months on the back of the strong revenue growth.

To continue to advance the next steps, the company is heading to market with a capital raising, and the ASX has granted a trading halt to prepare.

The halt will remain in place until the opening of trade on Wednesday 29th November 2017, or earlier if an announcement is made to the market.

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<![CDATA[News - Spectur to start production of new security camera product ]]> Recently-listed Spectur Ltd (ASX:SP3) is commencing the production of security camera range extenders for beta testing with customers.

The solar-powered Internet of Things (IoT) startup Spectur began trading on the ASX last week, after raising A$4.5mln from an initial public offer.

Spectur, which produces high-definition security camera networks that are internet-connected using 3G or 4G mobile, listed at A$0.20, giving it a market capitalisation of A$8.2mln.

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The new hardware, which works as a site-based slaved unit to Spectur’s current HD4 security camera system, is an IoT device that can be tailored to suit individual client’s operational needs.

The camera range extenders will be linked to the main HD4 system via a radio protocol data transceiver.

Importantly, direct sequence and fast phase locked loop radio protocol offer a greater range than wi-fi or bluetooth.

Furthermore, the product has the inbuilt functionality of a three-axis accelerometer, a barometer, and GPS module.

The inbuilt barometer is useful for remote systems as it provides the ability to warn customers of rapid falls in pressure, like in case of storms or cyclones.

The addition of a GPS module gives an accurate position for objects that the new hardware is mounted to. This is useful for customers who regularly move physical assets from place to place.

The beta hardware and software will be field tested with selected customers over the next few months.

Once reliability and performance expectations are proven, Spectur will launch the product.

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