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SenSen is one of the world’s leading suppliers of data-driven business process enhancement solutions.

Intelligent Transportation

SenSen delivers solutions for the ITS industry including civic compliance, parking management, and speed and toll enforcement, especially when solutions must work under very challenging environments. In our 11-year history of operating in this sector, we have delivered a number of complex solutions using our video-IoT analytics platform in Australia, Singapore, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Germany, USA, UAE and India.

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Retail & Leisure

SenSen solutions for Retail & Leisure markets deliver accurate and actionable insights to improve customer service, facilities management operations, security and safety of visitors.

SenSen helps to make public life safer and smarter by providing valuable insights on footfall and occupancy to shopping centres, hotels, university campuses and other retail/consumer-focused spaces.

In Leisure, SenSen significantly improves table game operations for casino managers by analysing table occupancy, hands dealt per hour, bet types and bet values right across the gaming floor.

Traditional gaming monitoring systems are typically expensive to install and maintain, and fail to achieve the levels of accuracy needed to be truly useful. Sensors embedded inside casino chips and offline yield management solutions have not worked as promised. Dealers, players and chips move too quickly for conventional monitoring tools which can’t cope with the noise and distractions of a gaming floor.

SenSen’s solution is different. By working hand in hand with leading casino clients, our automated video-and-software system is robust enough to withstand the toughest casino environment with an all-in-one package that adds increased visibility from the moment it is installed.


Last updated 8th April 2020

Subhash Challa
Executive Chairman & CEO

Subhash founded SenSen Networks in 2007 as a spin-off from the University of Technology Sydney where he was Professor of Computer Systems. Subhash is a world-leading authority in data science specialising in the analysis of video and sensor data with a focus on solving everyday business problems.

Born and raised in Hyderabad, India, Subhash was a visiting scholar at Harvard University (1997) and Tan-Chin Tau fellow at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (2003). Between 2007-2011, he was a Professor at National ICT Australia and University of Melbourne, and the author of the reference text “Fundamentals of Object Tracking” published by Cambridge University Press.

Subhash left his successful career in academia to join SenSen full-time as CEO in January 2012. He has led the development of the company’s Video-IoT platform SenDISA and pioneered applications in diverse market segments. Under his leadership, the company has grown to 30 engineers and marketing/sales executives with customers in overseas markets including Singapore, India, Europe, UAE and Canada.

David Smith
Executive Director & Company Secretary

David was previously an investment banker with more than 15 years experience,  working in both the capital markets and M & A globally, having worked at JPMorgan Chase, Ord Minnett and BBY Limited. He was regularly ranked as one of the Top 10 Australian Investment Bankers in annual surveys, and raised more than $4 billion for corporate clients. With an extensive background in advising companies across all sectors, including technology, industrials and resources, David has been integrally involved in the evolution of numerous emerging companies into multi-billion dollar enterprises.

David is also a Non-Executive Director of RAW Capital Partners Holdings Limited, a UK based, international asset management business.

David completed his B Econ from the University of Sydney and a Dip Mgmt ‐ Exec MBA from Australian Graduate School of Management, Sydney.

Zenon Pasieczny
Non-Executive Director

Zenon is an experienced venture capital investor screening 300+ deals annually and investing in only a handful. He backed SenSen for its outstanding potential as an Australian technology company with innovative and IP-driven solutions, helping it grow from an R&D focused start-up to a globally respected industry leader.

Zenon is closely involved in SenSen’s strategic marketing and delivery of global communication messages to clients, partners and the media.

Zenon Pasieczny is Director of venture capital firm Saphet Capital Management and Managing Director of The House Family Office providing strategic and commercial advice to a select global client list.

Zenon completed his MBA from Maastricht School of Management, (The Netherlands) with a distinction in International Business.

Heather Scheibenstock
Independent Non-Executive Director

Heather has over 25 years’ experience within the gaming and hospitality industries specialising in strategic planning, business development, stakeholder engagement and offshore growth.

She is currently a Non-Executive Director of ASX listed global gaming company, Ainsworth Game Technology (ASX:AGI).

Prior to Ainsworth, Heather has held senior executive roles at numerous gaming companies including Bloomberry Resorts Corporation and Echo Entertainment Group (ASX: SGR).

Last updated 8th April 2020


Phone: (+61) 3 9417 5368
Email: sales@sensennetworks.com

Corporate Office

Level 1, 9 Harper Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067

Phone: (+61) 3 9417 5368


Suite 306, 3 Spring St
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: (+61) 3 9417 5368


HSR Summit, 1st Floor,
H.No.8-2-603/23/3 & 15,
Road No-10, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad, India 500034

Phone: (+91) 40-29882270


Last updated 8th April 2020