Proactiveinvestors Australia Smartpay Holdings Ltd Proactiveinvestors Australia Smartpay Holdings Ltd RSS feed en Tue, 18 Dec 2018 01:29:43 +1100 Genera CMS (Proactiveinvestors) (Proactiveinvestors) <![CDATA[Media files - SmartPay targeting growth opportunities in Australia ]]> Wed, 05 Sep 2018 22:12:00 +1000 <![CDATA[News - Smartpay Holdings sees large payment terminal growth opportunity in Australia ]]> Smartpay Holdings Ltd (ASX:SMP) (NZE:SPY) provides bank card payment terminals to its customers in Australia and New Zealand.

It is a leading provider in New Zealand with over 30% market share, where its strategy is to maintain and steadily grow market share.

In Australia, where there are nearly 9x as many terminals as New Zealand, Smartpay has less than 1% market share, putting in context the growth opportunity Australia represents.

A profitable FY2018

Smartpay’s financial year ends 31 March, and for FY2018, the company increased its net profit after tax by 15% to $2.5 million.

This NPAT figure was achieved on revenue of $20.4 million and EBITDA of $9.6 million.

The company also paid a total dividend of 1.5 cents during FY18 and finished the year with net debt of $23 million.

Every 1,000 terminals adds $500,000 EBITDA

In New Zealand, Smartpay generates revenue by renting out terminals on 3-5 year contracts at an average price of NZ$48 per month.

Its terminal payback period in New Zealand is between six and eight months.

In Australia, as of late 2017 Smartpay commenced transitioning from a rental model to a transactional model, where it is targeting A$100 per month.

Smartpay also generates other revenue from products and services including transaction processing, software development, terminal sales and content delivery.

Agreement with China’s largest payments provider

During March 2018, Smartpay signed an agreement with Alipay, China’s largest online and mobile payments provider.

The agreement allowed Smartpay’s merchants access to the rapidly growing Chinese tourist spend across Australia and New Zealand.

Using Smartpay’s proprietary SmartConnect cloud-based payments platform, Alipay payments can be processed on the same terminal as EFTPOS and credit card payments.

Smartpay earns a share of the total transaction value and initially deployed the product in New Zealand with Australia to follow.

Upcoming ASX Small and Mid-Cap Conference

Smartpay will be presenting at the inaugural ASX Small and Mid-Cap Conference being held in Sydney on Thursday, September 6.

To attend the conference, please register here.

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<![CDATA[News - Smartpay Holdings provides 25,000 merchants with access to $11 billion Chinese tourist market ]]> Smartpay Holdings Ltd (ASX:SMP) (NZX:SPY) surged almost 65% this morning, hitting a high of 23 cents.

This was in response to the company signing an agreement with Alipay, one of China’s largest online and mobile payments providers.

Alipay has more than 520 million active users in China and under the agreement, Smartpay will directly acquire Alipay transactions.

25,000 merchants gain access to lucrative market

Based on Tourism Research Australia data this should give about 25,000 merchants access to about $11 billion in Chinese tourist spending across Australia and New Zealand.

Smartpay customers will be able to seamlessly process Alipay payments on the same terminal as their Eftpos and credit card payments.

This makes Smartpay the only acquirer in both countries to provide an integrated terminal offering.

Smartpay revenue based on transaction value

As the direct acquirer of Alipay transactions, Smartpay will earn a share of total transaction value which will contribute to its growing acquiring revenue stream.

Given this is the preferred payment method of Chinese tourists, the availability of Alipay on Smartpay terminals is an attractive option and will increase their spending capacity.

Competitive point of difference

Bradley Gerdis, managing director, said: “Innovation is a key factor in our strategy to offer a complete end-to-end acquiring product.

“This partnership with Alipay will give us a competitive point of difference in important market segments, particularly tourism and hospitality.”

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<![CDATA[News - Smartpay Holdings Ltd launches taxi payments technology ]]> Dual listed payments technology provider Smartpay Holdings Ltd (ASX:SMP, NZ:SPY), announced the roll out of its latest taxi payment terminals in the New Zealand market.

Smartpay allows taxi customers to pay with their debit card, credit card or mobile devices by installing Smartpay EFTPOS or Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale devices in taxis.

Smartpay lays claim as the largest independent owned and operated EFTPOS provider.

The upgraded S300 integrated payment terminal from Smartpay features contactless payment acceptance and colour touch screens.

The terminals integrate with Smartpay’s TaxiPos transaction processing system which offers cloud based real time transaction reporting allowing taxi fleet operators to manage their businesses.

Smartpay is currently upgrading over 2,500 taxis in New Zealand to the new technology.

Smartpay’s share price is seeing some activity and has surged by about 25% this month.


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<![CDATA[News - Smartpay Holdings launches taxi payments business ]]> Smartpay Holdings (ASX:SMP, NZE:SPY) has launched its new taxi payments company with Cabit Taxicabs Pty Ltd, one of Victoria’s largest taxi companies, signing up as its first major customer.

The company has also secured contractual relationships with two New South Wales taxi operators, which together with Cabit Taxicabs represent an initial terminal base of 700 taxis.

Smartpay Taxis will target increasing opportunities in the Australian taxi payments industry driven by recent regulatory changes.

It leverages the scale of the company’s existing retail payments business together with its “Taxipos” taxi payments technology.

Cabit Taxicabs was formed earlier this year when a number of taxi owners combined their fleets to achieve efficiencies in the face of the regulatory changes in Victoria.

Taxipos has recently gained Australian bank certification and includes real-time transaction reporting across individual drivers, cars and fleets enabling quicker and more accurate driver payment and overall fleet management.

It integrates seamlessly with Smartpay’s recently launched smartphone taxi booking app.

This is the same technology provided by Smartpay in New Zealand where it is the leading taxi payments technology provider to the majority of New Zealand taxis.

There is scope to grow its tax business as the effects of the new legislation require the industry to seek out new payments partners able to support their businesses through these changes.

Victoria had earlier this year halved the flat 10% fee for electronic payments. It was followed by New South Wales this month.

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<![CDATA[News - Smartpay Holdings selected as preferred epay terminal partner in New Zealand ]]> Smartpay Holdings (ASX:SMP) should trade higher after being selected as epay’s preferred terminal partner for the New Zealand market.

epay is a division of Euronet Worldwide, a global provider of electronic payment and transaction processing solutions.

Its products include mobile phone top ups, gift cards, calling cards, prepaid electricity, Apple iTunes credits, Microsoft Xbox vouchers and Sony Playstation vouchers, amongst others.

Under the terms of the deal, Smartpay will assume ownership and management of epay’s existing terminal fleet of over 2,500 terminals and will extend the availability of epay’s products across Smartpay’s merchant base in New Zealand.

Offering epay’s suite of products on Smartpay terminals adds further functionality and value to its merchants and also enhances revenue opportunities on these terminals.

By offering merchants the epay service on its terminals, Smartpay is providing both the ability for the merchant to earn direct revenue from the terminal, and the convenience to consumers of easy access to products and services such as mobile phone top ups and electricity recharge.

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<![CDATA[News - Smartpay Holdings lists on the ASX ]]> Smartpay Holdings (NZE: SPY ASX: SMP) has been admitted to the official list on the ASX today to improve its visibility and marketing opportunities in Australia.

The company designs, develops and implements innovative payment solutions for customers in Australia and New Zealand. It offers a variety of advanced payment and data management solutions for retail, business payment and transactional processing requirements.

A core component of its business is the rental of EFTPOS terminals to merchant customers with more than 30,000 terminals under contract in New Zealand and about 10,000 terminals in Australia.

Smartpay had revenue of NZ$21.99 million (A$19.05 million) for the financial year ended 30 June 2013 and earnings of NZ$7.9 million.

It has a market capitalisation of NZ$54.5 million and following its listing on the ASX has 171,752,278 shares on issue. No funds were raised as part of its listing on the ASX.

Official quotation of the Company’s securities is expected to commence on Wednesday, 4 September 2013.


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