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Pharmaxis features in APAC’s top 100 most innovative pharma companies report

Pharmaxis was ranked 38 out of the 100 companies named as innovators in the small to medium- sized enterprises category....

1 week, 5 days ago

Pharmaxis continues to add value to portfolio assets; Bronchitol reaches pivotal stage

The company is confident that the FDA will have the information it requires to be able to approve Bronchitol by Q1 2020....

on 25/7/19

Pharmaxis on track to complete FDA approval process for Bronchitol in Q1 2020

If Bronchitol is approved by the US FDA, Pharmaxis will receive US$10 million....

on 20/6/19

Pharmaxis welcomes US FDA committee’s recommendation on use of Bronchitol in CF

If Bronchitol is approved later this year, Pharmaxis is down to receive US$10 million....

on 9/5/19

Pharmaxis prepares for advisory committee meeting on use of Bronchitol in the US

The US Food and Drug Administration has convened a meeting of the Pulmonary-Allergy Drugs Advisory Committee on May 8, 2019....

on 26/3/19

Pharmaxis gains new substantial holder with 6.89% interest

The company is developing a pipeline of products to treat inflammation and fibrosis. ...

on 5/3/19

Pharmaxis sees progress in Boehringer Ingelheim’s clinical trial in patients with NASH

Boehringer Ingelheim has completed enrolment of the Phase 2a clinical trial of a Pharmaxis developed drug in NASH....

on 25/2/19

Pharmaxis begins phase one clinical trial of compound targeting pancreatic cancer

The clinical trial will include two stages and outcomes will be released in June 2019. ...

on 22/2/19

Pharmaxis well funded as potential partners assess its anti‐fibrotic mechanisms

CEO Gary Phillips says Pharmaxis’ healthy cash balance gives it time to choose between in-house and partnering options....

on 31/1/19

Pharmaxis LOXL2 program phase 2 ready after completion of 13-week toxicity studies

The results of the toxicity studies complete Pharmaxis’ scientific package of data for the LOXL2 program....

on 17/1/19

Pharmaxis resubmits new drug application for Bronchitol in the US

Bronchitol works by rehydrating the airway/lung surface and promoting a productive cough. It is used for the treatment of cystic fibrosis patients....

on 20/12/18

Pharmaxis reveals first sales of Aridol® in US following successful relaunch

Aridol is a lung function test designed to help doctors diagnose and manage asthma....

on 13/12/18

Arix Bioscience sees multiple advancements across portfolio

Since September, the group's portfolio has steamed ahead with a number of new and successful clinical trials, as well as a boost from the float of one of its companies on the Nasdaq...

on 3/12/18

Arix Bioscience’s portfolio firm Autolus doses first patient in clinical trial of AUTO4 T-cell lymphoma therapy

PTCL is a form of cancer that arises in areas of the body such as lymph nodes, spleen, the gastrointestinal tract, and skin...

on 3/12/18

Pharmaxis moving into phase I clinical trial of its small molecule LOX inhibitor

Pharmaxis is the first company to progress a small molecule LOX inhibitor into clinical development....

on 20/11/18

Arix Biosciences hails phase I success of investee company Pharmaxis

Arix is a cornerstone investor in the ASX life sciences group...

on 15/11/18

Pharmaxis receives positive results from clinical trial of treatment for fibrotic diseases

There were no adverse safety findings and excellent drug-like properties were confirmed for the second of the LOXL2 inhibitor compounds....

on 15/11/18

Pharmaxis receives positive results from LOXL2 clinical trial

There were no adverse safety findings and excellent drug-like properties were confirmed....

on 11/10/18

A sixth sense for biotech helps Arix Bioscience turn risk into profit as portfolio value nearly doubles

Analysts at Stifel say the venture capital firm is entering its first extended period of sustained news flow with shares trading at about 45% discount to their £2.53 price target...

on 25/9/18

Pharmaxis adds valuable experience with Ed Rayner appointment

Ed Rayner is an investment director for major shareholder Arix Bioscience Plc (LSE:ARIX)....

on 18/9/18

Pharmaxis gains Arix Bioscience Plc as a new substantial shareholder

Arix led a $24 million share placement and will invest $14.2 million in two tranches. ...

on 21/8/18

Pharmaxis receives FDA approval to produce Aridol for US market

Aridol is already manufactured for the markets of Europe, Australia and South Korea....

on 15/8/18