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Latin Resources Limited is an Australian-based mineral exploration company focused on creating shareholder wealth through the identification and definition of mineral resources in Latin America. The Company has secured over 221,000 hectares of exploration concessions in the lithium pegmatite districts of Catamarca, San Luis and Salta Provinces, Argentina as well as 28,000 hectares prospective for Cobalt in La Rioja.

Guadalupito Andalusite and Mineral Sands Project - Northern Peru

Latin Resources Limited (“Latin”) seeks interested Joint Venture Partners to develop their Guadalupito Andalusite and Mineral Sands Project situated in Northern Peru. This has the potential to be a world class project with current JORC resources of 1.3 Billion tonnes and an exploration upside of 4 Billion tonnes.  Aside from the main value from the andalusite mineral content, magnetite, Ilmenite, rutile, zircon, monazite, garnets and apatite all offer additional economic upside, reducing unit costs for andalusite production.

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Ilo IOCG/Porphyry Copper Projects – Copper and Gold

The western flanks of Sothern Peru’s Andes Mountains host more than 125 billion pounds of contained copper in published reserves and resources, all within 100 km of Latin’s concession areas.

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Catamarca, Argentina

  • On 31 May 2016 the Company announced it had made claim applications over 70,000 hectares in seven exploration tenements in the Catamarca Province, prospective for Lithium Pegmatites.
  • Following extinction of a series of abandoned claims by the Mining Authority of Catamarca, Latin has applied for additional exploration tenements over 7,051.6 hectares that were surrounded by the initial exploration tenement applications in two areas, Vilisman and Ancasti, each with past Lithium mining activity and that together host in excess of twenty Lithium bearing pegmatite deposits documented by various authors in publications made over the last 50 years.
  • Combined estimates of Spodumene content within 15m of surface of 12 of these deposits subject of the latest claim applications are in excess of 120,000 t (Acosta et al 1988, Balmaceda & Kaniefsy 1982 and other non-JORC foreign publications).
  • These Lithium bearing pegmatite deposits have a history of small scale past production, having been intermittently exploited for Lithium minerals, and associated Beryl, Tantalum and feldspars during the 1950’s and 1970’s.
  • Analysis of four samples collected by Latin geologists of exposures of spodumene in old mine workings in three pegmatite deposits within the new claim applications reported grades of 6.6%, 7.1%, 6.3% and 4.9% Li2O respectively.

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San Luis, Argentina

  • Latin Resources has claim applications over 24,769 hectares in six exploration concessions and one vacant Lithium mining concession within the Conlara and Estanzuela pegmatite fields have been lodged at the mining authority in the San Luis Province, Central Argentina.
  • The six exploration concessions each surround pegmatites dykes known to have been mined in the past for Lithium minerals (as spodumene or lepidolite) and/or other related minerals including quartz, feldspar, beryl, tantalite (tantalum mineral) and colombite (niobium mineral).
  • Latin has also claimed the “Maria Del Huerto” mining concession, comprising three parallel dykes where spodumene was mined between 1936 and 1940.
  • The main working at “Maria del Huerto” measures 110 m x 15 m and has been excavated to only 10 m depth.  Spodumene crystals of up to 1 m in length have been recorded.
  • Drilling of “Maria del Huerto” planned to commence in 1st Quarter 2017.

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Last updated 12th July 2018

David Vilensky
Non-Executive Chairman

Mr Vilensky is a practising corporate lawyer and the managing director of Perth law firm Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky. He has more than 30 years experience in the areas of corporate and business laws and in commercial and corporate management. Mr Vilensky practises mainly in the area of mining and resources, corporate and commercial law, trade practices law, contract law and complex dispute resolution. Mr Vilensky acts for a number of listed and private companies and is also the non–executive chairman of Zambezi Resources Limited, an ASX listed company focusing on copper exploration in Zambia’’ Other directorships of Australian listed companies held by Mr Vilensky in the last three years are:

Current: Zambezi Resources Limited.

Christopher Gale
Managing Director

Christopher (Chris) Gale is the Managing Director of Latin Resources.

Mr Gale has extensive experience in senior management roles in both the public and private sectors, especially in commercial and financial roles. He has also held various board and executive roles at a number of mining and technology companies during his career.

Chris is the current Chairman of the Council on Australian Latin American Relations (COALAR) established by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade(DFAT). He is also a founding director of Allegra Capital, a boutique corporate advisory firm based in Perth and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Brent Jones
Non-Executive Director

Mr. Jones is an experienced financial services professional who has held operating roles at Woolworths, AFL, Civil Engineers - Ostojic Group and the National Tax and Accountants’ Association prior to his current management position.

Over the past 13 years, Mr. Jones has been the joint Managing Director of InterPrac Limited, an unlisted public company, specializing in providing the accounting industry access to financial services products and distribution capabilities.

Mr. Jones has a degree in information technology, is a member of the National tax and accountants association and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Sarah Smith
Company Secretary

Sarah Smith (Sarah) holds a Bachelor of Business and is a Chartered Accountant with significant experience in the Administration of ASX listed companies, as well as capital raisings and IPOs, due diligence reviews and ASIC compliance.

Sarah has acted as the Company Secretary for a number of ASX listed companies. 

Last updated 12th July 2018

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Mr David Vilensky - Non-Executive Chairman
Mr Christopher Gale - Managing Director
Mr Brent Jones - Non-Executive Director
Mrs Sarah Smith - Company Secretary

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