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Lithium Australia NL believes disruptive lithium chemical production will power the energy revolution that’s transforming the world as we know it.

To that end, the Company has developed SiLeach®, an exclusive technology that can process all lithium silicates into battery-grade materials without the need for ‘roasting’.

This advance on traditional processing methods is a world first.

North America

Electra joint venture – Sonora, Mexico


The Electra project consists of three strategically located exploration properties in Sonora, Mexico held by Canadian-based Infinite Lithium Corporation (‘Infinite’). Formerly Alix Resources Corporation, Infinite announced that, effective as of 6 December 2017, it had changed its name to better reflect its focused business strategy. Lithium Australia NL (‘LIT’) has the right to earn up to a 65% interest in the project and currently holds a majority interest of 54%.

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MetalsTech alliance – Quebec, Canada


MetalsTech Ltd (‘MTC’), an Australian headquartered, Canadian focused explorer, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in February 2017. Lithium Australia NL (‘LIT’) has formed a partnership with MTC that provides it with significant equity and technological leverage across six highly prospective hard-rock lithium projects in Quebec. Additionally, potential exists for a lucrative licensing structure for LIT’s disruptive lithium-processing technologies.

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Sadisdorf joint venture – Saxony, Germany


In February 2017, Lithium Australia NL (‘LIT’) announced it had entered into a binding memorandum of understanding (‘MoU’) to form a joint venture (‘JV’) with Tin International AG (a subsidiary of German-listed Deutsche Rohstoff AG). The JV will include the Sadisdorf tin deposit (see Figure 1) in Saxony, Germany as a key asset.

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Last updated 6th July 2018

Mr Adrian Griffin
Managing director

Having spent some 35 years in mining, Mr Griffin’s expertise ranges from project identification, development and financing to overseeing the operation of integrated mining and processing facilities. His substantial international experience includes diamond exploration and production and being a founder and technical director of Ferrum Crescent, an iron-ore developer in South Africa.

Mr Griffin was also a founding director of Northern Uranium and Potash West (developer of the KMax process to recover potassium and other metals from glauconite) and is a non-executive director of Reedy Lagoon Corporation. Recently, he was instrumental in identifying the global opportunity to establish lithium micas as a source feed for the lithium chemical industry.

Mr Bryan Dixon
Non-executive director

Mr Dixon boasts substantial experience in the mining sector and the management of public and listed companies. He previously held positions with KPMG, Resolute Samantha Limited, Société Générale and Archipelago Resources Plc. Mr Dixon also holds non-executive director roles with Hodges Resources Limited and Blackham Resources Limited. A chartered accountant, his project development, project acquisition, financing and corporate skills further benefit the Company.

Mr George Bauk
Non-executive chairman

Mr Bauk’s 25+ years of mining industry experience includes particular expertise in critical metals. Skilled in strategic management, business planning, the establishment of high-performing teams and capital-raising, he has held senior operational and corporate positions with WMC Resources and Arafura Resources and was managing director of Indigo Resources (formerly Western Metals).

Since 2010 Mr Bauk has been managing director and CEO of Northern Minerals, overseeing that company’s heavy rare earth project in northern Australia. This included organising a successful greenfields exploration programme, obtaining government approvals for production and co-existence agreements with traditional owners, initiating a definitive feasibility study and establishing off-take agreements with international suppliers, as well as substantial fund-raising, all of which has provided him with valuable exposure to critical metals markets – experience now directly applicable to advancing the activities of Lithium Australia.

Mr Barry Woodhouse
Company Secretary & Chief Financial Office

Mr Woodhouse has been involved in the manufacturing, mining services, exploration, mining, production (gold, oil and gas, iron ore, bauxite, lithium, copper, uranium and manganese) and information technology industries as Chairman, Director, CFO, financial controller and / or company secretary with a number of listed and private entities for a period of over 25 years.

He has had exposure to a number of jurisdictions including USA, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Europe and India. Such involvement has occurred in periods where companies are establishing or re-defining their investment strategy.

Last updated 6th July 2018.

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Directors/senior management
Mr George Bauk (Non-executive Chairman)
Mr Adrian Griffin (Managing Director)
Mr Bryan Dixon (Non-executive Director)
Mr Barry Woodhouse (CFO)

Company Secretary
Mr Barry Woodhouse

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