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Leigh Creek Energy resource is South Australia's largest gas reserve for commercial use

The company is working through negotiations with potential gas buyers for use on the domestic market while it progresses the scoping aspects of the lucrative fertiliser business case. ...

on 27/3/19

Leigh Creek Energy upgrades Leigh Creek to gas reserve status in South Australia

The milestone achievement provides the company with the data and evidence it needs to have a portion of its resource north of Leigh Creek upgraded to reserve status. ...

on 19/2/19

Leigh Creek Energy signs a deal to monetise its pre-commercial demonstration plant

The new deal highlights the level of international interest in the Leigh Creek Energy Project....

on 16/1/19

Leigh Creek Energy produces commercial quality syngas at South Australian plant

Data confirms in-situ gasification has potential as a low-cost feedstock for high-value ammonia and urea products. ...

on 8/1/19

Leigh Creek Energy proves no environmental impacts at syngas demonstration facility in SA

On-site operations team and technical experts continue to manage the development of the gasification chamber toward commercial flow rates....

on 12/12/18

Leigh Creek Energy to develop large-scale infrastructure projects with Chinese multinational in SA

The CCCC is ranked as the largest Chinese enterprise in terms of revenue from overseas projects....

on 7/12/18

Leigh Creek Energy moves closer to commercial syngas production in South Australia

On-site operations team and technical experts continue to manage the development of the gasification chamber toward commercial flow rates....

on 4/12/18
Industry & services

RIU Resources Investor Roadshow hits Sydney and Melbourne this week

Around 600 investors will spend time at the Sydney event on Tuesday or at the Melbourne event on Thursday....

on 24/9/18

RIU GoodOilConference Perth to open with financing perspective from Westpac’s Mark Beeley

The conference continues today, with highlights including a presentation from Santos on how becoming the lowest cost operator delivered growth to the company....

on 13/9/18

RIU GoodOilConference Perth and WA Petroleum Day to put oil and gas players centre stage

The two events are due to run on Wednesday to Friday next week and welcome oil and gas industry professionals, executives and government regulators to the stage in Perth....

on 7/9/18

Leigh Creek Energy bags $21.85M for syngas energy project

Cornerstone investment by Hong Kong based China New Energy....

on 30/3/17

Leigh Creek Energy gets ready to raise

The halt will remain in place until Monday 27th March 2017....

on 23/3/17

Leigh Creek Energy secures $4M facility to advance syngas project

The facility is with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia....

on 13/2/17

Leigh Creek Energy to begin syngas pre-feasibility studies on a positive note

Syngas is a fuel gas mixture consisting primarily of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. ...

on 30/1/17

Leigh Creek Energy Ltd on track to build pre-commercial energy plant

Leigh Creek Energy Ltd (ASX:LCK) has awarded its first contract for a pre-commercial demonstration plant for the Leigh Creek Energy Project (LCEP) in South Australia....

on 15/11/16