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Hazer Group marks milestones toward commercialising unique graphite production process

Primero Group selected as preferred engineering contractor for Hazer Commercial Demonstration Plant....

on 23/7/19

Hazer Group has further significant upside potential: State One Stockbroking

State One has maintained its speculative buy (higher risk) recommendation with a target price of 45 cents....

on 25/6/19

Hazer Group strengthens intellectual property behind Hazer Process technology

The company recently entered an MoU with Water Corporation to consider developing hydrogen production facility....

on 21/6/19

Hazer Group signs MoU to develop potential hydrogen production facility

The company is working towards building its commercial demonstration plant....

on 31/5/19

Hazer Group on track to commercialise hydrogen and graphite production process

Hazer Group is the first listed Australian company to produce clean hydrogen. ...

on 21/5/19

Hazer Group welcomes changes to board with CEO appointed managing director

The Hazer process enables the effective conversion of natural gas and similar methane feedstocks into hydrogen and high-quality graphite using iron ore as a process catalyst. ...

on 30/4/19

Hazer Group granted its first Australian patent for Hazer Process

The Hazer Process converts natural gas into hydrogen and graphite, using iron ore as a process catalyst....

on 23/4/19

Hazer Group receives certification for second of two Australian innovation patents

The company is undertaking commercialisation of the Hazer Process, a low-emission hydrogen and graphite production process. ...

on 1/4/19

Hazer Group relocates pilot plant from Sydney to Perth

The FBR pilot plant has been relocated next to the PTR Pilot Plant in Perth....

on 14/3/19

Hazer Group has second Australian patent application for Hazer Process accepted

The company has also received certification for its first Australian innovation patent....

on 26/2/19

Hazer Group retains speculative buy (higher risk) recommendation from State One Stockbroking

Hazer is expected to complete the commercial demonstration plant FEED study this quarter....

on 20/2/19

Hazer Group receives $1.64 million R&D tax incentive cash refund

The company’s focus for 2019 is to develop front-end engineering studies for an initial commercial demonstration plant. ...

on 14/2/19

Hazer Group raises nearly $2.5 million through exercise of options

The company is focused on producing synthetic graphite and hydrogen using its low-cost, low-emission Hazer Process....

on 7/1/19

Hazer Group focused on commercial demonstration plant in 2019

The Hazer Process converts natural gas and iron ore into hydrogen and high-quality graphite....

on 17/12/18

Hazer Group test results support commercial viability of its graphite

The graphite samples were produced by the proprietary and patented Hazer Process....

on 10/12/18

Hazer Group has platform to take graphite and hydrogen process to commercial demonstration phase

The company is focused on producing synthetic graphite and hydrogen using its low-cost, low-emission Hazer Process....

on 28/11/18

Hazer Group outlines strategy to advance its patent applications

The company is utilising well-credentialed specialist legal services to both review its IP protection strategy and manage the patent applications....

on 23/11/18

Australian new energy companies hold global appeal: TLEM Conference lowdown

The two-day Technology and Low Emission Minerals Conference featured many of Australia’s emerging resource companies focused on sustainable operations and new energy minerals....

on 16/11/18

Technology and Low Emission Minerals Conference to showcase emerging Australian battery metals industry

The conference will be held at the Westin Hotel in Perth next Tuesday and Wednesday, November 13 and 14....

on 9/11/18

Hazer Group independent testing validates technology

Testing results further de-risk the commercial design of Hazer's reactor....

on 18/9/18
Retail & consumer

RIU GoodOilConference Perth attracts oil and gas plays on the hunt for juniors

Vertical Events’ managing director expects the conference might prompt some merger and acquisition activity....

on 11/9/18

RIU GoodOilConference Perth and WA Petroleum Day to put oil and gas players centre stage

The two events are due to run on Wednesday to Friday next week and welcome oil and gas industry professionals, executives and government regulators to the stage in Perth....

on 7/9/18

Hazer Group to move pilot plant to Mineral Resources site

The two companies signed a binding cooperation agreement in December 2017....

on 29/8/18