HFA Holdings

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In brief

HFA Holdings Limited (HFA) together with its subsidiaries is an Australia-based company. The wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company are HFA Asset Management Limited (HFAAM), HFA Admin Pty Ltd (HFA Admin) and A.C.N. 122 776 550 Pty Ltd (A.C.N 122 776 550). HFAAM is the responsible entity for the Australia-based HFA investment schemes and is the investment manager of HFA Accelerator Plus Limited. HFA Admin is a service entity to HFAAM and provides administrative services including staff, premises and other resources to HFAAM and the Company. A.C.N 122 776 550 is a dormant entity. During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2008 (fiscal 2008), the Company established two additional foreign subsidiaries, including HFA Lighthouse Holdings Corp. and HFA Lighthouse Corp. The Lighthouse Group comprises five foreign entities being LHP Investments, LLC, Lighthouse Investment Partners, LLC, Lighthouse Partners NY, LLC, Lighthouse Partners UK, LLC and Lighthouse Partners Limited (HK).