Proactiveinvestors Australia Emerge Gaming Ltd Proactiveinvestors Australia Emerge Gaming Ltd RSS feed en Sun, 16 Jun 2019 08:50:56 +1000 Genera CMS (Proactiveinvestors) (Proactiveinvestors) <![CDATA[News - Emerge Gaming shares surge on partnering with VIMN Africa to develop Nickelodeon eSports platform ]]> Emerge Gaming Ltd (ASX:EM1) will develop a competitive gaming eSports platform based on its ArcadeX technology with VIMN Africa.

The rollout of the eSports product, which will be called NickX, will be operated and maintained by Emerge Gaming.

NickX will be freely accessible through the Nickelodeon website, Android and iOS apps, featuring unique mobile games content on all devices.


NickX will be an interactive eSports tournament platform showcasing content from Nickelodeon.

The development of NickX is in line with Emerge Gaming’s strategy of partnering with leading regional and global brands.

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The companies are aiming to monetise the NickX platform through brand take-up, premium subscriptions, in-app subscriptions and advertising across the platform.

Given the reach of VIMN Africa and its Nickelodeon brand, the agreement is anticipated to be material for Emerge Gaming.

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<![CDATA[News - Emerge Gaming and iCandy Interactive to join forces on esports and gaming ]]> Emerge Gaming Ltd (ASX:EM1) (FRA:GIX) and iCandy Interactive Ltd (ASX:ICI) will join forces on the esports and gaming front after signing a collaboration and distribution agreement.

This collaboration will give Emerge immediate access to revenues from iCandy’s large global network of 350 million mobile gamers.

The portfolio of Fatfish Blockchain Ltd (ASX:FFG) (OTCMKTS:FFTTF) investment iCandy includes casual and social games, and an emerging list of games in development.

iLeague plans

Esports gaming partners Emerge and iCandy are expected to develop a 'white label' esports platform branded as iLeague, which would be powered by ArcadeX, a platform customised to run tournaments and competitions using iCandy’s content.

Emerge CEO Gregory Stevens told the market: “With this agreement, Emerge gains access to global distribution and content from awarding-winning mobile game developers.

“The iLeague Platform will give Emerge and iCandy a great opportunity to scale, promote games and generate substantial revenues."

Revenues to be split

The two partners plan to split their revenues equally and have global ambitions.

Stevens said: “Our vision is to become a leading mobile casual gaming esports provider worldwide.

“We now have a global reach and exciting new content, which is consistent with our emerging market rollout strategy.

“This partnership also gives us access to the Asia-Pacific region and further improves the prospects of the upcoming Arcade X launch.”

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In December 2018 Emerge signed a global distribution agreement with Cloudzen Pte Ltd giving it access to the cloud-streaming digital platform GameCloud that allows instant streaming of hundreds of high-quality games on mobile devices.

iCandy non-executive chairman Kin-Wai Lau lauded today’s agreement, saying: “The strategic collaboration with EM1 should significantly enhance the business objectives of iCandy which since listing have included the design, development, commercialisation and publishing of mobile interactive entertainment content.

“Collaboration with EM1 will provide iCandy with access and exposure to a wider audience of mobile gamers that will increase users and user interaction on iCandy’s current and future game portfolio, directly and indirectly strengthening iCandy’s revenue-generating capabilities.”

Earlier this month, Kin Wai outlined the Asia Pacific-focused mobile gaming company’s strategic areas of expansion in an interview with Proactive Investors, touching on the company’s recent investment into UK-based video influencer platform Xcademy Ltd.


Blockchain technology company Fatfish, previously known as Fatfish Internet Group Ltd, noted its investment’s new partnership in an announcement.

Fatfish reported: “iCandy management is of the opinion that the strategic collaboration with EM1 will have material positive impact in terms of revenue and operational capability to iCandy in the near to mid-term.”

The investee’s blockchain interests lie in cryptocurrency exchange, and cryptomining and blockchain-focused funds management businesses.

Fatfish’s consumer internet investments include digital entertainment, financial technology (fintech), ecommerce and enterprise software companies.

Esports statistics

Esports describes the sport of electronic gaming undertaken in person in front of enthusiastic audiences and online for audiences located further afield.

Common esports genres are fighting games, real-time strategy (RTS) games, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), first-person shooter (FPS) games and battle royale games.

The global esports arena is supported by an Esports Games Association (EGAA) founded in late 2017.

An Australian Esports League dubbed the AEL is building grassroots support for esports in Australia, promoting the sports across the social and professional networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Global revenues for esports were about US$325 million in 2015, with 2016 revenues tipped at US$493 million in 2016.

The global audience for esports in 2015 was 226 million people.

A report in April 2017 estimated 42% of the gaming market rested with the mobile industry, while mobile gaming was forecast to make up more than 50% the market by 2020.

Emerge’s share price was up 0.3 cents, or 8.8%, to 3.7 cents by mid-afternoon as iCandy’s securities rested up 0.2 cents or 2.3% to 9 cents. Fatfish shares were down 0.3 cents, or 15%, to 1.7 cents by mid-afternoon.

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<![CDATA[News - Emerge Gaming begins distribution of Gamecloud in Tier 1 markets ]]> Emerge Gaming (ASX:EM1) has begun distributing its game streaming technology ‘Gamecloud’ in Tier 1 markets across multiple regions.

Regarded as the ‘Netflix of gaming’, the Gamecloud offers instant streaming of hundreds of high-quality 3D games for mobile devices, allowing multiplayer gaming, video streaming and social networking.

The roll-out strategy will begin in markets such as South Africa, USA, Australia, UK, India, South America and Africa with the aim of establishing relationships with telecommunication companies to provide access to potential subscribers and fast-track the regional integration.

“Confident and excited”

Emerge Gaming CEO Greg Stevens said: “I’m confident and excited about the launch in the markets we have agreed as this revolutionary technology will set the stage for innovation in the gaming and esports space.”


Key features of the enhanced user experience for GameCloud include:

Interactive social group and in-game chat functionality Ability to stream directory to Twitch from mobile devices Interactive eSports streaming functionality Overlay of eCommerce and advertising in stream functionality Offer video game, movies and live entertainment streaming Streams of 4G networks Compatible with all video games Accessible on mid-level smart devices Optimised for 5G

The rollout is expected to maximise exposure of the platform and drive user acquisitions, with the company’s monetisation strategy including unique eCommerce and advertising streaming functionality.

The GameCloud is already optimised for 5G after the successful showcase at 5G Garage in Singapore with Singtel, Singapore’s leading telecommunications group.

Optus Australia has completed live 5G trials in Sydney with fixed wireless broadband services to be released over the coming months.

Mobile rollout next

This will allow Australians to access 5G speeds through wireless home internet, such as on mobiles and laptops ahead of a mobile rollout expected around the second half of 2019.

The company is in discussions with other telecommunication companies and expects imminent engagements in the near term.

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<![CDATA[News - Emerge Gaming signs distribution deal with industry heavyweight Cloudzen ]]> Emerge Gaming Ltd (ASX:EM1) has executed an exclusive global distribution agreement with Cloudzen Pte Ltd for access to its revolutionary cloud streaming digital technology GameCloud.

GameCloud is a digital platform that allows instant streaming of hundreds of high-quality games on mobile devices.

The agreement formalises a partnership with innovative technology that is poised to disrupt the online gaming community as the Netflix or Spotify for games.

The cloud gaming platform provides simple and instant streaming of hundreds of high-quality 3D games for mobile devices, allowing multiplayer gaming, video streaming and social networking.

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Emerge’s CEO Greg Steven said: “Our strategic partnership with Cloudzen and its revolutionary GameCloud platform offers Emerge Gaming a significant opportunity to push the boundaries of cloud gaming, and accelerate revenue growth across a number of new territories in the near term.”

Cloudzen’s CEO and Founder Robin Tan added: “Once you experience game streaming, you will not go back to traditional gaming.

“Our partnership with Emerge Gaming will allow us to continue the disruption of the online gaming community, like the Netflix and Spotify of the gaming world.”

Partnership to grow access to gamers and revenue

The partnership provides Emerge with exposure to a wider range of mobile gamers to increase users on both platforms and solidify its revenue generating capabilities.

The global distribution agreement will see Emerge enter a number of first world markets such as South America, Africa, India, Australia, US and UK.

During the term of the two-year agreement, Cloudzen grants Emerge an exclusive licence to use its GameCloud intellectual property.

Emerge Gaming will distribute the GameCloud into select territories with users paying a monthly subscription fee.

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<![CDATA[News - Emerge Gaming set to launch white-labelled version of its gaming platform in South Africa ]]> Emerge Gaming Ltd (ASX:EM1) has unveiled plans to white label its Arcade X technology by creating a new online gaming platform, EPLAY.

The South Africa-based company’s Arcade X is an online eSports and casual gaming tournament platform and lifestyle hub.

EPLAY, the white-labelled version of Arcade X, will operate under a licensing and revenue share agreement with AfricaMob, a subsidiary of eMedia Holdings Limited (JSE:EMH).

The new platform will provide enhanced eSports capabilities to gamers which are expected to result in high user retention rates.

EPLAY will initially launch 40 of its best games on 31 July 2018 to ensure mass adoption and longer engagement.

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Along with technology advantages, EPLAY is positioned for strong uptake due to AfricaMob’s relationships with South Africa’s three largest telcos - MTN, Vodacom and CellC.

Integration with AfricaMob’s airtime billing will allow EPLAY to seamlessly bill paying subscribers across 50 million paying subscribers of the three telecos.

The airtime billing integration will allow users to enter the platform and pay $0.50 daily ($15 per month) to enter and play in tournaments hosted by EPLAY.

Projected growth of global gaming revenue

Emerge Gaming’s business model is supported by global gaming statistics released for 2017 where social and casual gamers represent 90% of the 2.1 billion global gamers, of which 844 million engage in mobile gaming.

The company has worked closely with eMedia in the lead up to the South African launch and plan to implement an aggressive customer acquisition strategy across TV channels, digital and social media.

The initial 3-month campaign put in place for the EPLAY launch is expected to provide the brand with strong exposure in the South African market.

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<![CDATA[News - Emerge Gaming set for global rollout of its cutting-edge gaming platform ]]> Emerge Gaming Ltd (ASX:EM1) has completed network billing integration across all major South African telcos for its cutting-edge gaming platform Arcade X.

Arcade X provides casual gamers with the ability to play over 300 casual games on their mobile devices while being exposed to corporate advertising, which is a key revenue stream for Emerge Gaming.

The new billing integration will add the capability to accept daily payments seamlessly from subscribers across all major South African telcos, opening access to 80% of the South African population.

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Emerge will now have access to the subscribers of the three largest telcos in South Africa – MTN, Vodacom and Cell C.

Importantly, these telcos have a combined user base of more than 83 million subscriptions across South Africa (over three times Australia’s population).

Emerge Gaming expects to build a strong subscriber base and as a result a growing recurring revenue stream. This will be a short-term catalyst for the company, with the launch set for late July 2018.

The company’s business model is supported by global gaming statistics released for 2017 where social and casual gamers represent 90% of the 2.1 billion global gamers, of which 844 million engage in mobile gaming.

Emerge Gaming chief executive officer and executive director Greg Stevens said: “Following airtime billing integration with South African Telcos and our launch with eMedia Holdings Group, our corporate partnerships are set to drive significant high volume of new user acquisitions in the near term across multiple devices and networks.

“We will use this experience to roll out the proprietary ‘Arcade X’ technology to markets across the globe.

“With the Emerge Gaming’s proprietary integrated tournament services and with strong network partnerships now established, we are set to secure corporate agreements with major global companies looking to gain eSports marketing exposure.”

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<![CDATA[News - Emerge Gaming debuts on ASX after completing reverse takeover ]]> Emerge Gaming Ltd (ASX:EM1) has commenced trading on the ASX today after completing a successful reverse takeover.

As part of the reverse takeover, the company issued 250 million shares priced at 2 cents raising $5 million.

Emerge operates the online, eSports tournament platform “Gaming Battleground”.

Within the platform, casual, social and hardcore gamers can play 9 AAA major eSports titles and more than 300 additional games against each other via their mobile, console or PC.

eSports are a form of competition using video games

eSports, short for electronic sports, are a form of competition using video games.

Most commonly, eSports take the form of organised, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players.

In this digital world, gamers are known foremostly by their screen name such as Afmedafro or Ezekiel, over their birth name.

According to Newzoo, the global eSports economy will grow to $905.6 million, a year-on-year growth of 38%.

Three main streams of revenue

Emerge offers a different revenue model to its competitors with three main streams:

1) Subscription fees that can be linked to the gamers’ telecommunications provider bill;
2) Revenue from companies from management of corporate online tournament services, and sponsorships and advertising powered by advanced data analytics and targeting capability; and
3) Advertising revenue from companies engaging users of the lifestyle portal.

Partnership with MTN Group

The potential of Emerge’s platform has already been recognised by Africa’s biggest mobile-network operator by sale, MTN Group Ltd.

The company has executed a profit-sharing agreement with MTN Group under which MTN South Africa (part of MTN Group) will provide Emerge with access to marketing support and its 31 million subscribers in that country.

First revenues from this agreement are anticipated in the current June 2018 quarter.

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