Proactiveinvestors Australia Dawine Ltd Proactiveinvestors Australia Dawine Ltd RSS feed en Tue, 23 Jul 2019 23:28:19 +1000 Genera CMS (Proactiveinvestors) (Proactiveinvestors) <![CDATA[News - Dawine to expand wine sales in China through B2B channel ]]> Dawine Ltd (ASX:DW8) has achieved the first sale of 17,000 bottles for its newly initiated business-to-business (B2B) arm, signalling an effort to increase its exposure to China's $1.1 billion per annum appetite for Australian wine.

Dawine chairman Piers Lewis said: “Up until now, we’ve been trying to build our own consumer database through a variety of online sales channels.

“While we’ve made some progress, customer acquisition costs are extremely high unless you are selling very well known brands such as Penfolds or Jacobs Creek.

“Rather than compete directly for customers, we’ve recognised that it is more efficient to partner with existing Chinese retailers and sales channels, providing them a platform to access Australian wine brands.”


“Our aim is to provide a one-stop-shop for Australian wine producers of all scales to access the lucrative but difficult to navigate Chinese market.

“We’ll manage the entire process for them, from when the wine leaves the cellar door to when it’s delivered to a home in China.”

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The B2B focus also aligns with the company’s proposed acquisition of Wine Depot, an integrated B2B trading and logistics platform that allows retailers to drop ship orders directly to their customers from the inventory held in a strategically placed location.

Lewis added: "We have had a presence in Shanghai for almost three years now. It’s a logical starting point to establish a depot to service the China market.

“Similar to Wine Depot’s plans for Australia, we would look to expand the network into other major Chinese cities as the demand grows.

“With the likes of Alibaba investing over $400 million into wine importer and retailer, it shows just how much potential there is if you get the operating model right.”

Along with the change in distribution strategy, the Dawine board has decided to rebrand the company's name to Digital Wine Ventures Limited.

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<![CDATA[Media files - Dawine digitally transforming premium wine business, with huge opportunity in China ]]> Wed, 05 Sep 2018 13:30:00 +1000 <![CDATA[News - Dawine acquires smart logistics platform, appoints new CEO to drive wine sales into China ]]> Dawine Ltd (ASX:DW8) has entered into an agreement to acquire Wine Depot, a business-to-business electronic marketplace for the wine industry.

As part of the acquisition, Dawine will appoint Dean Taylor, founder and owner of Wine Depot, as chief executive officer and executive director of the company.

In conjunction, Dawine is proposing to undertake a capital raising of $1.06 million.

Wine Depot

Wine Depot is a Sydney based company that plans to launch an integrated trading and logistics platform later this year that will allow sellers to source inventory from multiple suppliers and deliver their products directly to the consumer.

Leveraging a network of existing distributors warehouses and new ‘depots’ the technology platform aims to provide end-to-end distribution faster and cheaper than traditional delivery methods, with more choice and the ability to buy by the bottle.

Dean Taylor, founder and owner of Wine Depot

Dean Taylor says that over the last 10 years there has been an enormous shift in the way that consumers buy wine.

He added: ““With 50% annual growth last year taking it to $1 billion in trade for Australian wineries, China is a logical starting point for one of the first depots. 

“It’s an emerging market with no legacy wine distribution infrastructure, dominated by just a handful of well-known wine brands.

“Providing a platform that allows thousands of other Australian and New Zealand wine brands to access and develop a presence in that market is exciting.

“My vision is to help digitally transform the wine supply chain with a ‘smart logistics’ platform that allows sellers to expand their reach internationally and domestically, by providing access to inventory from thousands of suppliers and drop ship orders directly to consumers from strategically placed depots.”

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<![CDATA[News - Dawine investigates Blockchain technology to help validate authenticity of imported wines in China ]]> Dawine Ltd (ASX:DW8) is investigating the use of distributed ledger Blockchain based technology as part of a plan to validate the authenticity of wines being sold in China.

The company is partnering with Shinetech, a China-based software developer, on the private Blockchain solution.

Shinetech is partly funding this work, which is expected to be integrated into Dawine’s existing platform and business model.

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Dawine believes this technology will help producers, retailers and consumers in China to overcome the issue of non-genuine wine being sold there.

Development of the technology will not only seek to authenticate products at the point of import but also aims to deliver a full solution down to the customer.

Easy and convenient checking system

This would enable consumers to easily and conveniently check whether a wine is an authentic product.

Non-genuine wine is a major issue in China which has been difficult to manage and continues to be a concern for producers and consumers.

The Council of Bordeaux Wine estimates that 30,000 bottles of fake imported wine are sold every hour in China.

Integrating quality information

Dawine and Shinetech’s solution will look at authenticity as part of their Blockchain solution.

It will also look to integrate quality information such as temperature and humidity as part of the distributed ledger.

Dawine executive chairman Piers Lewis said: “When consumers use Dawine’s multiple sales channels, confidence that the products being bought are genuine products is integral in growing a trusted wine presence in China.

“A successful Blockchain solution that guarantees the wine purchased from Dawine has been imported will go a long way to earning that trust.”

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<![CDATA[News - Dawine shifts focus to direct sales into China’s lucrative wine market ]]> Dawine Ltd (ASX:DW8) has transitioned from the implementation phase of multiple online sales channels to direct sales and marketing into the lucrative Chinese wine market.

The company believes the change of focus will result in a direct annual saving of about $400,000 in fixed cost outflow.

Dawine is focusing its efforts on marketing of retail and wholesale wine sales as well as continuing discussions with potential strategic partners for scalability.

A “logical transition”

Executive chairman Piers Lewis said: “Dawine has made the logical transition from establishing multiple sales channels to focusing on marketing and brand awareness in the online and wholesale wine market in China.

“This transition will result in a cost rationalisation to ensure we focus our resources on growing our sales and the Dawine brand in China.”

Multiple online sales channels, including a Tmall store, WeChat store, bilingual Chinese website and app, were launched in June 2017.

Retail wine market continues to grow

Market research has indicated that the retail wine market in China targeted by the online sales channels continues to grow.

Wholesale wine opportunities are being pursued as Dawine continues to establish itself as a provider of quality imported wine.

Significant management resources were required to achieve the implementation milestones and these resources are now being aligned to increasing sales.

Pursuing strategic partners

Lewis added: “We continue to pursue strategic partners who have a track record of success in the China wine market and can open up distribution channels.

“Dawine has established an end-to-end process of selling quality imported wine to the China market, which is a valuable asset of the company.

“Working with partners that can increase our footprint in the world's largest wine market will expedite our growth and scale.”

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