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DomaCom Ltd was conceived and founded by Arthur Naoumidis, founder of ASX-listed Praemium Limited – a technology based portfolio administration service providing an outsource solution for hundreds of accountants, financial planners, stockbrokers, SMSF administrators and institutions, on behalf of hundreds of thousands of clients with tens of billions of dollars in assets.


Benefits of Fractional Property Investing with DomaCom

The DomaCom Fund is an ASIC registered Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) that allows you to invest in one or more properties of your choice via a syndicate-like/fractional investment structure. This means the DomaCom Fund enables you to choose a property of your choice rather than submit to a fund manager’s selection.

Once you have chosen the property/properties and how much you wish to invest, your accredited DomaCom financial adviser will liaise with us to provide instructions for the Fund to buy on your behalf. It really is that simple!

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DomaCom Financial Services Guide

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is issued by DomaCom Australia Limited (DomaCom) ABN 33 153 951 770 Australian Financial Service License No. 444365 (AFSL) as the Fund Manager of the DomaCom Fund ARSN 167 020 626 (Fund). The Trustee and the issuer of interests in the Fund is Melbourne Securities Corporation Ltd  ABN 57 160 326 545  AFSL No. 428289 (MSC).

The main purpose of this FSG is to provide information about the financial services provided by DomaCom, (‘us’ and ‘we’) and is designed to assist a potential retail client in deciding whether to use any of the services offered in this FSG and to identify:

  • Who is offering the service and their contact details;
  • Potential conflicts of interest;
  • The services we are authorised to provide;
  • Fees and charges that are paid to us; and
  • How we deal with complaints.

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Last updated 6th July 2020

Arthur Naoumidis
Chief Executive Officer

With two decades as an IT consultant under his belt, Arthur moved into financial services, building operating systems and investment administration platforms for high profile broking houses and fund managers, before founding the very successful Praemium portfolio business, which listed in 2006.

Arthur’s belief in the power of technology to transform markets, improve efficiency and engage consumers led him to introduce some of the advanced concepts he helped pioneer in the equity markets to the property sector, a market that has been relatively unchanged for generations.

To drive this forward he founded DomaCom Limited, now an ASX listed company (ASX:DCL), in 2011.

The result is fractional investment established on an improved technology platform delivered via a unique legal structure, effectively breaking down high-cost assets into affordable parcels enabling all Australians to participate in these assets with low entry levels.

The application of his vision is currently seen in the fractional property market and will soon be available in affordable housing solutions, corporate bonds, lending and equity release for senior Australians.

Ross Laidlaw
Executive Director

Ross has spent over 25 years in Financial Services and has deep and expansive experience within markets in Australasia, Europe and America.

His strength lies in the development of start-up or greenfield developments and driving them into fully fledged and profitable businesses. Ross was CEO of the successful Skandia Platform for over 8 years (1999 to 2008) developing it into a leading Platform that was well supported by independent financial planners.

Prior to being transferred to Skandia’s European business the business had $15 billion in AUM and employed over 200 staff. Ross has held a number of directorships including the Australian businesses, Skandia’s joint venture in Mainland China, Skandia’s Fund Management Company in Ireland and American Skandia’s Broker-Dealer group.

Ross has recently returned to Australia after working for Sweden’s largest Asset Management business in the capacity of Head of the Baltics and International sales. Ross is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia.

Grahame Evans
Non-Executive Chairman

Grahame has been extensively involved with the financial services industry for over 30 years.

He has held a variety of board positions including Chairman of Australian, Canadian, Singaporean & Chinese investment & advice businesses and also as a director of Malaysian and New Zealand companies. He is a regular speaker at conferences both in Australia and overseas and holds an MBA from the prestigious Australian Graduate School of Management, voted in the top 10 management schools in the Asian region. Grahame’s executive roles have included CEO Investments for Tower Australia, Managing Director, AMP Consulting and Group Managing Director of Centrepoint Wealth. He is currently an executive director of GPS Wealth. At 32, Grahame was the youngest Australian ever to be appointed to the board of an Australian life insurance company.

Graeme Billings
Non-Executive Director

Graeme has been a chartered accountant since 1977. He retired from Price Waterhouse Coopers in 2011 after 34 years where he was a senior partner in the Assurance practice. Graeme is a former head of the Melbourne Assurance practice as well as leading the Firm’s Australian and Global Industrial Products businesses. He has extensive experience in providing assurance, governance, transaction and consulting services to multi-national and national companies in the automotive, manufacturing, consumer goods and construction industries. Graeme was also a regular media commentator on the Industrial Products sector.

Graeme is now an advisor to various companies as well as acting as a non-executive director for a number of public and private companies in the financial services, manufacturing, retail and construction sectors.

David Archbold
Non-Executive Director

David has over 45 years experience in the property industry in Australia. Prior to the establishment of International Property Group Pty Limited in 1991, David was Executive Director – International, for Colliers Jardine and Executive General Manager of Hooker Corporation. Previously he was Managing Director of Baillieu Knight Frank (SA) Pty Ltd, then Managing Director of Baillieu Knight Frank (NSW) and a Director/Partner of the Australian Company.

In particular, He reviews and analyses corporate property portfolios.

David has a detailed understanding and experience in the domestic and international property markets. He identifies investment and development opportunities for our Asian clients and provides specialised advice to the banking sector, accounting and legal professions to maximise their client’s property performance.

He was appointed to advise the South Australian Asset Management Corporation on restructuring the $4 billion property portfolio of the former State Bank of South Australia.

He was a member of the Board of the Asset Management Task Force in South Australia, responsible for overseeing the sale and upgrading of Government assets. He was also appointed to the Property Divestment Steering Committee by the South Australian Government.

From July 1995 to June 2004, David was a member of the Board of the Motor Accident Commission (formerly known as the State Government Insurance Commission) which is responsible for third party insurance and a number of government assets.

Peter Church
Non-Executive Director

Peter Church OAM has joined the Board of DomaCom in August 2015.

Peter has had an outstanding career, much of which has been spent in South East Asia where he has implemented strategies for investors and those seeking to develop and carry on business, as well as other related corporate advisory activities.

Peter was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in 1994 by the Australian Government for promotion of business between Australia and South East Asia.  His current appointments include Executive Chairman of the AFG Venture Group, Special Counsel at Stephenson Harwood, Non Executive Director at ASX-listed OM Holdings Limited, Elara Capital PLC,  and Non Executive Chairman of Bangkok International Associates.  He is also the Adjunct Professor at Curtin University Business School.

Peter’s knowledge and experience will prove invaluable as DomaCom expands into Asia with our first office having opened in Singapore earlier this year.

Matthew Roberts
Non-Executive Director

Matthew Roberts is the Executive Director and non-executive director of a number of prominent private and public businesses.

Matthew has over 20 years’ experience in regulatory environments with a successful track record IPOs, advising, funding, managing, merging and acquiring small businesses through to billion dollar enterprises; in the sectors of as financial services, healthcare media, resources, business analytics, information technology, energy, digital currency and renewable energy.

Matthew has conducted due-diligence on over 1000 companies throughout Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia, he is a Responsible Manager to the Australian Stock Exchange.

Under Matthew’s leadership, AAIG development has involved the acquisition or creation of 16 separate companies and business units, to produce a vertically and horizontally integrated financial services group Amalgamated Australian Investment Group Ltd (AAIG).  AAIG achieved critical mass though organic growth and acquisition in conjunction with in-house R&D and the creation of proprietary products.

Matthew is part of the Australian digital currency association (ADCA) the working group seeking to work with regulators to find the best outcome for the future regulation of ICOs in Australia.

Matthew is passionate about Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and impact investing shaping the future of investment management. He has a keen interest in solutions to 21st century problems challenging the developed and emerging markets such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

George Paxton
Non-Executive Director

Services Industry including a Private Equity business, Amalgamated Australian Investment Group Ltd (AAIG), headquartered in Sydney. He has experience in the entirety of the lifecycle of a corporate transaction utilising a skillset that includes acquisition sourcing, due diligence, valuation and negotiation.

George has been involved with every aspect of the success and growth of AAIG since joining the business in 2011. His primary focus is ensuring that the ongoing growth of AAIG continues to occur in a coordinated and profitable manner. This includes providing financial and governance oversight; recruiting of skilled staff and setting of corporate culture; and, ensuring the systems and process are in place to maintain proper integration across the Group.

Prior to this George managed a team of Research Analysts within a hedge fund research product in the London. The experience entailed coverage of M&A, Equity and Credit across Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

He has a deep knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of international valuation techniques and methodologies and has experience of using these techniques across different geographies, industries and products. He has experience of investing across a number of different structures including Equities, Futures, Direct Property, Options, and Cryptocurrencies.

George Paxton holds a BA (Hons) in Law & Economics from Queen Mary, University of London, is a CFA Charter holder and is RG146 Compliant.

Cathryn Nolan

Cathryn has spent more than 20 years working as a corporate and commercial lawyer with experience across a range of industries, with a particular focus on equity markets, technology and large projects. Prior to joining DomaCom, Cathryn was an executive director and the General Counsel of ASX listed Praemium Limited (ASX:PPS) where she had responsibility for the legal, compliance and regulatory aspects of all group operations, including the development of unique legal structures for the deployment of that company’s technologies in the UK.

One of the original founders, Cathryn initially acted as General Counsel, Company Secretary and later as Head of Compliance, providing thought leadership and designing solutions enabling the creation of DomaCom’s unique features within a retail financial product offering framework. Currently, Cathryn’s main focus is on new product solutions.

Graham Gorman
Responsible Manager, Securities

Over the years Graham moved from his Engineering background into several General Management roles then into the Management Consulting field before finally entering the Securities Industry. He has over 25 years experience in the investment advice industry in full-service stockbroking and wealth management roles. He was a Partner and Director with SHAW Stockbroking Limited (now Shaw and Partners) as well as holding senior executive positions with Macquarie Private Wealth and ABN Amro Morgans.

In more recent years, Graham has also focused on providing advice to self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) trustees. Graham specialises in complex hybrid offerings including fixed income, bonds, derivatives, warrants and other complex alternative products.

As Responsible Manager for Securities, he will help DomaCom develop and launch fractionalised securities related products like corporate bonds and other special opportunities.


Last updated 6th July 2020


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Nat Fiennes: 0412 345 934

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Last updated 6th July 2020