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Cobalt Blue is a pure-play cobalt focussed energy solutions company, which was incorporated on 26 August 2016 for the express purpose of advancing the development of a cobalt mining operation in New South Wales, Australia.

Broken Hill Cobalt Project


The Broken Hill Cobalt Project covers an area of 63km2 and is located in western New South Wales (23km west of Broken Hill). The relative location of the three deposits lies within 5km of the Broken Hill to Port Pirie rail line, with Pyrite Hill (at the western end) within 1km of an existing railway siding.

Climate and Regional Geology

Broken Hill possesses a hot, dry climate and lies within the New South Wales arid zone. The Broken Hill region in western New South Wales is also geologically unique. The western half is composed of ancient basement rocks of the Adelaide Fold Belt, and the eastern half is the edge of the much younger rocks of the Tasman Fold Belt.

Many of the rocks and minerals found in the region are of considerable interest and economic importance. The Barrier Ranges, surrounding Broken Hill, are a block of metamorphic and deformed sedimentary rocks forming a series of northeast and northwest trending ridges rising up to 300m above the surrounding plains. Bedrock includes schist and gneiss, intrusive granites, amphibolites and coarse pegmatites. Dominant vegetation includes belah, rosewood (Heterodendrum oleifolium), occasional beefwood (Grevillea striata) and leopardwood (Flindersia maculata).

The Broken Hill Cobalt Project – recent development work

The portfolio of tenements comprises: Exploration Licence 6622 (1992) (EL 6622), Exploration Licence 8143 (EL8143), Mining Lease 86 (1973) (ML 86) and Mining Lease 87 (1973) (ML 87) are located approximately 23 km west south west of Broken Hill. All leases are 100% owned by Cobalt Blue Holdings Ltd and are listed in the table below.

Broken Hill – Electricity

Broken Hill is located at the edge of the National Electricity Market high voltage grid. Typically, edge of grid townships represent high cost to serve commitments of the networks. However the (December 2015) completion of the (AGL) Broken Hill Solar Farm (53MW), located just 5 km west of Broken Hill, assisted by Federal Government renewable energy funding, has now created a peak excess of power to the town and local environments. Potential development of Silverton Wind Farm (25km NW of Broken Hill) producing 200MW will further amplify this excess. As part of future feasibility studies Cobalt Blue Holdings will determine the optimum configuration of mains (220kV), transmission wiring (approximately 20 kilometres to site) and substations in order to support its objectives.

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Last updated 17th February 2020

Robert Biancardi
Independent Chairman

  • IBM, Citibank, Westpac and Evolution Healthcare senior management and Director;
  • Numerous directorships of private companies including Rockridge Private Equity, Hutchisons Child Care (successful ASX listing); and
  • Board Member of the Heart Foundation of Australia, Diabetes Association and the “Bread & Butter” Project.

Joe Kaderavek
Chief Executive Officer

  • Deutsche Bank, Head of Resources, equities / investment management, resources and energy storage technology focus;
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers performing operational reviews and strategic assessments across mining, minerals processing, railway and port facilities throughout Australia, North America and Europe; worked extensively on secondment to BHPB and Rio Tinto; and
  • International consulting role focused on renewable energy / battery storage technologies.

Hugh Keller
Independent Director

  • Managing Partner Blake Dawson (now Ashurst) and its predecessor firms, with 35 years’ legal experience until retirement from full time practice in 2010;
  • Non-executive director of ASX listed Thakral Holdings Ltd and of LJ Hooker Ltd and in both companies was a member of the Audit Committee; and
  • Chairman of a large private investment company with over $150m of net assets.

Rob McDonald
Independent Director

  • 10+ years business development and strategic planning roles within the RioTinto Group at Hamersley Iron, RTZ Services and Rio Tinto Minera SA.;
  • 20+ years of investment banking as director and principal of Resource Finance Corporation and as a Managing Director of N M Rothschild and Sons.
  • 10+ years in private equity deal making and as a non-executive director, including Chairman, of a number of publically listed and private mining and mining service companies.

Last updated 17th February 2020

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