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The results showed no observable adverse effects on rats from exposure to Flavocide at the doses tested and will assist in determining appropriate doses for the next stage of studies, including longer-term repeat-dose testing.

The longer-term repeat dose toxicity tests are a standard requirement for registration of insecticide products worldwide.

Flavocide is a nature-identical beta-triketone molecule patented by Bio-Gene, with flavesone as its active constituent.

Results an important de-risking milestone

Bio-Gene executive director research and development Peter May said the results represented an important de-risking milestone for ongoing commercial development.

“[The studies] will form the basis for determining the parameters of longer-term repeat-dose toxicity testing.

“[This] is an essential and important component of Flavocide’s data package in support of global registration and commercialisation of the product.”

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Bio-Gene is developing the next generation of novel insecticides to address the global problems of insecticide resistance and toxicity.

Its platform technology is based on a naturally-occurring class of chemicals known as beta-triketones.

These chemicals have demonstrated insecticidal activity – killing or knocking down insects – and may provide multiple potential new solutions for insecticide manufacturers in applications across animal health, crop protection, public health, and in consumer applications.

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<![CDATA[News - Bio-Gene Technology’s Flavocide reaffirmed as being safer on beneficial crop insects ]]> Bio-Gene Technology Ltd (ASX:BGT) has determined that its insecticide alternative Flavocide is safer for insects and mites that can prove beneficial when aiming for high crop yields.

A study by independent research organisation Cesar Pty Ltd reaffirms other studies that found BioGene’s Flavocide has “minimal impact on beneficial insects”.

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Bio-Gene said the latest study, in arthropods, complemented a study reported on last month that found Flavocide was relatively safe around bees.

Cesar director Dr Paul Umina reported on the anthropod study, saying: “These results indicate that at the rates tested Flavocide is less toxic to beneficial insects than a commonly used insecticide.”

Bio-Gene research and development executive director Peter May said: “The company is very encouraged by these results.

“This further validates observations in field studies, notably a rice study with Flavocide in Thailand, where observations were made indicating that Flavocide treatment had minimal impact on the presence of predatory and parasitic beneficial insects in the crop,” he said.

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Cesar’s anthropod study was conducted in a laboratory setting and compared Flavocide to the pyrethroid insecticide bifenthrin, finding Flavocide was in a “softer class” of chemistry.

Bifenthrin was toxic to the four tested beneficial species — the predatory ladybird, green lacewing, the parasitic wasp and the predatory mite.

Flavocide meanwhile, did not affect the predatory ladybird and green lacewing larvae, and only resulted in a low level of toxicity in the more rarely found predatory mite and parasitic wasp.

Bio-Gene plans to take the product into more field studies to assess its effects on pests, beneficial insects and rate its compatibility with integrated pest and resistance management programs.

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<![CDATA[News - Bio-Gene Technology gets positive test results against major rice field pest ]]> Bio-Gene Technology Limited (ASX:BGT) has received positive results from its Flavocide™ field trial against the serious rice pest, the brown planthopper.

An estimated A$3.7 billion is spent on rice insecticides globally with much of this directed towards control of planthoppers.

The results highlight the potential of Flavocide™ to be used in a major global food crop.

Flavocide™ superior to existing chemistry

In the field trial, Flavocide™ was shown to:

• Be effective against both nymphs and adult planthoppers and was superior to the existing chemistry used, which acted as positive controls for this trial;
• Exhibit repellency effects that would potentially assist in preventing re-infestation and virus transmission within the crop; and
• Have no observable impact on beneficial species (e.g. predatory mirids and spiders) present in the crop over the course of the trial - this would indicate that Flavocide™ may be compatible with integrated pest management programs in rice.

90% of the global rice crop is grown in Asia

Richard Jagger commented: “These are positive and encouraging results that demonstrate the potential of Flavocide™ for control of a major rice pest, particularly in Asia, and provides justification for further evaluation to fine tune dose rates and further demonstrate efficacy in a range of field conditions.

“Rice is the staple food of half of the world's population and more than 90% of the global rice crop is grown in Asia.”

More tests in Asia planned to attract commercial interest

From here the company plans to work with its collaborators to undergo further trials across Asia.

By creating additional positive data it intends to attract commercial interest from a number of companies that operate within this market.

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<![CDATA[News - Bio-Gene Technology’s study reveals effectiveness against mosquitos ]]> Bio-Gene Technology Ltd’s (ASX:BGT) Flavocide™ insecticide has shown activity against both insecticide-susceptible and insecticide-resistant mosquito larvae and adults in a pilot study.

Bio-Gene is an agtech development company enabling the next generation of insecticides to address insecticide resistance.

Studies showed that Flavocide™ EW (oil in water emulsion), exhibited activity against mosquito larvae in contact assays, where it outperformed several commercial products in speed of kill.

The studies were led by Professor Catherine Hill and her team at Purdue University, Indiana, U.S.

Potential for Flavocide as an alternative mosquito management molecule

While Bio-Gene will need to undertake more extensive dose range finding studies, the observed rapid activity was unexpected.

Importantly, it could provide a significant point of difference and create a number of opportunities for ongoing development of Flavocide either alone or in combination with other insecticides.

With limited options for alternative mosquito management molecules, there may be potential for Flavocide as part of an integrated resistance management strategy.

This could be vital for the long-term control of mosquitoes globally.

Mosquito bites result in more than one million deaths per year

According to the World Health Organisation, mosquito bites result in the deaths of more than one million humans per year, acting as vectors for many serious diseases.

Melbourne-based Bio-Gene listed on the ASX in November 2017 after raising $7.1 million in its initial public offering.

The company has signed an agreement with Virbac SA (EPA:VIRP), a France-based multinational animal health company, as part of the commercialisation process for its insecticide products.

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