Proactiveinvestors Australia Aeeris Ltd Proactiveinvestors Australia Aeeris Ltd RSS feed en Wed, 19 Dec 2018 09:15:01 +1100 Genera CMS (Proactiveinvestors) (Proactiveinvestors) <![CDATA[News - Aeeris extends early weather warning system to New Zealand ]]> Aeeris Ltd (ASX:AER) is extending its Early Warning Network (EWN) monitoring and alerting service to cover New Zealand’s North and South islands for all weather and other natural hazards.

The extension of EWN’s service to cover New Zealand does not require any additional resourcing.

It is made possible by the company’s proprietary Geographic Notification and Information System (GNIS).

Agreement signed with major client

Extending the service follows the signing with a major client of EWN’s first agreement in New Zealand.

Kerry Plowright, EWN’s managing director, said: “We could just as easily deliver our services into South America or Africa.

“This particular agreement has been in the works for a while and other clients have already said they would like to follow.”

Opportunity to introduce other solutions

Roll-out of EWN’s standard service also provides the opportunity to introduce other solutions that are relevant to New Zealand, including the Intelligent Flood Alerting System.

The company has also recently added customers from the insurance industry and local government.

Subscription-based services

EWN services are subscription based and every new customer adds to its growing revenue stream.

Aeeris’ EWN system and proprietary GNIS technology platform ingests and maps vast amounts of live data from multiple sources regarding severe weather, fire, traffic and other geospatial hazards.

This technology allows the company to track and monitor large numbers of users, and communicate instantly with them, especially about events which impact their safety.

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<![CDATA[News - Aeeris wins Innovation of the Year award for boating app ]]> The awards, hosted by the RFi Group and Australian Banking and Finance (AB+F), were held on October 13 in Sydney.

Aeeris is an early warning network provider which monitors and analyses critical threat and event data to deliver location-specific alerts to individuals and companies.

The Club Marine app was developed by Aeeris for Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd, providing boat owners with free access to severe weather alerts and other services.

The app also delivers other boating and insurance needs – including managing insurance policies in a single location and lodging a claim.

Within four months of launch, the app has been downloaded more than 8,000 times and recorded 138,000 visits.

The Club Marine app has sent more than 400 severe-weather alerts and recorded about 1,000 online transactions.

The Aeeris platform also provides a number of major insurers with complex data on severe weather events, bushfires and other geospatial hazards to help manage risk exposures.

Aeeris is currently implementing additional enterprise level geospatial data services for other large companies.

The company recorded total revenue of $1.92 million for the year ended 30 June 2016, an increase of 62% compared to the previous year.

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<![CDATA[News - Aeeris Limited signs early warning services contract with telco ]]> Aeeris Limited (ASX:AER) has signed an agreement for a broadband telecommunications network infrastructure project in Australia to use its early warning network services.

The company provides location based threat and emergency warning systems via alerts and tools for users.

Aeeris will provide a set of alerting, forecasting and monitoring tools to enable the customer to track risks such as severe weather events, flooding, bushfires, temperature inversions and power outages.

During recent storms and flooding in South East Queensland, Aeeris’ early warning network (EWN) sent out over 311,000 SMS and 304,000 emails alerts to Brisbane residents alone.

The company which listed in on the Australian Securities Exchange in March has 100 corporate and government paying subscribers to its data service and 250,000 free social media and App users.

It raised $3.5 million in an Initial Public Offering at an issue of $0.25.

The system has been operating since 2007 and lays claim to sending out millions of alerts, across more than 18,000 events in Australia.

Threats are verified by a 24x7 operational team at Aeeris to provide targeted location-based warnings.


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<![CDATA[News - Aeeris Limited to provide early warning alerts to AAMI customers ]]> Aeeris Limited (ASX:AER) has entered into an agreement to provide Early Warning Network services to insurance provider AAMI’s customers Australia-wide through the latest release of its new mobile app.

Under the agreement, Aeeris will provide warnings for severe weather or natural hazards such as Hailstorms, Flooding Rain, Cyclones and Bushfires into the new AAMI Access app.

This alert will be delivered via a push notification from the app, and will be targeted to AAMI’s customers based on the risk address postcode in their insurance policy.

Aeeris’ EWN, operating continuously since early 2007, has been used to deliver millions of alerts across more than 18,000 events in Australia.

During the recent severe storm activity in Queensland, Aeeris’ Early Warning Network sent out over 311,000 SMS and 304,000 emails sent to Brisbane residents alone.

The system started warning Aeeris customers up to 24 hours before the extreme weather event.

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<![CDATA[News - Aeeris Limited launches worker safety mobile apps ]]> Aeeris Limited (ASX:AER) has launched a suite of new mobile apps to improve the safety of all workers particularly in the mining, transport & logistics, construction, utilities and infrastructure industries.

The Safe@work application is designed to assist companies managing working arrangements in industries where the employees are frequently travelling, off-site or operating in potentially dangerous situations.

In the free version, the app provides push alerts for severe weather and bushfire based on the GPS location of the phone.

It also provides one-touch contact with emergency services, 24-hour GP help line, SES or designated contact people; a“Help Me” function that sends an SMS and email message to chosen contacts including precise location; and Group SMS.

The commercial version provides customisation of company rmergency contacts and links to critical documentation as well as auto check-in and check-out from the worksite, or initiate a check-in request using geo-fences or beacons.

The Safe@work Control Room provides access to Aeeris’ Geographic Notification Information System.

This provides the ability to map, track, monitor, communicate and warn personnel via the Safe@work Apps.


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