Author stories Proactiveinvestors Author stories RSS feed en Sun, 21 Jan 2018 04:22:21 +1100 Genera CMS (Proactiveinvestors) (Proactiveinvestors) RewardStream Solutions says launch with WooCommerce opens 'massive' market The boss of tech firm RewardStream Solutions Inc (CVE:REW) told Proactive that launching its 'Refer a Friend' platform on WooCommerce has opened up a massive online market for the group.
WooCommerce is the most popular e-Commerce platform on the web, and currently powers over 37% of all online stores around the world, totalling more than 1.5mln businesses, meaning its footprint is huge.
Chief executive Rob Goehring said: "Our mission now is to create more and more awareness within that store ownership base."
It means that RewardStream's tech will be integrated in to the platform so that friends can recommend brands to each other - a space becoming increasingly more powerful.
The Canada firm's clients are brands.
Goehring explains how "consumers are four time more likely to make a purchase when recommended by a friend".
"We really believe that bringing this sort of technology to the masses is very important," he added.
Using RewardStream’s automated system, e-Commerce store operators that are powered by WooCommerce for their shopping cart, can now install the RewardStream Refer-A-Friend plug-in within minutes and embed referral marketing capabilities across their store.

Mon, 03 Oct 2016 21:21:00 +1100
S & U plc looking to diversify with new bridging finance pilot Motor finance company S & U Plc (LON:SUS) will spend up to £20mln investing in a new pilot property bridging finance business over the next 18 months if it deems it worthwhile.
So says chairman Anthony Coombs, talking to Proactive,  after the company  posted six month results to the end of July - a period, which saw the niche lender sign its 100,000th customer at its Advantage motor finance business.
Coombs highlighted that in the latest half it had invested a further £23.3mln in the Grimsby-based motor finance arm, where capital receivables from customers have reached £200mln for the first time.
The property finance pilot will allow the firm to diversify further, he said, and will be geared at people who may need a short term loan while stuck in a mortgage chain, or who are looking to refurbish a buy-to-let property.
Market research group Mintel reckons the market is likely to go from £5.8bn now to £9bn by 2020, says Coombs.
In the six months to July 31, profit before tax at the group shot up 35% to £11.9mln from £8.8mln in the corresponding period of 2015 on the back of a 39% increase in revenue to £28.3mln from £20.4mln the year before.
The half-year saw record amounts of motor finance loans at Advantage Finance, with advances to vehicle purchasers up 54% year-on-year.

Thu, 29 Sep 2016 23:54:00 +1000
Axios Mobile Assets on course for big step value change Richard MacDonald, President and chief executive of Axios Mobile Assets Corp. (CVE:AXA), says a C$2mln loan from sovereign agency Export Development Canada allows the business to “accelerate our growth in terms of the pallet production pool through the purchase of assets both additional tooling as well as additional wash stations in order to provide the highest level of service and washing for egg clients.”

The transport pallet specialist is suffering from a growing company’s dream – that of a backlog of orders.  Customers are prepared to wait because as MacDonald explains:  “We’re so far ahead in terms of the technology and washing and sanitisation there’s no other alternative.”

“People are being very being very patient because they know it’s the best solution out there and there’s nothing else in the interim that can compete with it.”

'Fantastic visibility' is being promised over the next two quarters and shareholders should see "a big step value change in how the company’s doing.”

Sat, 24 Sep 2016 01:50:00 +1000
Avrupa Minerals chief hails "exciting" Portugal project pipeline Paul Kuhn chief executive of Avrupa Minerals (CVE:AVU) says next year is going to be a big one for the gold explorer.
“Next year will be a very important year for the project, our partner will have to decide whether they want to move forward,” says Kuhn.
Avrupa’s partners at the Slivovo project in Kosovo are preparing a budget for further prefeasibility work.
“We think there is good merit in doing more drilling, we think the project is going to become bigger and bigger as time goes on,” he adds.
Aside from everything going on in Kosovo, Kuhn says there are a number of “exciting” projects coming up in Portugal.

Thu, 22 Sep 2016 22:36:00 +1000
Rhea Silva hoping to make a difference with Chototel project Social entrepreneur Rhea Silva, the founder of Chototel, discusses the aims of the group with Proactive's Sarah Lowther.
The firm is branded as a super budget hotel but its aim is also to offer social accommodation to those in need.
The first pilot project is in the south of Mumbai, where rooms start at $2 dollars and will house a family of four.
Silva aims to supply 1% of the world's demand for affordable housing by 2025 and highlights that one third of the urban population is suffering from housing poverty in one form or another.
The group is self-funded at the moment and works with the Social Stock Exchange, which deals with companies, which are socially and environmentally minded.

Wed, 14 Sep 2016 18:08:00 +1000
UEX Corporation brings forward drilling plans after impressive test results UEX Corporation (TSE:UEX) is to ramp up spending on exploration following some highly impressive assay results from its Lake Christie uranium project in Canada. Roger Lemaitre, president and chief executive of UEX, said the company was excited, not only by the really high grades it found, but also “being able to link it together between existing holes has really made us very excited about what we’re going to be doing in the next couple of weeks”.
The next fortnight will see the company looking at expanding the size of the high-grade interval it has found, plus it will hire a second drilling rig to test adjacent deposits.

Mon, 12 Sep 2016 20:40:00 +1000
MGX Minerals to break North America monopoly with Canadian magnesium project “Canada has not produced [magnesium] in the last 15 years. We’re hoping to turn that around,” says Jared Lazerson, chief executive of Canadian mining company MGX Minerals (CNSX:XMG).

MGX has just reported a maiden resource for the Driftwood Creek magnesium project in Canada's British Columbia which Lazerson describes as a highly economic, very large resource which is already attracting the attention of a “variety of groups interested in us cranking up magnesia.”  Lazerson won’t say who has made approaches but the clue lies here. “Right now the aerospace industry and the automotive industry in the US is hurting because of the monopoly situation, a single supplier with tariffs protecting their price.”  Lack of competition and that high tariff situation, Lazerson says has pushed the cost of magnesium in the US to US$4000 a tonne, but the MGX project would change that. “Selling into the US as a Canadian producer we would not be subject to the same tariffs that China and Russia are subject to which is an almost 100% tariff.”

With a highly supportive investor base and hopes of swift granting of operating permits Lazerson’s aiming for magnesium oxide production within a year and magnesium metal in two. “The possibility of being a primary producer of magnesium, the second only in North America  is really quite inspiring," he added.

Fri, 09 Sep 2016 23:32:00 +1000
Fox Marble Holdings PLC gets its foot in the door at London luxury apartments Most of us are familiar with “gazumping” in Britain’s heated property market, but marble quarrying firm Fox Marble PLC (LON:FOX) has done a bit of gazumping of its own, displacing an incumbent supplier of stone for the luxury apartments in London’s Earls Court.
Chief executive Chris Gilbert said the order for its prestigious Bianco Illirico stone from property developer Capital & Counties was a big deal for the company as it is a new customer – and a prestigious one at that.

Fri, 09 Sep 2016 00:52:00 +1000
Deltex Medical Group PLC poised for rapid US growth Deltex Medical Group plc (LON:DEMG) would not be the first British company to find a more welcome reception in the USA than in its home, and it has just announced that its US sales have overtaken those from the UK for the first time.
Chief executive officer Ewan Philips tells Proactive Investors that the company now has 27 “platform accounts” in the USA, which will form a bridgehead for its US sales initiatives. Sadly, back in Blighty, despite masses of evidence pointing to the superiority of its oesophageal Doppler monitoring technology (ODM) and a recommendation that it should be taken up by UK hospitals, inertia rules the day. Philips says the company has reverted to its old sales policy of “knocking on surgery doors” to persuade surgeons of the benefits of ODM.

Fri, 09 Sep 2016 00:08:00 +1000
Harvest Minerals in "right place with the right commodity at the right time" - Chairman Brian McMaster, chairman of Harvest Minerals Ltd. (AIM:HMI, ASX:HMI), says the government and the agricultural community in Brazil are very aware of the constant need and demand for fertilisers and “it’s something that sits very high on the agenda of issues that the government wants to resolve.”

This understanding combined with the potash and phosphate exploration and development company’s “outstanding relationship” at all levels of government is why Harvest has been granted an environmental licence for the proposed mining operation at the Arapuá project.  A trial mining permit is expected within a month.

McMaster dismissed market speculation about placings to raise a million pounds. We do have sufficient funds to complete the work programme that we have on the desk and that remains the case. We don’t need to raise money.”

Thu, 08 Sep 2016 23:59:00 +1000