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The company holds a 50% equity interest through a joint venture with the Eritrean National Mining Company.

Colluli is one of the most advanced greenfield sulphate of potash (SOP) developments in the world.

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 10:00:00 +1100
South Crofty 'a very attractive opportunity' says Strongbow chief Richard Williams Strongbow Exploration is a Canadian mineral exploration company focused on building a strategic minerals company through the acquisition and exploration of its portfolio of assets in the UK and North America.
Strongbow's president and CEO Richard Williams tells Proactive: ''The company was restructured last year and we formed a strategic alliance with Osisko Gold Royalties out of Canada to look at creating a new strategic metals company with an initial focus on tin and tungsten''.
''To that end we acquired some tungsten royalties earlier this year in northern Canada. In July this year we completed the acquisition of the South Crofty tin project in Cornwall.''
''South Crofty is a mine that's got a very long history. It was a mine for 400 years, it's one of the biggest producers of tin recorded - historically it's produced over 400,000 tonnes of tin metal. What's really attractive from an investment perspective is the fact it's got an active mining license on it. It takes a lot of time and effort and money today to acquire new mining licenses and that license is valid for another 55 years until 2071.''
Tue, 06 Dec 2016 22:15:00 +1100
Dow trend points as high as 21,000 reckons Zak Mir Dow Jones Industrial Average has raced higher following Donald Trump’s US presidential victory but there is more to come reckons Zak Mir, Tip TV’s technical analyst.

Trump so far has been worth 1,000 points to the Dow, sending it to a new record of more than 19,000, but so long as it stays above its previous resistance of 18,000, Mir believes the heights of 21,000 are possible.

All in all, given the seasonality and a Santa rally yet to come, the US’s premier stock market index is still very much on an uptrend says Mir.

Tue, 29 Nov 2016 23:28:00 +1100
Brent crude to hit US$57 ahead of OPEC meeting Brent crude is set for a run-up ahead of the next OPEC meeting at the end of the month, says Zak Mir, Tip TV’s technical analyst.

Speculation has been growing that Russia may also agree some form of oil production freeze.

The market is scared of Russia suggests Mir and this will mean a squeeze ahead of the 30 November OPEC gathering.

The price is above the 200 day moving average and the charts point to a rally back to the best of the year of US$57 per barrel or higher

That could happen as soon as early in December, Mir believes.

Thu, 24 Nov 2016 22:07:00 +1100
Iron ore to rise to US$90 per tonne Iron ore has soared on the back of Donald Trump’s US$1trn infrastructure promise and a favourable Goldman Sachs report citing further supply shortages in China.

Zak Mir, technical analyst at Tip TV, believes the price spike to US$75 per tonne that followed Trump’s US presidential victory has yet to run its course.

Indeed, the bulk metal may be heading to as high as US$90 per tonne in the short-term he suggests.

Wed, 23 Nov 2016 22:38:00 +1100
The FTSE 100’s outperformance over FTSE 250 set to continue - Zak Mir The FTSE 100’s blue-chip outperformance over the mid-cap FTSE 250 will likely continue for quite some time, according to technical analyst Zak Mir.
In a Tip TV segment for Proactive Investors, Mir highlighted that the FTSE 100 thanks to the strength of its dollar earners has benefitted from the Brexit vote.
“FTSE 100 boosted by its dollar earners soared relative to the FTSE 250, [continuing] basically into the end of August … but since the beginning of last month we’ve seen the FTSE 100 once again outperform,” he said.
He added: “This relationship is presumably going to stay with us for quite some time, with the blue chips beating the mid-caps.”
Fri, 11 Nov 2016 21:54:00 +1100
FTSE 100 will likely see support at 6,700 says Zak Mir Technical analyst sees “likely support” at the current 6,700 level for the FTSE 100 following the losses for the London benchmark, as a result of a rallying pound.

“Dollar earners were really pushing the FTSE [100] to 7,100 from the time of the referendum onwards but with sterling getting rather stronger in recent days, the last interest rate cut has been signalled by the Bank of England … we’re seeing the market cool off a bit,” Mir said in a Tip TV segment for Proactive Investors.

Fri, 04 Nov 2016 20:59:00 +1100
Chartist Zak Mir says buy IAG ‘on dips’ Investors should look to pick up shares in British Airways parent International Consolidated Airlines Group (LON:IAG), so long as the price comes back by 10-20p.

IAG shares have been recovering from the sharp post-Brexit-vote lows, and according to technical analyst Zak Mir this trend can continue – but he says investors should wait temporarily for a better price before buying in.

Mir, in a Tip TV segment for Proactive Investors, notes that momentum indicators are near their highest levels this year, so there should be an opportunity to acquire shares at a lower price.

Looking upwards, Mir adds that the IAG price rally back to pre-vote levels eventually, so long as the airline share ‘breaks out’ above 468p.

He said: “if we can break back above that then we will hopefully undo the losses that we’ve seen since the referendum.”

Wed, 02 Nov 2016 21:47:00 +1100
The chart is looking up for Alba Mineral Resources says Zak Mir The technicals are improving for Alba Minerals, so says chartist Zak Mir, who says the AIM share could retest the year highs around 0.5p to 0.6p.

Mir, in a Tip TV segment for Proactive Investors, did caution however that the share would have to first rise above a level of resistance at around 0.35p – something Alba has so far failed to get past three times.

“If it gets through that over the next couple of weeks it could look quite good,” he said.

Mir added: “We’ve had a recovery, quite a nice recovery, from the end of June through the summer … so this actually looks as though it is back onto retest the highs of the year.”

Tue, 25 Oct 2016 21:59:00 +1100
MZI Resources Ltd's MD Trevor Matthews talks to Proactive Investors TV MZI Resources Ltd (ASX:MZI) has transitioned to be cash flow positive from the Keysbrook Mineral Sands Project. Keysbrook is already a world class orebody, rich in high value leucoxene and zircon, with the potential for a multi-decade operating life.

Thu, 13 Oct 2016 11:00:00 +1100