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Bullion Monarch Mining

Bullion Monarch Mining Inc. is a natural resource company that acquires mining properties to explore and develop.  Bullion’s goal is to see the properties produce through joint ventures, leases, or sales.  Bullion Monarch has recently undergone a reorganization and is now known as Bullion Monarch Mining, Inc.  The company’s new trading symbol is BULM. Bullion believes it has excellent mining properties in Northern Nevada and throughout the Western United States.  Newmont’s new, large Leeville underground mine and he East Ore Body Mine are currently producing royalty payments to Bullion. The company also acquired a 60% interest in EnShale, Inc. in 2005 (now 80%) in order to profit from the growing demand for oil by mining and processing oil shale into oil products. The Company currently has under lease 4,650 acres of oil shale property in the mahogany zone.

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