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Alistair Hewitt, head of market intelligence at the World Gold Council, tells Proactive that demand increase was largely down to "huge institutional flows that were channeled into gold-backed ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).
Such ETFs had their best year in 2016 since 2009, he explains.

Tue, 07 Feb 2017 23:35:00 +1100
Uranium prices expected to rally in 2017, says Numis analyst Justin Chan ''It's been a tough year for Uranium'', Numis analyst Justin Chan tells Proactive Investors.
''This year a lot of actors in the market were hoping for a rebound that unfortunately hasn't come but it looks like we're at the bottom now and I think it's looking better now into  next year and into the future.''
Commenting on the metal's weakness, Chan says there's been a number of factors. ''The fallout from Fukushima which occurred in 2011 has taken several years to rinse through the system and what it's really done is that it's created a lack of short term demand in the market''.
''On the supply side Kazakhstan has steadily increased production from 2007 through to this year so production has grown by 360% over that period of time''.
''There was a lack of short term demand and excessive supply coming onto the market and what that's done is that it's created a market where utilities are just not incentivised to contract'', Chan says.
Wed, 28 Dec 2016 18:30:00 +1100
Mining Finland highlights 'the exciting potential' in the country Mining Finland's Harry Sandstrom caught up with Proactive Investors at Mines and Money 2016 to discuss what the organisation's about.

''It's one of those growth programs we have in Finland which is supported by our government and our aim is to assist early-stage mining and exploration companies to get foreign investment''.

Sandstrom adds: ''The other task for out program is to assist technology companies in their export and internationalisation''

''If you look at the size of mining in Finland it's not so big, but what is important is that downstream industries are big''

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 02:11:00 +1100
Dow trend points as high as 21,000 reckons Zak Mir Dow Jones Industrial Average has raced higher following Donald Trump’s US presidential victory but there is more to come reckons Zak Mir, Tip TV’s technical analyst.

Trump so far has been worth 1,000 points to the Dow, sending it to a new record of more than 19,000, but so long as it stays above its previous resistance of 18,000, Mir believes the heights of 21,000 are possible.

All in all, given the seasonality and a Santa rally yet to come, the US’s premier stock market index is still very much on an uptrend says Mir.

Tue, 29 Nov 2016 23:28:00 +1100
Wayne Rooney a "modern day phenomenon", claims Richard Keys BeIn Sports pundit Richard Keys thinks Wayne Rooney deserves more respect after insisting that he will go on to be one of the true greats of English football.

“I thought Rooney was terrific on Thursday night [against Feyenoord],” he said in a TIP TV segment for Proactive.

“He’s now Man United’s leading goal scorer in Europe, he’ll end up as their leading goal scorer full stop. England’s leading goal scorer [and] probably England’s record caps holder.

“He’s a modern day phenomenon,” the broadcaster adds.

Keys also gives his thoughts on the wedding saga that Rooney has found himself in the middle of in recent weeks.

Keys delivers his verdict on Spurs’ title chances after they bowed out of the Champions League earlier this week, as well as how he thinks Arsenal will fare this season.

Sat, 26 Nov 2016 02:20:00 +1100
Brent crude to hit US$57 ahead of OPEC meeting Brent crude is set for a run-up ahead of the next OPEC meeting at the end of the month, says Zak Mir, Tip TV’s technical analyst.

Speculation has been growing that Russia may also agree some form of oil production freeze.

The market is scared of Russia suggests Mir and this will mean a squeeze ahead of the 30 November OPEC gathering.

The price is above the 200 day moving average and the charts point to a rally back to the best of the year of US$57 per barrel or higher

That could happen as soon as early in December, Mir believes.

Thu, 24 Nov 2016 22:07:00 +1100
Iron ore to rise to US$90 per tonne Iron ore has soared on the back of Donald Trump’s US$1trn infrastructure promise and a favourable Goldman Sachs report citing further supply shortages in China.

Zak Mir, technical analyst at Tip TV, believes the price spike to US$75 per tonne that followed Trump’s US presidential victory has yet to run its course.

Indeed, the bulk metal may be heading to as high as US$90 per tonne in the short-term he suggests.

Wed, 23 Nov 2016 22:38:00 +1100
Copper prices to consolidate before rising again says technical analyst Zak Mir The copper price has been boosted by promises that US president elect Donald Trump will spend one trillion dollars on infrastructure, but it is probably time for the price to consolidate according to technical analyst Zak Mir.
In a Tip TV segment for Proactive Investors, the technical analyst notes that the copper price had hit the top of a rising trend channel, in the daily chart, and he says it looks as though there’ll be a consolidation in the price towards the US$2.30 to US$2.40 per pound level.
“Then hopefully the metal will bounce again,” he added.
“The reason for optimism is that all the near term moving averages are currently rising very sharply, so as long as we hold above the 2.30 to 2.40 zone one would expect a continued recovery.”
Tue, 22 Nov 2016 21:59:00 +1100
Iron ore: ''An open door ready to be pushed', says SP Angel's John Meyer SP Angel's mining analyst John Meyer caught up with Proactive's Stocktube to discuss the outlook for iron ore prices.

After surging last week to multi-year highs, prices slid nearly 9 percent overnight. In November alone they rose close to 24 percent. 

Meyer said: ''The swing is caused by a combination of a very substantial rise in prices over the last few months, particularly in the last few weeks and the Chinese authorities stepping in to curb activity in the futures markets for steel and iron-ore''.

''Physically it's more of a China story but the news of Donald Trump coming in and the realisation that Trump is going to major on construction and wants to rebuild the infrastructure of America ... I think that has helped the market to go a little bit higher''.

Thu, 17 Nov 2016 02:31:00 +1100
The FTSE 100’s outperformance over FTSE 250 set to continue - Zak Mir The FTSE 100’s blue-chip outperformance over the mid-cap FTSE 250 will likely continue for quite some time, according to technical analyst Zak Mir.
In a Tip TV segment for Proactive Investors, Mir highlighted that the FTSE 100 thanks to the strength of its dollar earners has benefitted from the Brexit vote.
“FTSE 100 boosted by its dollar earners soared relative to the FTSE 250, [continuing] basically into the end of August … but since the beginning of last month we’ve seen the FTSE 100 once again outperform,” he said.
He added: “This relationship is presumably going to stay with us for quite some time, with the blue chips beating the mid-caps.”
Fri, 11 Nov 2016 21:54:00 +1100
Veltyco Group looking to grow organically and with acquisitions Veltyco Group (LON:VLTY) sees good growth prospects ahead and is looking to advance both organically and via acquisitions.
Speaking to Proactive Investors, chairman David Mathewson emphasised the group's role in the  growing online gaming space.
"We are not an operator. We are a marketing company," he said, explaining that its expertise brings customers to operator sites, where it is rewarded by a revenue share.
The group had an initial public offering at the end of June when it listed on AIM after a reverse takeover process.
The group is cash generative, has no gearing, said Mathewson, and is looking to expand away from just Europe as the whole gaming market grows.
Conversations on further acquisitions are ongoing and the firm is actively looking at different continents, he added.

Fri, 11 Nov 2016 20:26:00 +1100
Trump's pledge backtrack 'good for the markets', says analyst A rally in European shares looked to have lost steam by afternoon after a strong start to trading - just a day after Donald Trump's shock victory in the U.S. election.

Asked whether the so-called 'Trump bump' came as a surprise, Mike Van Dulken from Accendo Markets said: ''I think the very positive initial reaction took everybody by surprise and I think it came down to what was a rather gracious acceptance speech with not a hint of controversy''.

He added it's still very early doors, ''there's been a little bit of backtracking on some of the campaign pledges, which is probably a good thing seeing as so many were quite controversial, but I think the one markets are really focusing on right now is his potential to follow through on a pledge to spend pretty big and cut taxes by a fair way to foster growth and inflation which might allow the U.S. to almost be a first mover in terms of getting growth gowing.''

Fri, 11 Nov 2016 03:03:00 +1100
Economic jitters 'making advertisers cautious', says analyst ITV PLC (LON:ITV) delivered a solid 5% increase in revenues for the nine months ended September, aided by the performance of its production arm, ITV Studios.
Richard Hunter, Head of Research at Wilson King tells Proactive: ''ITV has now for some time been trying to lessen its reliance on TV income. Obviously from a traditional perspective  that's where most of its income would have been, but it's still a big part of the business.  One of the few cautionary factors in today's statement has been about how the current economic and political uncertainty has resulted in quite a steep drop in TV advertising income.''
The company said it expects its earnings for the year to broadly in line with those for 2015 as it revealed it is on track to deliver cost-savings of £25mln.

Fri, 11 Nov 2016 01:43:00 +1100
"Buckle up", is the advice from BGC It's going to be a bumpy ride for markets following Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election.
“The game is changing. No doubt about it,” reckons Mike Ingram, market strategist at brokers BGC.
“You need to stay on your toes. I do think there is going to be more volatility out there,” Ingram predicted in an interview with Proactive Investors.
“We’ve been in a monetary methadone-induced stupor,” Ingram said, but Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election has dialled the uncertainty factor up to 11.

Wed, 09 Nov 2016 23:50:00 +1100
All eyes on Fed's next rate move following Trump election, says analyst Brenda Kelly Asked whether she was surprised at how quickly the FTSE100 recovered following the election of Donald Trump, the independent market strategist Brenda Kelly told Proactive: ''I think you have to take a look at the make up of the FTSE to explain some of that. Certainly the big moves we saw from the likes of gold and some of the metals overnight on the back of the Trump victory have helped the miners push higher this morning. But across the board if we're comparing this to the state of play following the Brexit referendum the markets have adjusted accordingly for the time being.''
She added that we do have a little while left before he's finally inaugurated and we'll have to see what administration is put in place around him.
Kelly said the bigger question going forward for the markets is what the Fed's next rate move will be. ''Whether it'll be to hike or to cut rates - the markets are certainly not discounting any sort of rate hike this year ... it's going to be an interesting bringing together of fiscal and monetary policy and how the U.S. can move forward from here''.

Wed, 09 Nov 2016 23:45:00 +1100
This is “Day Dot” for Trump, says Spreadex analyst Markets and investors are still trying to digest what a Trump presidency means, reckons Connor Campbell, analyst at Spreadex.

"This is day dot really for Trump," he says,  pointing out that he will not take control of the US until January next year.

Investors are not sure what will happen next and therefore are unlikely to make any snap decisions, which is why we may have seen a somewhat jittery but not chaotic response in the markets.

He said of the two candidates, his policies were less clearly defined policies.

"In terms of actual feasible, implementable policies, they're fairly thin on the ground so it's hard for investors to gauge what a Trump presidency going to look like," he added.

"We haven't yet entered the era of Trump," he said.

Wed, 09 Nov 2016 22:14:00 +1100
FTSE 100 losses after US election nothing like post Brexit vote - analyst The FTSE 100 has dropped in early deals post the Donald Trump win, says IG market analyst Chris Beauchamp, but nothing like in the same way as post the UK Brexit vote on June 23.

The key thing, he says, is what happens next.

FTSE 100 fell sharply initially in early deals but then gained ground.

"It's nothing like we had Brexit wise," he said.

After the UK's vote to leave the EU in June, it took Footsie around a week to correct after plunging but Beauchamp suggests that may have already happened this morning following an early speech from the new US president.

The question of  Fed chair Janet Yellen and whether she may be removed from the role was a "known unknown" which would have to be factored in by the markets .

"Clearly  we don't have any decision on that for a while. We won't until he's probably inaugurated." A December interest rate rise, is looking much less likely, he added.

Wed, 09 Nov 2016 20:58:00 +1100
Brexit court defeat provides markets with 'good uncertainty' - analyst The High Court has ruled that parliament must vote on whether the UK can start the process of leaving the EU. The implications of that  mean the government can’t trigger Article 50 on its own. An appeal’s now been lodged with a further hearing expected next month.

Kathleen Brooks from City Index tells Proactive ''the court decision has been massively significant. The pound is the best performer in the G10 so far today and that's not something we've seen for many months so it seems to have really put a rocket behind the pound today and we've seen it roar higher''. Brooks adds: '' it likes this uncertainty ... it's good uncertainty we should say, certainly for the FX markets''.

Sat, 05 Nov 2016 21:12:00 +1100
FTSE 100 will likely see support at 6,700 says Zak Mir Technical analyst sees “likely support” at the current 6,700 level for the FTSE 100 following the losses for the London benchmark, as a result of a rallying pound.

“Dollar earners were really pushing the FTSE [100] to 7,100 from the time of the referendum onwards but with sterling getting rather stronger in recent days, the last interest rate cut has been signalled by the Bank of England … we’re seeing the market cool off a bit,” Mir said in a Tip TV segment for Proactive Investors.

Fri, 04 Nov 2016 20:59:00 +1100
FinancialSpreads' Adam Jepsen surprised markets ignoring possible Trump win Adam Jepsen, Founder of FinancialSpreads tells Proactive: ''When news broke on Friday that the FBI were reopening their investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails, there was a quick spike down in a couple of the US markets - the Dow Jones, the S&P, the dollar saw a bit of a sell-off, but the markets reacted very quickly and by Monday morning they were trading back at the levels they were trading at on Thursday''.

''Over the last week or two you can see the hedge funds, they're coming out of the Dow and they're reducing their positions on the S&P 500 but they're still long. If you look at where the big money is, the big speculators,  they are still long - I'd expect it to be a bit more flat'', Jepsen added.

Wed, 02 Nov 2016 02:15:00 +1100
Currency risk 'the next scandal in UK financial services', says Tavistock Wealth’s Raven Ben Raven, Head of Business development at Tavistock Wealth Ltd, tells Proactive the last 20 years has seen a fundamental shift away from financial advisers recommending UK-centric portfolios to a globally diversified approach.

He adds that this shift brings with it an increase in the average client’s exposure to overseas markets and in turn the currency markets.

Raven claims this exposure and the impact it can have on a client's returns and their volatility that is often overlooked or at times misunderstood.

''Some mistakenly believe if you hold any foreign investments via a sterling share class then you are somehow immune to the impact of the currency markets which is not the case. If we were to hold, for example, a Sterling share class of a dollar-denominated investment such as a US equity fund, we would be exposed to that US equity market and the Sterling/Dollar currency pair'', Raven says.

Thu, 06 Oct 2016 21:05:00 +1100
Pearlshare travel guide app targets millions of users after raising £1mln Voted as one of The Huffington Post’s Top Ten travel apps – Pearlshare is gaining popularity among both subscribers and angel investors alike.

The mobile and web-based platform for building and sharing personalised travel guides has secured funding of £1mln, and as Chairman Michael Liebreich explains the business evolved from his own predicament which was a lack of information when researching the best places to visit.

Pearlshare offers a platform for amateur and professional travel writers, bloggers, enthusiasts, tourists and the curious who share the unusual, the quirky, and the pockets of paradise that even the fastidious Lonely Planet Guide editors missed on their expeditions.

Liebreich’s mission is to eradicate the fake reviews which had plagued other travel recommendation sites.  But essentially it is about becoming a key player in the information sharing economy and be the best place to go if you are seeking the best hipster grooming salons and places where the more elusive Pokemons hang out.

Sat, 27 Aug 2016 00:02:00 +1000
Lingo Media Corporation boss outlines progress in Latin America Lingo Media Corporation's (CVE:LM) president and chief executive  Michael Kraft spells out the progress the edtech firm has recently made in Latin America.
Subsidiary ELL Technologies secured a sales contract in July to promote digital education to students at a leading financial education institute in CERTUS, Peru,
And in August the company announced a deal with the Universidad de San Martín de Porres in Peru, via distribution partner Telefónica.
The  university has more than 20,000 students and two campuses at Peru's capital Lima and Chiclayo.
Outlining the revenue potential, Kraft says the institution is charged $50 per student per year, so for 20,000 students, that would be up to $1mln if it's fully rolled out.
He also highlights that partner Telefónica gives the group exposure to all its (Telefónica's) education clients in Peru.

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 23:26:00 +1000
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Proactive Investors meets Sir Ian Wood Tue, 04 Nov 2014 09:30:00 +1100 Corality Financial Group's CEO, Rickard Warnelid, speaks to Proactive Investors at the RIU Sydney Resources Round-up about how the group works with resource companies Tue, 10 Jun 2014 10:08:00 +1000 Noah's Rule Managing Director, Sean Russo, speaks to Proactive Investors about gold trends ahead of the RIU Sydney Resources Round-up Mon, 12 May 2014 10:21:00 +1000 Orelogy's Managing Director, Steve Craig, speaks with Proactive Investors at the Mines and Money Conference in Hong Kong about how the Company's technology is helping explorers and existing miners. Tue, 25 Mar 2014 10:34:00 +1100 QCG Resources' CEO Chris Daws, speaks with Proactive Investors about buying the Avebury Nickel Mine in Tasmania and nickel prices Tue, 25 Mar 2014 10:33:00 +1100 U.S. Global Investors' CEO Frank Holmes tells Proactive Investors at Mines and Money Hong Kong where gold is headed Mon, 24 Mar 2014 10:16:00 +1100 Ahead of RIU Explorers Conference in Fremantle next week, Rob Brierley, Research Head at Patersons Securities reveals whether "small cap" valuations have bottomed Thu, 13 Feb 2014 15:13:00 +1100