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President and chief executive Ray Leonard tells Proactive: ‘’We’re gearing up to spud the next well in April and we’re really excited about it.’’

‘’In terms of why Guinea right now really there are two things -  first of all northwest Africa was an area that was pretty much an exploration wasteland until 2007 when Tullow Oil made a huge discovery called the Jubilee Field which is about a billion barrels of oil and after that there was a tremendous amount of leasing of other companies and over time the results have pointed in our view to Guinea being the closest analogy in geology to offshore Ghana. The other plus is that this contract was negotiated in 2006 – the year before Jubilee. What you often get in the oil industry is that once someone makes a discovery, not only do the companies rush into the area but the host governments realise that this is something very attractive and the terms start getting more difficult – royalties increase, the profit split to the host nation increases and this is the only contract left that’s pre-Jubilee times so not only do you have excellent geology but you have excellent fiscal terms’’, Leonard adds.

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Hillcrest Petroleum "sticking a flag" in Louisiana Don Currie, CEO of Hillcrest Petroleum (CVE:HRH, OTCQB:HLRTF), admits the Texas and Gulf of Mexico-focused oil producer has had to make some tough decisions in response to the tougher environment for energy companies, but it is not completely going into its shell.
Targeting producing assets deemed too small to bother with by the majors or “fire sale” assets from overstretched producers, Hillcrest recently signed a deal that could see it earn a 75% working interest in 6,200 acres located in a well-established hydrocarbon producing area of Louisiana. Currie said the acreage presents a chance to “plant a flag in the area”, establish a reputation as a competent operator, and grow from there.

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LWP’s Siegfried Konig brings fracking technology to Proactive's Luncheons ASX:LWP) is targeting the multi-billion dollar proppants sector through the development of its next generation technology. ]]> Thu, 17 Sep 2015 09:00:00 +1000 "Dart Energy’s flagship CBM project in UK producing first gas and generating electricity" Dart Energy (ASX:DTE), tells Proactiveinvestors that Dart is now producing gas and generating electricity from its flagship coal bed methane (CBM) project in the UK. John talks about having a "unique global footprint" in shale and CBM projects and he said he expects the company to have multiple international projects coming into revenue during the next year ]]> Tue, 24 Jul 2012 20:07:00 +1000 Dart Energy CCO talks about a “fantastic opportunity” Dart Energy (ASX:DTE), tells Proactiveinvestors that there is a “fantastic opportunity in the unconventional gas business” and that the company has identified a number of projects that can be fast-tracked. Eytan also talks about the opportunities that Dart has around the world including its most advanced asset which is based in Scotland. ]]> Sat, 21 Apr 2012 01:53:00 +1000