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South American Iron & Steel (ASX: SAY) goal is to produce high quality magnetite iron ore concentrates from iron sands and conventional magnetite iron ore deposits and ultimately produce pig iron at the low end of the cost curve using the best and newest technology available.

SAIS is environmentally and socially conscious, and intends to consult with and improve the quality of life in local communities in our area of operations.


South American Iron & Steel Corporation in discussions with Jiangsu

Thursday, May 20, 2010

South American Iron & Steel Corporation in discussions with Jiangsu

ASX-listed South American Iron & Steel Corporation (ASX: SAY) has raised $942,392 via a placement of 23,559,804 shares at $0.04 per share to sophisticated investors.

An additional placement of up to $1 million at $0.04 per share will be made to sophisticated investors subject to shareholder approval.

The company has in place conditional funding agreements with sophisticated investors to raise more funds via a placement and loan issue.

The loan instruments to be issued to sophisticated investors will have a value of $557,608. These will automatically convert to fully paid ordinary shares at $0.04 per share upon shareholder approval based on the acquisition of the remaining 90% interest in the Quince Project and the conversion of the loan instruments to shares.

In a statement, the company said it is still in discussions with Jiangsu Changqiang Iron & Steel Co., regarding an offtake agreement.

South American Iron & Steel currently operates iron sands projects in Ecuador and Chile, with onshore and offshore tenements totalling 129,354 hectare. The company's objective is to beneficiate the sands to valuable heavy metals (VHM) and become a fully integrated producer of steel, titanium slag and vanadium.


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