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3D Medical: Mach7 Technologies granted mobile device image capture patent

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

3D Medical: Mach7 Technologies granted mobile device image capture patent

3D Medical (ASX:3DM) and Mach7 Technologies Pte. Ltd which recently announced an intention to merge have been awarded a U.S. patent for its technology that acquires medical image data from a mobile device and sends that data for patient medical record upload.

The Mach7 technology puts mobile healthcare in the hands of patient-facing clinicians and moves image management closer to the point of care delivery.

This reduces time to diagnose and helps ensure faster care delivery.

Around 60% of medical imaging data is captured outside of digital imaging departments such as radiology and cardiology.

Outside of these two groupings, medical facilities face an uphill battle to optimise workflow to capture medical imaging data digitally and to store and share the data through a patient’s EMR.

Subject to approvals and capital raisings of $10 million, 3D Medical and Mach7 Technologies will change the ASX listed entity name to Mach7 Technologies Limited.

The first $4 million was raised in a placement at $0.075 each while a share purchase plan is also planned.

3D Medical prints 3D models of a patients bones and organs for doctors and surgeons. Mach7 is a United States medical technology business.

3D Medical was the Australian reseller of Mach7's imaging platform.


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