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Panorama Synergy (ASX: PSY) is focused on the research, development and commercialisation of a breakthrough technology in the field of photonics. The technology under development has a wide range of applications where fast switching, low power and thermal stability are required.


Panorama Synergy's optical readout system gets the nod

Thursday, July 31, 2014 by Proactive Investors

Panorama has commenced development first generation systems for potential new end market applications.

Panorama has commenced development first generation systems for potential new end market applications.

Panorama Synergy's (ASX:PSY) shares are expected to leap high after it demonstrated the viability of its laser-based Optical Readout System, the LumiMEMS Reader.

In partnership with the University of Western Australia, Panorama has developed a patented optical reader for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) which enables the detection and measurement of previously undetectable substances.

As a result, Panorama has commenced development first generation systems for potential new end market applications.

MEMS are sensitive measuring systems smaller than the width of a human hair that are able to measure acceleration, gravity, chemicals, the indicators of disease or the presence of explosives.

All MEMS devices need a readout system to assess and communicate the data that is measured.

Currently MEMS readers measure and communicate information electronically, which is subject to interference from electrical ‘noise’ from nearby devices and the environment.

The only alternative technology, which is more sensitive and therefore more accurate, is an optical system using a laser directed at a MEMS sensor.

However, these are currently only able to operate in laboratories due to their large size, sensitivity to vibration, and the need to precisely align the laser with the tip of the tiny MEMS sensor.

In addition, these readers can usually only measure one, or very few MEMS sensors at a time.

By contrast, Panorama’s LumiMEMS Reader is a portable, autonomous readout system which combines the accuracy and sensitivity of the optical reader with the size and portability of the electrically based system.

In addition, a chip that has several hundred MEMS sensors can be read simultaneously by one LumiMEMS Reader, therefore it is statistically more accurate than laboratory mounted optical systems.

The MEMS market is estimated to be $14 billion in 2014, and growing to over $22 billion by 2018, not including the potential for opening new markets.


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