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Leaf Energy successfully converts waste biomass to cellulose at U.S. facility

Friday, January 31, 2014 by Proactive Investors

Leaf Energy has successfully converted waste biomass to cellulose.

Leaf Energy has successfully converted waste biomass to cellulose.

Leaf Energy (ASX: LER) conducted their first continuous biomass waste to cellulose production trials at the Andritz pilot plant facility in Ohio, U.S., last November using its Glycell Process on waste sugarcane.

Andritz is a leading supplier of equipment and services for pulp and paper and other industries, and production rates of up to 4.4 tons per day on a continuous basis were achieved.

Leaf Energy has now received the preliminary report from Andritz on the component testing and enzymatic saccharification on the material produced during the trials.
The compositional analyses demonstrated high cellulose yields consistent with previously observed data from laboratory and batch pilot trials.

This confirms that Leaf's process can be run in a continuous production mode using industrially available equipment, and thus the potential for cost efficient production of cellulose from waste biomass at any scale.

Leaf Energy has been working on a strategic business plan for the production of cellulose and its subsequent conversion to cellulose derivatives for use in industrial, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets.

Leaf will initially focus on supplying the drilling mud market.


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