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Greenland Minerals and Energy (ASX:GGG) has defined one of the world’s largest undeveloped JORC resources of rare earth elements and uranium near the southern tip of Greenland. Feasibility studies demonstrate the potential to establish a long-life, cost-competitive supply of critical rare earth products and uranium. The initial development strategy is entering the permitting phase. 


Greenland Minerals and Energy progresses environmental work for Kvanefjeld project

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 by Proactive Investors

Greenland Minerals and Energy has completed work programs contributing to feasibility studies and environmental and social impact assessments for its Kvanefjeld multi-element deposit in Greenland.

Greenland Minerals and Energy has completed work programs contributing to feasibility studies and environmental and social impact assessments for its Kvanefjeld multi-element deposit in Greenland.

Greenland Minerals and Energy (ASX: GGG) has completed a number of work programs contributing to feasibility studies and environmental and social impact assessments for its Kvanefjeld multi-element deposit in Greenland.

The project is rapidly emerging as a premier specialty metals project with potential for a large-scale, cost-competitive, multi-element mining operation.   

Work programs include:
-    Another round of environmental baseline monitoring, building on data gathered in previous years;
-    Further background radiation monitoring;
-    Geological and geotechnical mapping in potential infrastructure locations;
-    Ongoing stakeholder engagement that included presentations to the smaller settlements outside the main townships of south Greenland; and
-    Workshops with representatives from Greenland’s Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum (BMP) to review the requirements and scope of an exploitation license application

Environmental Baseline Studies

The baseline studies provide an indication of the natural chemistry of the broader project area, and the background concentrations of many chemical elements in soil, water, dust and biological matter.

Notably, the Ilimaussaq Alkaline Complex, which hosts the defined mineral resources, and is renowned for its unusual minerals and chemistry with its rocks actively eroded into the Narsaq valley and surrounding areas, resulting in naturally elevated levels of a number of trace elements.

This year a botanical survey was completed and marine biota along the fjord at the base of the Narsaq valley were sampled for analysis of ecotoxicological and radioactivate components.

Freshwater and stream sediment sampling stations were revisited to build on data gathered in previous years, with samples also to be analysed for ecotoxicology and radioactivity. Terrestrial sampling stations were also revisited with samples of both soils and lichens collected.

Background Radiation Monitoring

Comprehensive background radiation monitoring was also undertaken in the broader project area along with the town of Narsaq, and builds on data gathered over several years.

Short term passive monitoring of radon and thoron was conducted and long term monitoring devices will be collected sequentially over the coming months.

Water and soil samples were also collected for radionuclide analyses. High volume air samplers have recently been installed for the purpose of dust and air monitoring.

A gamma radiation survey was also conducted to repeat the surveys carried out in previous years.

Geotechnical Mapping

Geological and geotechnical mapping programs were undertaken in areas that are currently being investigated as potential infrastructure sites.

These programs will assess foundation conditions including rock and soil types, as well as identifying potential geohazards and areas that require further geotechnical drilling.

The outcomes provide important information to support the selection of infrastructure locations.

Engagement Program

The company has sought to ensure that all local stakeholders are included in the ongoing dialogue surrounding the potential development of the Kvanefjeld project.

It seeks to finalise the configuration of the Kvanefjeld project in early 2014 with input from Greenland stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

The company will then look to finalise an exploitation license application for the Kvanefjeld project.

Kvanefjeld Project

Greenland Minerals can lay claim to the world’s largest rare earth resources, and one of world’s larger uranium resources at the Kvanefjeld Project, which has an overall resource inventory of 956 million tonnes containing 575 million pounds of U3O8, 10.33 million tonnes of total rare earth oxides and 2.25 million tonnes of zinc.

This has the potential to rival BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam project in South Australia, with sufficient Resources to sustain a mine life of more than 50 years.

Notably, the unique rare earth and uranium‐bearing minerals at Kvanefjeld can be effectively beneficiated into a lowmass, high value concentrate, then leached with conventional acidic solutions under atmospheric conditions to achieve particularly high extraction levels of both heavy rare earths and uranium.


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