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Novogen Ltd (ASX:NRT, NASDAQ:NVGN) is a public, Australian-US drug development company whose shares trade on both The Australian Securities Exchange and NASDAQ.


Novogen shares soar on the potential of its experimental anti ovarian cancer drug

Monday, February 18, 2013 by Proactive Investors

Novogen shares soar on the potential of its experimental anti ovarian cancer drug

Novogen's (ASX:NRT) share price more than doubled after a study showed that its experimental anti-ovarian cancer drug CS-6 was highly active against ovarian cancer stem cells.

Share were up almost 311%, reaching a high of $0.37 a share.

While the drug has shown potent anti cancer activity against cancer cells, the study was designed to find whether the drug would also be effective against cancer stem cells.

Cancer stem cells have been identified in a range of cancers including ovarian, brain cancers and leukaemia and are almost completely resistant to radiotherapy and standard anti-cancer drugs.

With CS-6 showing dual activity, it would mark the drug as having significant potential as a comprehensive chemotherapy, targeting both the minority cancer stem cell as well as the majority non stem cells.

The study was done by Mazor Oncology, a spin off company of Yale Universtiy that has expertise in cancer stem cells.

Studies performed in the laboratory of Dr. Gil Mor at Yale University have identified and characterized ovarian cancer stem cells as the source of ovarian cancer recurrence.

Targeting these cells, therefore, represent a critical approach to prevent recurrence, the main cause of mortality in patients with ovarian cancer.

In laboratory tests conducted since Novogen acquired its new Triaxial drug technology, CS-6 has proved highly effective at stopping the growth of these cancer stem cells, eventually causing them to die.

The initial studies at Mazor Oncology show a highly effective cytotoxic effect on ovarian cancer stem cells, at low concentrations and within a short period of time.

The CS-6 belongs to a new class of drug candidates known as super benzopyrans displaying potent anti cancer activity.

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