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Northern Petroleum Plc is an AIM quoted exploration and production company which is undergoing change to realise the significant latent value from its existing assets. The  Company  owns  both  operated  and  non-operated  equity  interests  in oil  and  gas  licences around  the  world.  The  strategic  focus  for  the  business  is  at  both  ends  of  the  exploration  and production  spectrum,  i.e.  higher  risk  and  higher  reward  exploration  and  early  stage  appraisal  projects,  as  well  as lower  risk  production  and  development  opportunities.  This  approach  aims  to  produce  a  growing  business  with sustainable  and  increasing  levels  of  production,  as  well  as  providing  share holders  with  exposure  to  potentially significant  value  enhancing  events  through  exploration  and  appraisal  opportunities.  The  geographic  focus  for  the Group  is  in  countries  of  relatively  low  political  risk


Northern Petroleum to expand exploration of Rovesti and Giove oil discoveries

Friday, July 29, 2011 by Jamie Ashcroft


Northern Petroleum (LON:NOP) is set to step up its activity in the South Adriatic after the Italian ministry of economic development signed off on its plans.

The work, primarily consisting of seismic exploration, will centre on two permits that host the Rovesti and Giove oil discoveries which currently host 53.2 million barrels of 2P reserves between them.

A 2D seismic survey is already contracted and scheduled for later this year (late Q3/early Q4). This 2D survey should help de-risk the area’s significant exploration prospects, Northern said. Subsequently Northern is planning two 3D seismic surveys over Rovesti and Giove.

The 3D programme is slated for Q4 and Northern said that the planning phase will intensify, now that the ministry has approved its plans.

"Exploration of the Southern Adriatic area is a major priority for Northern, so I am delighted to be able to report greater visibility on our forward plans as a consequence of the approval of our enhanced work programmes for the two permits,” said managing director Derek Musgrove.

“CGG Veritas should be commencing a 2D survey in late Q3 / early Q4, and we look forward to also firming up the 3D surveys, the first activities with our new partner, Azimuth, within our 2011 programme.”

Speaking about a potential cooling of the Italian government’s stance on offshore oil exploration, Musgrove added: "I note the recent offshore permit award announced by ADX Energy, after a twelve month hiatus. 

“I am hopeful is a positive sign of the start of the award of new offshore permits to both Northern and other applicants."

Northern believes the permits have the potential over 3 billion barrels of oil-in-place and gas prospects with a mean of over 2 trillion cubic feet of gas-in-place.

All this work is being funded by Azimuth Ltd who agreed to farm-in to the permits, by covering certain exploration costs, back in March. Through the deal the privately held firm can earn a 15 percent stake.

Azimuth chief executive Aaron D'Este said: "Receiving Ministry approval for the enhanced work program is excellent news. 

“We already know that there is an active petroleum system in the Adriatic  basin and 3D seismic is the natural next step to highlight commercial accumulations. Working closely with Northern Petroleum, we will complete the planned surveys as quickly and safely as possible, and then move on to defining drillable targets early in the New Year."


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