Volt Resources’ off-take partner validates quality of Bunyu graphite products

2017-11-16 13:02:00
The new test work results follow the recent positive feedback received from Chinese partner.
Top quality graphene has numerous applications

Volt Resources Ltd’s (ASX:VRC) offtake partner has confirmed the premium quality of the products derived from graphite at Volt’s Bunyu Graphite Project in Tanzania.

Importantly, the purified graphite and graphene produced from Bunyu product samples by Volt’s North American offtake customer Nano Graphene Inc. (NGI) is of excellent quality and high purity.

Trevor Matthews, chief executive officer, commented: “We are pleased to have received these results, which is further validation of the premium quality of our Bunyu graphite products and this positive feedback will strengthen ties with our existing offtake partners across the spectrum of graphite applications, including the high growth segments of expandable and spherical graphite, as well as graphene.

“Importantly, the initial testwork conducted by NGI earlier this year established the quality of the Bunyu South project area, but now that quality has also been replicated at Bunyu North which is a very significant step forward for the proposed Stage 1 development of the project in the near-term.”

Bunyu graphite validated as a premium quality product

Testwork completed by NGI had previously confirmed the high quality nature of product samples from Volt’s Bunyu South deposit.

The most recent testwork was conducted using product samples from the Bunyu North deposit, which will be the focus of the planned Stage 1 near-term development.

Elemental analysis was conducted on the graphene samples using ultra high vacuum XRF, which returned C content of 99.6% and O content of 0.08%, with no impurity found.

In addition, the properties exhibited by the Bunyu graphite were excellent.

These results follow the positive feedback received from Chinese partner China National Building Materials General Machinery in October.

Binding offtake agreement progressing well

NGI’s Brooklyn-based graphene plant has been commissioned and is now fully operational. Graphene production has commenced and will be steadily ramped up over the coming months.

Volt signed a binding offtake agreement with NGI in March 2017 for a minimum of 5,000 tonnes of flake graphite concentrate over 5 years commencing Q1 2018.

NGI is in the process of securing supply agreements with a number of end-users including a major semi-conductor producer and an emerging car manufacturer, both of which can utilise Volt’s Bunyu graphite product.

Graphene is used across a number of industrial fields

Graphene is a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb-like pattern.

It is considered to be the world's thinnest, strongest and most conductive material - to both electricity and heat.

Top quality graphene has numerous applications across a number of industrial fields including electricity, conductivity, energy generation, batteries and sensors.

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