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Vmoto is a scooter manufacturer specialising in "green" electric powered two-wheel vehicles.

The new agreement with Greenmo is expected to accelerate Vmoto’s penetration into European markets.

Greenmo is experiencing a growth in demand for its eco-friendly electric scooter renting business in the Netherlands and across Europe.

In order to fast track its penetration into this important market, Vmoto has agreed to provide a further four containers of its E-Max electric delivery scooters to Greenmo.

Importantly, this is in addition to a past order for six containers of electric scooters.

Vmoto is in the process of further accelerating its sales to Greenmo and penetration into international B2B delivery, fleet, renting and sharing markets.

The company is considering third party financing to facilitate larger scale orders.

Greenmo’s new order for six containers is against 100% payment upfront. Vmoto will receive 25% upfront payment for the additional four containers with the balance payable in 24 monthly instalments.

These orders are an important milestone in executing Vmoto’s strategy of targeting the B2B delivery, fleet and rental markets in Europe and elsewhere.

Fri, 27 Oct 2017 14:51:00 +1100
<![CDATA[News - Vmoto in an ASX trading halt ]]> Vmoto (ASX:VMT) has been granted a trading halt by the ASX, pending the release of an director voting at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

The halt will remain in place until the opening of trade on Thursday 1st June 2017, or earlier if an announcement is made to the market.

Tue, 30 May 2017 11:30:00 +1000
<![CDATA[Media files - Gold-backed Exchange Traded Funds saw best year since 2009, says World Gold Council ]]> Tue, 07 Feb 2017 12:35:00 +1100 <![CDATA[Media files - Uranium prices expected to rally in 2017, says Numis analyst Justin Chan ]]> Wed, 28 Dec 2016 07:30:00 +1100 <![CDATA[News - UK house price growth picked up in November for the first time in eight months ]]> UK  house price growth picked up in November for the first time in eight months, according to the latest report from mortgage lender Halifax, although it said price increases may slow in the coming months.

Halifax said house prices were up 6.0% year-on-year in the three months to November, higher than growth of 5.2% seen in the three months to October.

However, in monthly terms, house prices rose 0.2% last month compared with an increase of 1.5% in October.

Halifax housing economist Martin Ellis said: “Despite November’s pick-up, the annual rate has been on a steady downward trend in recent months since reaching a peak of 10% in March."

Rival mortgage lender Nationwide last week said house prices rose in November but at their slowest rate since the beginning of year.

Howard Archer, chief UK and European economist at IHS Markit Global Insight, said: “With housing market activity coming off its recent lows and the economy currently resilient, house prices look likely to rise modestly in the near term.

“However, we suspect that house prices will come under increasing pressure as 2017 progresses and may edge down over the year, possibly by around 2%.”

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 10:43:00 +1100
<![CDATA[Media files - Mining Finland highlights 'the exciting potential' in the country ]]> Tue, 29 Nov 2016 15:11:00 +1100 <![CDATA[Media files - Dow trend points as high as 21,000 reckons Zak Mir ]]> Tue, 29 Nov 2016 12:28:00 +1100 <![CDATA[Media files - Wayne Rooney a "modern day phenomenon", claims Richard Keys ]]> Fri, 25 Nov 2016 15:20:00 +1100 <![CDATA[Media files - Brent crude to hit US$57 ahead of OPEC meeting ]]> Thu, 24 Nov 2016 11:07:00 +1100 <![CDATA[Media files - Iron ore to rise to US$90 per tonne ]]> Wed, 23 Nov 2016 11:38:00 +1100 <![CDATA[News - BGEO Group tops the FTSE 250 - here's why ]]> BGEO Group PLC was provided a lift courtesy of a bullish broker circular that followed Monday's solid third-quarter results statement.

Shares in the owner of the Bank of Georgia responded by posting an 11% rise to £31.19.

The American house Jefferies said the stock is worth £40 as it repeated its ‘buy’ recommendation.

“We remain bullish on BGEO following results after the close yesterday,” said analyst Joseph Dickerson.

“The retail banking led balance sheet growth (loans up 20% year-on-year) is consistent with our thesis and the banking business produced a 25% return on average equity.

“Credit costs were higher than we modelled but we do not see this as particularly price-sensitive.”

The Tbilisi-based bank said profit rose 75% to US$61mln for the three months ended September. Revenues rose just over 6%.

Tue, 22 Nov 2016 15:48:00 +1100
<![CDATA[Media files - Copper prices to consolidate before rising again says technical analyst Zak Mir ]]> Tue, 22 Nov 2016 10:59:00 +1100 <![CDATA[Media files - Iron ore: ''An open door ready to be pushed', says SP Angel's John Meyer ]]> Wed, 16 Nov 2016 15:31:00 +1100 <![CDATA[News - Korab Resources Ltd receives Rum Jungle tenement grant offer ]]>

The lease area is located 70 kilometres south of Darwin near the town of Batchelor in the Northern Territory.

The exploration licence covers 6,545 hectares and will be granted for an initial period of six years upon payment of the first year’s rent.

In August, Korab reported data from historical drilling intercepts of high grade zinc, lead and silver mineralisation within its exploration ground near Batchelor town.

This information indicated that the zinc intercepts occur in the same rock layers as the nearby Woodcutters zinc, lead and silver mine and are of similar tenor.

Notably, life of mine ore production at Woodcutters totalled 4.65 million tonnes at 12.28% zinc, 5.65% lead, and 87 g/t silver.

Korab undertook a review of the historical exploration data and studied several mineralisation models for Woodcutters area to assess the potential for Batchelor project to hold viable zinc mineralisation.

The reported high grade drill intercepts and soil anomalies strongly support significant potential for a Woodcutter’s style zinc-silver-lead deposit.

In October, Korab also commenced exploration for lithium at the Batchelor project following discoveries of lithium mineralisation and pegmatite swarms by Core Exploration, Liontown Resources and Lithium Australia to the north-west from the Batchelor project.

Mon, 14 Nov 2016 07:00:00 +1100
<![CDATA[Media files - The FTSE 100’s outperformance over FTSE 250 set to continue - Zak Mir ]]> Fri, 11 Nov 2016 10:54:00 +1100 <![CDATA[News - Central Petroleum Ltd receives takeover offer ]]> Central requested the halt pending details to be made by the company regarding a non-binding and indicative proposal to acquire 100% its issued capital.

The halt will remain in place until the opening of trade on Monday 14th November 2016, or earlier if an announcement is made to the market.

Fri, 11 Nov 2016 07:30:00 +1100
<![CDATA[Media files - Veltyco Group looking to grow organically and with acquisitions ]]> Fri, 11 Nov 2016 04:26:00 +1100 <![CDATA[Media files - Trump's pledge backtrack 'good for the markets', says analyst ]]> Thu, 10 Nov 2016 11:03:00 +1100 <![CDATA[News - President Trump will be a boon for hydrocarbons ]]> Trump’s presidency is expected to provide a boon for hydrocarbons business.

But Brendan Long, analyst at stockbroker WH Ireland, says that broader political and economic uncertainties are weighing on oil prices.

Brent crude was steady at US$46 per barrel, while West Texas Intermediary was down 0.3% changing hands at US$44.85.

“We believe that President Trump will be against regulation in principle and unsympathetic with climate change policies, which is favourable for coal, oil and gas (both for US supply and demand).

Lond added: “We anticipate that President Trump will support policies that favour shale oil and gas, but in tangible terms we see little change as shale plays have been supported by US policy for over a decade and their success relates to principally to economics and technology.

“On the demand side, we see more freedom being provided to consumers which will materially increase demand for oil…keep an eye on the Ford F150 – America’s best-selling vehicle for decades and recently built in soft aluminium to meet efficiency standards, expect it to be more powerful and tougher in a couple years.”

Wed, 09 Nov 2016 12:07:00 +1100
<![CDATA[Media files - This is “Day Dot” for Trump, says Spreadex analyst ]]> Wed, 09 Nov 2016 11:14:00 +1100 <![CDATA[Media files - FTSE 100 losses after US election nothing like post Brexit vote - analyst ]]> Wed, 09 Nov 2016 09:58:00 +1100 <![CDATA[Media files - "Buckle up", is the advice from BGC ]]> Wed, 09 Nov 2016 07:50:00 +1100 <![CDATA[Media files - All eyes on Fed's next rate move following Trump election, says analyst Brenda Kelly ]]> Wed, 09 Nov 2016 07:45:00 +1100 <![CDATA[Media files - FTSE 100 will likely see support at 6,700 says Zak Mir ]]> Fri, 04 Nov 2016 09:59:00 +1100 <![CDATA[Media files - Brexit court defeat provides markets with 'good uncertainty' - analyst ]]> Thu, 03 Nov 2016 10:12:00 +1100 <![CDATA[Media files - FinancialSpreads' Adam Jepsen surprised markets ignoring possible Trump win ]]> Tue, 01 Nov 2016 11:15:00 +1100 <![CDATA[News - Korab Resources begins lithium exploration at Batchelor ]]> Lithium mineralisation has been discovered by Core Exploration Ltd (ASX:CXO), Liontown Resources Ltd (ASX:LTR) and Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT) to the north-west from Batchelor.

The mineralisation in the area is related to tin and tantalum occurrences and occurs primarily in pegmatite dykes and sills within the Burrell Creek Formation.

As part of the initial phase of the exploration, Korab will continue detailed review of historical exploration data, drill logs and outcrop mapping.

The company will also undertake its own mapping and sampling program.

In August, Korab had commenced a review of the Batchelor project for its zinc potential.

This review is almost complete and the results are currently being verified and collated.

Korab also owns the Winchester magnesium carbonate development project in the Northern Territory.

The pre-feasibility study for the project has shown that it has attractive economics with an aggregate EBITDA of $395 million over the quarry life.

The company is discussing with various stakeholders regarding the development of the project, and is currently preparing plans to take it to the next stage.

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 11:00:00 +1100
<![CDATA[News - QUIDS IN! Punters set for windfall after betting against the pound ]]> Some punters are set to treble their money thanks to the so-called ‘flash crash’ the that saw the British pound shed 6% in Friday’s early hours.

Sterling’s nose-dive to a low of US$1.1841 during Asia’s trading session remains surrounded in some mystery, though reports suggest a ‘fat finger’ trading mistake and the activation of automated sell orders combined to create the ‘flash crash’.

It sets up a bumper payday for customers of betway which is running a book around the pound’s current demise.

Earlier this week the online bookie had made a price of 3/1 for Sterling to mark its low for 2016 between US$1.1 and US$1.19, though the odds had narrowed in to 6/4 by Thursday.

“Don’t count your winnings just yet,” cautioned Alan Alger, PR man at betway, who highlights the possibility for more volatility to come.

He added: “With just under 3 months to go until the end of 2016, there’s likely to be plenty of twists and turns.”

Betway on Thursday moved to 5/1 for the pound to see lows between US$1-1.09 before the year’s end – that would see the currency near or even below historic lows.

Most pessimistic punters could, meanwhile, get 50/1 for the pound to actually end up weaker than the dollar.

The online bookie will settle bets at the end of the year, unless Sterling falls below US$1 before then.

Fri, 07 Oct 2016 11:15:00 +1100
<![CDATA[Media files - Currency risk 'the next scandal in UK financial services', says Tavistock Wealth’s Raven ]]> Thu, 06 Oct 2016 11:05:00 +1100 <![CDATA[News - Bookmaker expects pound to hold on, but betting on new lows is hardly a long shot ]]> Having slumped to its lowest level since the mid-eighties, punters are seemingly betting that things won’t get too much worse for the British pound.

On Tuesday the pound reached down to 1.2671 against the US dollar, a level last seen in 1985.

The pound is favoured to remain above US$1.20, with online bookie Betway giving short odds of 4/9.

Nevertheless, Betway also offers 3/1 for the currency pair to drop below the US$1.20 marker at some point before year’s end so it could hardly be called a long-shot either.

Punters can, meanwhile, get 5-1 for the Brexit to tip Sterling down even further to a range of US$1 to US$1.09, which could see it around its weakest ever market of US$1.05, set in 1981.

“The pound has been wobbling ever since the UK’s historic Brexit vote on June 23rd and now punters are looking to capitalise on its weakness by backing it to slip further,” said Betway’s Alan Alger.

It is 50/1 for the pound to drop below US$1 at any point in the rest of 2016.

Tue, 04 Oct 2016 15:16:00 +1100
<![CDATA[News - OTOC Ltd heads to market ]]> OTOC Ltd (ASX:OTC) has been granted a trading halt by the ASX, pending capital raising details.

The halt will remain in place until the opening of trade on Monday 26th September 2016, or earlier if an announcement is made to the market.


Proactive Investors Australia is the market leader in producing news, articles and research reports on ASX emerging companies with distribution in Australia, UK, North America and Hong Kong / China.

Thu, 22 Sep 2016 15:30:00 +1000
<![CDATA[News - Can Kell Brook shock the pundits and bookies when he faces Gennady Golovkin? ]]> Let’s hope he’s paid handsomely for stepping up two weights as few pundits give Sheffield’s Kell Brook anything other than an outside chance of defeating Gennady Golovkin at the 02 Arena on Saturday night.

Some have even gone so far as to dub his fight with the hard-as-nails Kazakh, probably the best pound-for-pound puncher in the world, a ‘suicide mission’.

The bookies aren’t going that far, but the make Triple G a hot favourite (odds 1/6) to take his unbeaten streak to 36 fights in this WBC, IBF and IBO world middleweight bout.

The chances of an upset are put at 9/2, or 12/1 for him to win by knock-out, according to Paddy Power.

Brook, in his press conference on Thursday, said he wants to “shock the world” – so a first round KO by the 30-year-old from Sheffield certainly rank as a shock at a very long 150/1.

Promoter Eddie Hearn thinks Brook has more than a fighter’s chance, even if he did describe his man in less than flattering terms at the recent press conference.

“He’s not the full ticket. That’s the only way you can describe Kell,” he said.

“He’s got no fear in him. He knows the dangers of the fight but he is buzzing. He’s just so happy he’s going to get a chance to show what he can do.

“I know this is a huge challenge, but I don’t think this fight is going to play out the way people are scripting it.”

02 Arena/Sky Box Office. Saturday, September 10.

10.30: Gennady Golovkin v Kell Brook – WBC, IBF, IBO middleweight titles

Pick of the undercard

9.15: Lee Haskins  v Stuart Hall –  IBF world bantamweight title

8.15pm: Callum Smith v Norbert Nemesapati - WBC silver super-middleweight title

7.30pm: Johnriel Casimero v Charlie Edwards - IBF world flyweight title

Fri, 09 Sep 2016 18:00:00 +1000
<![CDATA[News - 88 Energy Ltd to drill vertically in next Icewine shale well ]]> 88 Energy Ltd (ASX:88E, LON:88E) has announced a change to its plans for the proposed Icewine 2 well in Alaska where it now intends to drill a vertical well rather than a more complex and more expensive lateral well.

A vertical well is estimated to cost around US$5mln less to drill and the well can be paid for entirely from the group’s current cash position, the company told investors.

It added that there is also greater availability of suitable drilling rigs for vertical wells, which means the tender process is more competitive.

The well will still enable a multi-stage fracking program. Importantly, the vertical well will test both the HRZ and HUE shales at Project Icewine.

The company added that as it will test the production potential of the entire HRZ/HUE interval there is potential for an upgrade to resources.

It is also expected that a vertical well will enhance the group’s data and understanding, which will help identify other ‘landing zones’ for future lateral wells.

“The revision to the well design has resulted in a best of both worlds scenario for 88 Energy and its shareholders,” said Dave Wall, 88 Energy managing director.

“We now have a more efficient, lower cost outcome that optimises achievement of the operational objectives targeted by the Icewine#2 well.”


Proactive Investors Australia is the market leader in producing news, articles and research reports on ASX emerging companies with distribution in Australia, UK, North America and Hong Kong / China.

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<![CDATA[Media files - Pearlshare travel guide app targets millions of users after raising £1mln ]]> Fri, 26 Aug 2016 15:02:00 +1000 <![CDATA[News - Four stocks to watch if you missed the boat for Sirius Minerals ]]> Investors in Sirius Minerals PLC (LON:SXX) have seen the UK mine developer’s value rise above £1bn as the price in London advanced towards 50p per share earlier this week.

It marks a truly transformational ascent from just 1.9p in around six years. Since those lowly days much has changed, not least the management and company’s basic strategy.

Sirius is on the cusp of developing a world class mine in North Yorkshire, and that has been the catalyst for investors. Indeed, the Sirius share price has increased by around 175% so far in 2017.

Naturally the AIM is as popular as ever and it has attracted a great number of followers.

In a nutshell, Sirius Minerals is a small cap company (albeit a little less so by the day) with a large, strategic asset based in the UK.

Crucially it will produce a fertiliser product that will be greatly in demand for decades to come as concerns over future food scarcity come more sharply into focus, and agricultural operations seek ways to enhance crop yields.

Most analysts start from the basic premise that the market for fertilisers can only grow as the world population continues to increase. More productivity needs to be wrung from a finite amount of land in order to keep the people fed.

That’s why new fertiliser products like Sirius’s polyhalite have been able to gain traction in a space where several established players, such as Mosaic (NYSE:MOS), Uralkali (LON:URALL), PotashCorp (TSE:POT) and Agrium (NYSE:AGU), already produce well-established products.

Anyone coming cold to the company’s story will have a lot to catch up on, and some may be forgiven for feeling as though they’ve missed the boat.

Here we take a closer look at London’s increasingly high profile fertiliser companies.

Harvest Minerals: With a 300% rally the AIM share is no slouch

If it wasn’t for the stellar rise of Sirius Minerals this very write-up would likely have begun with 300 words on Harvest Minerals Limited (LON:HMI).

After all its shares are up more than 300% in what would normally be a summer trading lull through July and August.

Last month, the Brazil-focused potash explorer told investors that new resource estimates at the Arupua project, following a drill programme on only 3% of the property, were sufficient for the company to green-light plans for a trial mining operation.

Harvest Minerals soon after revealed the positive findings of a scoping study which underlined the economic potential of developing Arapua.

In the words of chief executive Brian McMaster:  “The project’s where we wanted it to be.”

There are still some hurdles to be cleared, but none that McMaster thinks are insurmountable.

“We’re finalising the process for our permitting,” he says. “It’s not a complicated process and the government has just gazetted a plan to make fertiliser projects a priority. We’ve got to retain a contractor and we’ve got a quote on the desk already.”

What it adds up to is that first production from trial mining is likely to take place before the rains set in this November.

“We’ll do 100,000 tonnes in the first run under the terms of our trial mining license.”

African Potash: The trader's had a rollercoaster eighteen months

The African Potash Ltd (LON:AFPO) share price chart resembles silhouette of a roller coaster – albeit more akin to an old fashioned wooden ‘big dipper’ with some rolling peaks and troughs rather than a contemporary Oblivion-like vertical drop.

The longer-term plan is to create a vertically integrated operator that has the mining, processing and marketing skills to tap into a region that buys an estimated 10mln tonnes of fertiliser a year.

That said, much of the focus for investors has been on the trading arm and supply deals were subsequently impacted by poor weather conditions and eventually delays.

As sentiment swung from one market update to another the AFPO ticker was no stranger to either of AIM’s daily ‘top mover’ lists amid spiky volatility.

This summer the group has announced progress in moving along its pipeline, with a series of distribution deals agreed and announced within a matter weeks.

“With a number of strategic partners in place through whom we can secure off-take agreements for the purchase of our fertiliser product, and the results of this strategy already showing success, I believe African Potash is well set for continued growth," African Potash chairman Chris Cleverley said recently.

Having marked a rise of around 1,000% just over a year ago the AIM shares price has eventually levelled off again. The attention is on delivery and new business.

Salt Lake Potash: So far a pumping success in Western Australia

Salt Lake Potash Ltd (LON:SO4) is a relatively new addition, or a rebranding depending upon your perspective, risen from the remains of former AIM stock Wildhorse Energy.

This one is a bit different.

Unlike Sirius or Harvest Minerals, which will excavate nutrient-rich materials as solids, Salt Lake has been drilling into a liquid host of minerals called brine.

Specifically it is targeting deposits of Sulphate of Potash (SOP) at the Lake Wells project in Western Australia.

In a recent update, in early August, the company told investors that results of brine pumping tests had “substantially enhanced” the potential for SOP production at the Lake Wells site (where a ‘solar evaporation’ processing method is proposed).

Having sealed its ‘transformation’ with a rename and relaunch in December 2015, Salt Lake Potash has seen its shares rise some 225%.

Sirius: Experts see much more value to come

Closing the loop, we return to the initial premise: what to do if you’ve missed the Sirius Minerals boat?

Well, don’t worry because according to analysts the journey is far from over for shareholders in the Yorkshire focussed company.

Whilst you might think the current valuation is significant given the North Yorkshire Polyhalite Project is little more than a blue-print with some fairly hefty financing commitments.

However a layer of risk has been removed in that the company now knows the mine is feasible, economic and it has been given the green light to begin work (the clock for appeals is quickly running down). 

Plus, the potential of the asset is huge with mineable resource big enough to last half a century.

The recent definitive feasibility study said it has the potential to generate up to £2.3bn (US$3bn) in operating profits a year. The same report put the project’s net present value at £11.5bn.

The risk now is that Sirius fails to land the cash required to take its monster deposit into production.

“Given said project’s myriad strengths, we are more confident than ever that procuring the requisite funds should not prove overly problematic,” said Shore Capital’s Low.

Shares have almost trebled in value in the year to date as the pieces of the jigsaw have begun to fit into place – and they show few signs of flagging.

The interim results update last week, which contained little material news, has prompted an 18% rise in the share price.

According to Shore Capital’s Low, the stock, currently changing 43.4p, is worth 75p, which would propel Sirius’ market capitalisation to £1.7bn.

Thu, 25 Aug 2016 14:58:00 +1000
<![CDATA[News - Atlas Iron Ltd is Tuesday's ASX Most Traded with 105 million ]]> Tuesday's ASX Volume Leaders at the close.

Company NameCodeLastChangeVolume Atlas Iron Ltd AGO $0.011 0% 105,803,776 KBL Mining Ltd KBL $0.002 -33.33% 70,567,346 Carbon Energy Ltd CNX $0.020 53.85% 67,963,304 Telstra Corporation Ltd TLS $5.490 0.73% 30,635,710 Austin Exploration Ltd AKK $0.006 0% 30,090,792 Gulf Manganese Corporation Ltd GMC $0.020 0% 27,160,865 Moko Social Media Ltd MKB $0.002 -50% 24,630,758 Sipa Resources Ltd SRI $0.020 -16.67% 22,532,723 Cleanaway Waste Management Ltd CWY $1.095 1.86% 20,894,153 Latin Resources Ltd LRS $0.010 0% 19,521,564


Proactive Investors Australia is the market leader in producing news, articles and research reports on ASX emerging companies with distribution in Australia, UK, North America and Hong Kong / China.

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<![CDATA[News - 88 Energy Ltd's near term endeavours focussed on next Icewine well ]]> 88 Energy Ltd (ASX:88E, LON:88E) progress at Project Icewine, in Alaska, remains the primary focus for the company.

Near term endeavours are geared towards finalising designs and securing permitting for the Icewine 2H well, the company said in its interim report.

The explorer told investors that Icewine 2H is scheduled to ‘spud’ in the first quarter of next year.

Partnering discussions may also feature, judging by comments managing director who recently told Proactive Investors that the company would potentially look to do a ‘small farm out’ ahead of the next well.

88 Energy, a pre-revenue explorer, reported an A$8.05mln loss for what was an active six months ended June 30 2016, and it finished the period with A$20.04mln of cash and equivalents.

Operationally, the group was largely focussed on analysis in the six month period.

88 Energy also expanded its footprint in the area taking some 172,000 acres to enlarge and secure its first mover position in the region.

The project’s resources were upgraded during the half, and the group’s own economic modelling gave what were described as a "compelling success case break even oil price."


Proactive Investors Australia is the market leader in producing news, articles and research reports on ASX emerging companies with distribution in Australia, UK, North America and Hong Kong / China.

Tue, 23 Aug 2016 07:30:00 +1000
<![CDATA[News - Atlas Iron Ltd among ASX Volume Leaders at the close ]]> Atlas Iron Ltd among ASX Volume Leaders at the close.

Company NameCodeLastChangeVolume Atlas Iron Ltd AGO $0.011 0% 40,561,921 Golden Rim Resources Ltd GMR $0.011 10% 37,864,749 Gulf Manganese Corporation Ltd GMC $0.021 16.67% 36,502,093 Adslot Ltd ADJ $0.155 29.17% 32,053,331 KBL Mining Ltd KBL $0.003 0% 31,971,170 Medibank Private Ltd MPL $2.800 -6.04% 27,234,292 Chapmans Ltd CHP $0.003 0% 24,133,333 NSL Consolidated Ltd NSL $0.021 5% 19,582,288 Syntonic Ltd SYT $0.029 20.83% 18,479,110 De Grey Mining Ltd DEG $0.003 -25% 18,474,034


Proactive Investors is a global leader reporting financial news, media, research and hosts events for listed emerging growth companies and investors across four continents.

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 15:30:00 +1000
<![CDATA[News - Heron Therapeutics receives FDA approval for anti-nausea drug ]]> Heron Therapeutics, Inc (NASDAQ:HRTX) has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its extended-release anti-nausea injection.

The treatment, called SUSTOL, is designed for use in adults for the prevention chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CNIV).

The group’s technology encapsulates the drug in polymer particles which allows for a slow and steady release in the body for up to five days.

Ralph Boccia, Medical Director at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders said that CNIV was still a challenging problem for patients and healthcare professionals despite medical advances.

“In our experience, other 5-HT3 receptor antagonists, including palonosetron, are generally effective for 48 hours or less. SUSTOL, due to its extended-release profile, represents a novel option that can protect patients from CINV for a full 5 days,” said Boccia.

"The approval of SUSTOL is a major step in Heron’s evolution into a fully-integrated biopharmaceutical company with both development and commercial capabilities," said Heron Therapeutics president Robert Rosen.

“We look forward to collaborating with the oncology community to make SUSTOL available in the fourth quarter of this year.”

Wed, 10 Aug 2016 09:44:00 +1000
<![CDATA[News - Trending: Are oil investors becoming excited by September supply cuts too soon? ]]> Investors enduring battered oil prices have become accustomed to latching onto anything that might take them back to those heady days above $100 a barrel that faded into folklore in mid-2014.

The latest pick-up in oil prices on Monday centres on yet another hope that oil cartel OPEC will deliver a supply cut that boosts prices.

On Monday, the US oil benchmark West Texas Intermediate was up 2.5% to $42.86 and off the recent low of $39.51 endured only a week ago.

Traders hope that what is being billed as an informal OPEC meeting to be held in September will see progress on hampering a glut of oil which saw prices hit $29 in mid-January.

But percentage changes aren’t what they used to be. Investors get excited yet a 2.5% gain is worth $1 today.

Oil prices are on their knees and anything that can take them higher is worth betting on, so it seems.

Oil prices hit $50-plus as recently as June after short-term supply upsets caused by Canadian wildfires and geopolitical risks in Nigeria and Libya.

But as Goldman Sachs and other analysts have stated in recently weeks supply remains a challenge for this year and again into next. Meaning, oil supply will surge on.

And it is easy to see why. Whatever OPEC wants to achieve in terms of a curb on traditional oil supplies it remains wary of acting too fast.

That is because low oil prices help to wipe out US shale producers as well as the more expensive US oil producers. Furthermore, OPEC is seen as largely Saudi Arabia-dominated. There is a power struggle with Iran which in turn wants to produce as much oil as it can, whether or not the revolutionary nation comes to dominate OPEC thinking or not.

That is because years of trade embargoes are thawing and Iran needs hard currency. So even if Saudi Arabia brokers a supply cut deal – as it did in May – Iran will simply ignore requests for restraint and continue to export oil in return for badly-needed receipts. This in turns makes other nations disinclined to take supply restraint seriously.

Many analysts, therefore, expect little progress. Unless there is a structural change forced upon the global oil industry the risk is that we could be in for years of subdued oil prices.

Subdued? Well in the history of oil prices they are not all that low to be called ultra-low. In 1979 when the second oil crisis began while Jimmy Carter was US President, oil prices jumped from $15 a barrel over the course of a year to $39 by 1980. Ironically, Iran was centre stage then too. Consumer panic ensued as the Iranian Revolution which deposed the Shah engulfed the country and cut back oil output by around 4%.

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<![CDATA[News - OTOC Ltd drives growth momentum with new acquisitions ]]> OTOC Ltd (ASX:OTC) has acquired the business and assets of WKC Spatial, a Perth based surveying and geospatial services company for $1.9 million in cash.

WKC’s service offerings include a range of specialist geospatial services for process and non-process infrastructure projects, including laser scanning, modelling and mapping.

The company has completed over 15,000 kilometres of pipeline construction projects across Australia for clients including Perth Airport, Nacap Australia, WBHO Civil, BP Refinery and Aurecon.

WKC will be integrated with Whelans, OTOC’s Western Australian surveying business, creating enhanced scale and service capability.

OTOC recently provided an underlying earnings before interest, tax and depreciation (EBITDA) guidance of over $15.2 million for FY2016.

EBITDA guidance for FY2016 is a significant improvement over $4.3 million EBITDA the prior corresponding period ended 30 June 2015.

The company’s exposure to the property and civil infrastructure sectors on the east coast of Australia has mitigated weakness in the Western Australia resources sector.

Last month, OTOC added another east coast surveying firm to its portfolio with a deal to buy Sydney-based Lawrence Group for up to $5.85 million.

The company held $13 million in cash as at 30 June 2016.


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